Thursday, August 11, 2011

....bloggan stuffs~!

So it was brought to my attention recently by the Unreal Tournament video-editin' Neon (check 'em out at: that my labels are all over the place.

For what it's worth, please bear with me as I go throughout my blogs and fuck with 'em, addin' commas in the labels and is, every time I DO attempt to screw with it the previous tags show up instead of the "current" one I want to use.

If my blogs seem kinda wonky, they'll be back up and runnin' soon!

Got a new Netflix This! in hopes of distracting you from my newb mistake~! I'll be hittin' y'all up with new stuff all across the board, including introducing a friend's blog once it's up and running.

In the meantime, I got commas to add and dishes to scrub. Thanks for hanging with me thus far, I swear to continue to bring you CURSE WORDS and lengthy posts.

Remember, if a lady tells you that it's the motion in the ocean not the size of the boat SHE'S LYING the girl is lying to youuuu!!!! A wave can easily capsize a crappy raft, but a luxury liner can ride that shit out~!

Bad advice brought to you by,

~That Bastard

EDIT: NYO-HO-HOOOOO, there we go! No word verification (there's, like, five of you why the hell do I need it?), labels all taken care of...Neon just won him/herself a post coverage (Rask got number one slot, sorry yo)~! I'll talk more 'bout it on the next post of That Bastard On...

In the meantime, enjoy your stay chillin' out amongst my blogs, eh?


  1. Thank you for the promotion! You rock ;D

  2. @Neon - lol, this isn't even the real promotion.

    Rask first~! Speakin' of which...