Monday, August 1, 2011

...Bad Days #1 (I'm certain to have more, you see)

Anger anger anger, wangst wangst wangst.

No, I'm seriously so friggin' pissed off right now just at the day I've had. Got a job, lost it 'cuz I can't find my fucking social security card (which I always keep on me, ALWAYS...but I honestly don't remember keeping an accounting of it during the second move last month) and apparently a signed print-out from the social security administration building doesn't fucking count.

Even if the social security people themselves say it does.

Then a line jumping hambeast whorehound in a fucked up caravan sport with a scratched up paintjob and three kids squalling in the background...well, not to repeat myself, jumps the fucking line in front of me and a loooong assed line behind me.

Suffice it to say there was quite a bit of growling from myself and others, yet she apparently ignored it and went about her business big-assed stomach first.

No, seriously, people like this is why America has such a horrible reputation. God, the friggin' Canuckians were there too, B.C. and Vancouver license plates all over the fucking place.

On the other hand, it gave me a chance to snag some time talking to the fine-assed dark-skinned honey in the jaguar behind me, and made some of my neighbors laugh with my recounting of the "hamstomached whorebeast whose spare tire's spare tire is made of ham and beef cutlets" and all that happened today.


Plus my pad is hot as fucking hell in the summer day, and I need a shower like it ain't funny.

Just...blah, I'll do something with this blog other than whine and bitch next post. Not to mention work on the design.


  1. Lmao Canadians. Did you at least get the "dark-skinned honey"'s number? Sounds like a pretty crappy day otherwise lol!

  2. And I thought that I have bad days . Also I love summer but this is just too much

  3. @Neon lol Canadaland. I gotta homeboy who's a Canuckian though, so I got no hate for 'em. Admittedly, I got plenty of 'em that's on Washington streets 'cuz DAYUM, I used to live in California, and I know what I'm talkin' 'bout when I say these motherfuckers drive worse than Californians, man.

    'Sides, I COULD'VE gotten a number, even despite the fact that we were both raging. BUUUUUT, little known fact: I'm engaged to my Partner-In-Crime, ergo why she's my Partner-In-Crime, y'knowwhatImean?

    Now AFTER we get married, we're definitely gonna ensure 'bout that Groupies Clause 'cuz should my band get any kindsa big yer damn straight I'm gonna bang groupies and set hotels on fire.

    Fuck hotel rooms, I'm all 'bout dem hotels, dawg.

    Why yes, both my parents kicked my ass at Monopoly and least I won at Life the board game though! I always got that shit first and with the most monies.

    @blaack - We all got bad days, yo. Shit just sucks hardest when it's happening to YOU yourself, y'knowwhatImean?

    Welcome to mah blogs by the way. I do hope you find somethin' ya like from all my WORDS WORDS WORDS~! Except for Man-Flavored Milk, we never talk about that one.