Friday, August 12, 2011

...featured blog, peeing on 11 year old cancer patients, and the Fresh Prince.

Well, that pretty much summed up this post in a nutshell. Let's chat, shall we?

First and foremost, you need to go see and go check out mah nigga, Rask. The dude has some pretty sweet hacks if that's yer thing for all kinds of MMO's and other nonsuch.

He's also got, like, four other blogs, each one primed for entertainment (a.k.a. - Youtube reposts). What makes matters worse, he's even covered videos that I had planned to cover (Epic Rap Battles of History, for instance) before I could! Motherfucker's fast on the draw, yo.

Now he's currently in hiatus due to personal reasons (he had to spend a significant chunk of time working on a script or hack or somethin' for a game called Vindictus), but he was also the first blogfriend I made here. Dude gave me more than a few tips and quite a bit of help gettin' starting here, and this is just my little way of repaying that favor, y'knowwhatImean?

Anyway, the Featured Link is basically that...a way for me to pimp other blogs. Mainly just post up a little bit more 'bout the blogs that I personally read and, if you ain't, now's a good time to check 'em out. I'm just sayin'...

SO, sososo. This:

Now, let's set aside the whole "he's 18 and is drunk on an airplane" and also the whole "minimum drinking age should be lowered to military age of consent" issues...I'll get to that in a moment. Instead, let's focus on the fucked up (AIR-QUOTES!) "journalism" going on here. When I first read the title alone, like everyone else I thought he just pulled an R.Kelly and I got myself ready to laugh like a baws.

Instead, what do you find? He was A) drunk, B) drunkenly pissed on someone, and C) it was an 11-year old cancer patient. Still, doesn't that title strike you as being a little bit misleading?

I've had an issue with spotty journalism ever since I first went to college in California and experienced nothing but...only way I can describe it is a vicious hatred of police by the college newspaper group.

Now, my old town's cops weren't inexactly the most decent (most of them were crooked as shit, BUT there were good cops too, y'know?), but there were enough to balance out the bad cops. On the other hand, the newspaper group would scrutinize and stomp on every single bad deed the police performed while ignoring ANY kind of good. I've rampaged for quite some time about the "liberal media bullshit," but whether or not they have a political agenda isn't the's that they have a political agenda AT ALL.

Journalism used to mean something, to pursue the truth, hard cold facts, without bias or political leaning. At least, that's the way it's supposed to it's a fucking show like anything else. Ratings is all that matters, and they're willing to sacrifice integrity in order to gain them.

Internet news? Shit son, that's just rife with jackassery.

I'm sure there's new, fresh, young journalists out there who are as of yet unbiased and unblemished, their eyes fresh and bright with the promise of uncovering the truth no matter where it is. I can only hope y'all remain unjaded and innocent...but there ain't none of us innocent nowadays. We're born into filth and we're immediately subjected to ignorance and bitterness (yes, I'm quite point-blank laying the blame on the parents of our generation...and the previous one. Probably the one before that, but that's another post entirely...) even if your parents DID believe in WHUPPAN DAT ASS and STAND IN THE FUCKING CORNER, y'knowwhatImean? Oh, and let's not forget DO YOUR GODDAMN HOMEWORK. That's my favorite, and one I only had to hear once (like just about everything else).

...where was I? Oh yes, I'm certain there's journalists out there who truly follow a path of honor and decency, with that fire burning in them to uncover the truth and present it without bias. If y'all are out there, don't stop.

Don't let 'em ruin you. Don't fall into that abyss. Look into that yawning darkness and scream your name...but don't ever fall in.

We need you too much.

NOW...enough melancholy, yes? Good! Let's talk more 'bout pissing on 11 year old cancer patients...

SO ANYWAY, yeah, duuuuuude, really? Okay, I'm one of those people who believes that if a person is old enough to sign up for the military they should be old enough to be allowed to drink! Now, eight drinks is either gonna be not enough or too much, and OBVIOUSLY it was a bit much for this youngster.

But didn't the attendants notice that A) he was 18 and B) he's had too fucking much to drink? Seriously, this strikes me as being something that could've easily been handled early on, only it was allowed to bloom forth into the fuckfruit that it became.

Seriously, shit's lookin' bad y'all.

So yeah, you read the article, didn't you? My only real question is why didn't the father beat the ever-loving crap outta the guy the MOMENT he whipped out his junk? The fight should've started right there if the motherfucker was doing his job. I'm just sayin', self-defense extends to your immediate family members...and 18-year old or not, rich-assed U.S. sports team or not, I'm fairly certain EVERYONE would've been forgiving if he had just up and whupped some ass. Plus his 11 year old cancer-riddled daughter wouldn't've gotten R.Kelly'd the way she did.

Good job protecting your daughter there, jackass. Thankfully and hopefully, I'll never know what it's like to be that weak and be in a position like that...

So I wake up and turn on the television. This happens from time to time and usually in that altered state of between sleep and wakefulness I stumble across shows that I probably normally wouldn't.

I watched the first episode of Fresh Prince of Bel Air. All I can think about now is...what happened?

My people, what the fuck happened to us? I'm sincerely asking y'all because it's driving me insane.

I don't honestly remember the rest of the series except for certain scenes, but...there wouldn't be a show like this nowadays. The racial divide, the widening gap between, Fresh Prince would've gone a completely different and darker route. Thankfully it was the right show for the right time from what I remember, and wasn't all about Thug Life (even though that nigger shit was growing by then).

Back then black people still kept niggers under control and out of the limelight. They were a joke, and should've stayed that way.

So...what the fuck happened? Was George Orwell right but in the wrong way, that instead of using pain and the threat of military force against their own people the government chose instead to use the television and the media to influence us to change in such a dramatic way?

Was it simply the right moment for music, literature, television and the media combined with a leniency in parenting techniques and presence (if not the outright lack thereof)?

I speak of blame, and it CAN be easy to single out certain individuals for degrading America's culture and honor. But it's not just these individuals...I've spoken before of 1940-1960, how in that twenty year span something changed in the dynamics of our political strata. Maybe I'm wrong though? By all means speak up and lemme know in the comments section. After all, that's why this particular blog exists, yes?

During that span of years there were MANY who would see to the downfall of an entire culture, the downfall of an entire country. The hell do I know 'bout it though, I'm just a punk writer on the internet...

Anyway, don't mind my downward spiral into conspiracies and such. Let's chat, shall we? Hit me up in the comments section and I'll answer it in the next post...or should I just comment back in my own comment section?

How DOES that work, I you guys check back the way I do? Hell, I'll bring it up in the next post if anything...'cuz I actually do go back and check to see if there were any responses by the blog owners to my commentary, for no other purpose than there SEEMS to be a dialogue going, but one stunted by the medium itself.

Meh, end ramble.

~That Bastard


  1. Yeah, I hear you, but stories of good cops don't sell newspapers. People LOVE being outraged and getting to have the chance to judge people and condemn them. One of the reasons why I think religion is so popular, but that's for another day.

    People love narratives. They love soap operas. They don't care about ideas anymore, just who did what when and where. OMG Bachmann shoved Don Lemon and he was elbowed!! I'M NOT VOTING FOR HER! Meanwhile, Bachmann's trying to get the fuck out of a state fair and probably doesn't want to answer questions because if it's not scripted she'll probably say a faux pas. Presidential candidates need scripts. One thing can be taken the wrong way and your entire 30+ year career goes to shit. Just ask Clinton and her cupcake comment. Er, cookie baking comment. Anyways, great post, I love intelligent blogs like yours. :D

  2. I stopped reading the news a long time ago. People just want to stop and ogle the train wreck. They don't want a well written narrative about the beauty of our world. Instead, they want 2000 pictures of Paris Hilton's vagina as she steps out of her limo, drunk, with no panties.

  3. @Beer - INORITE?! Dude, Paris Hilton's vagina doesn't classify as a "pink taco," it's more like a "burnt brown burrito"...

    Maybe someday, like I was wistfully writing, things will change. Maybe.

    More than likely it's just gonna be straight outta Idiocracy, with the Fox News Channel entirely directed by Michael Bay.

    @Genetics - AWWWW, you consider me intelligent! I'll try and live up to such a lofty ideal, since you are (quite frankly) that much smarter than I am - at least with bare facts. I mean, such a passion for genetics, biology, and physics! I, a mere layman, considered an intellect by one such as yourself?

    Fuckin' A, man!

    With THAT all said, y'know...that thing you wrote 'bout good cops reminds me also about gun owners and such. I remember only VERY rarely seeing any newspaper coverage of a good cop going out of his or her way to do something extraordinary, or a gun owner defending themselves from an armed intruder.

    Even though I knew (from hearsay, from first hand observation as well as the emerging power of the Internuggets) such things happened on an almost daily basis in California, y'know?

    Anyway, religion...I mean, ALWAYS going to be scripted, until things change so drastically that we can re-order civilization and ensure that such bastardry doesn't happen again.

    But then again I believe violence (and the threat of violence) is both the answer AND the question. I"m just sayin'...

  4. Lol, your tags. The bastard on urinating! Was that you who peed on the girl? Haha
    Also, in the article you posted I read that it has already happened before. What the shit? New sports? Pissing on people on planes? I lol'd so hard