Tuesday, August 2, 2011

...new beginnings, y'know?

SO, here we are! Freakin' blog number five...now, while this one is probably going to undergo subtle design changes as I post along, it's pretty much up and running.

So...sososo, now that I HAVE this "personal" blog up, what the fuck to do with it?

I...er, hmmm. I dunno. I HAD an idea, but kinda lost it while writing Man-Flavored Milk (we don't talk about that one).

Perhaps let's start with a few stats I CAN give you (gotta stay anonymous, y'knowwhatImean? For The Bellingham Jerk) and the links and info to my usual NETWERKZ stuffs.

>I work out once every other day, and am attempting to increase it to twice a day every day. I've gotten stronger, but I'm still not at the point where I want to be.

>I believe in a balance of all things. Vidyuh gaemes, watchin' stuff on the t.v., working out, running/jogging, making love, fighting - everything should be in balance. The inner universe should mirror the outer universe, so it's important to realize your surroundings, whom you hang out with, and what you put into yourself (sexually and gastrointestinally...which, for some, is also sexually.), but with THAT said if your country believes in freedom and personal liberties then go ahead and do whatever the fuck you wanna do.

>I'm very pro-American, but I'm more pro-personal freedoms than I am any single country. I believe in nationalism, and am proud of my country's accomplishments...but I'm unwilling to turn a blind eye from our mistakes both current and historical, plus I'm swift to note any time my own personal freedoms are being taken advantage of. With THAT stated, fuck yo' couch: it is the nature of mankind to defeat its' neighbors, its' enemies, then take over their lands and replace their culture. I actually agree with the African (and many other tribal types) ideal that if I defeat you, then my god is greater than yours.

I'm just sayin', they have somethin' there...

From a personal point of view, so long as no one else (not even my own government, greedy lazy bastards) dares attempt to infringe on my own personal freedoms I wont' have to get all political activist and/or violent on their ass.

>I'm a depraved bisexual sadistic ex-polygamist affianced to a good Christian girl. We're waitin' 'till marriage (for her), and yes I have been incredibly successful with my strength of will...and yes, for the past three years it has been an absolute temptation and a trial. Ugh.

>I am incredibly well-read and I enjoy writing as well. I'm lit as fuck and angry as hell.

>I rage easy and quickly at the drop of a hat, BUUUUT I also believe in self-control, self-accountability and self-responsibility. I have never hit a woman but am not afraid to defend myself should the need arise. My father taught me the sweet science of fucking a target up, and while he has killed five men in his lifetime (all with good pretenses, all while serving or as was his duty) I have hospitalized five men with my bare hands, never with a weapon.

I dunno if that makes me better than him or not, but I do ponder every now and then which of us would win if I were able to go back in time...love him tons though.

>I'm a huge fuckin' geek. Just...period.

I'll actually have opinions and whining and other such, probably in response to other blogs...whom I'll pro'lly also direct your attention to. No reason, just doin' my part to ensure that other blogs get attention as well, y'knowwhatImean? Share and share alike, friendo.

>I'm in a band, despite all the ups and downs of just gettin' it together. Trust me, it's been one fucked up ride...but hopefully it'll just make our first album that much sweeter. Can't tell ya what genre we're in (LOL GENRES) or the name of the band, anonymity and all that...but eventually I'll come out and say who I am, just not right now. Not so long as there's restaurants that NEED to be destroyed by my reviews. I'm just sayin'....

ANYWAY, you wanna find me elsewheres? Here ya go:

Tumblr: thatbastardfrombellingham
Twitter: @ThatBastardFB
Facebook(oh god do I even check this thing?!):/ThatBastardFB

And here at Blogger/Blogspot, I just keep spewing out WORDS WORDS WORDS except nowadays I'm actually posting trailers from Derptubes as well. Hey, I'm always lookin' to improve, y'knowwhatImean?

Man-Flavored Milk (we don't talk about this one, it doesn't exist)

Soothe Your Freaking Beast (music blog where I post shit from Youtube...and the URL remains misspelled, heh)

The Bellingham Jerk (the one, the only, the original. Hail to the King, baby)

Netflix This! (I'm actually quite proud of this one, namely in how much I cover and deliver. I dunno, maybe it's just a selfish pride...but I really like writing these reviews and lists and such)

That Bastard On... (yeap, my newest project, one that will hopefully be worthy of my writing skill)

Well, until the next post, eh? Expect something LOLPOLITICAL or whatever have you, but namely just my personal bullshit concerning the newslets of the day.

I've already missed out on sooo much...I mean, Casey Anthony, Amy Derphouse killing 92+ kids, Anders is a Knights Templar/HE FIGHTS FOR EUROPE, Muslimsmuslimsmuslims, Draw Mohammed Day...

God, all I need now is Al Sharpton or Jesse Jackson to friggin' fave my blogs, I will SO go off on them!!!!

Ain't nothin' but love for y'all.

~That Bastard


  1. If you're Irish, the fighting and making love parts kind of go hand in hand...or fist in eye-socket, if you will.

  2. @Beer - I'm actually of Irish blood. Can't tell ya how much and which side or to what degree, but I can tell ya that it's strong enough I can claim it.

    Besides, don't Irish-bloods show that they love each by fisting each other in the eye socket? I'm just sayin'...

  3. If you're irish... you like to jack off a lot!

  4. Best of luck with the Christian girl. I've been on both sides of that crazy sort of pairing. Grit your teeth and think of the finish line, friend!

  5. @Neon - Well I AAAAAM a champion 'bator! Seriously, NO ONE whacks off like I do, I've got the supreme handlin' technique.

    I wouldn't say that I jack off a LOOOOOT, but y'knooooow sometimes you can get it done better than anyone else can, y'knowwhatI'msayin'?

    @Sinclair - she's not, like, Orthodox Christian or whatever...she's not so hardcore that she can't stand me or any other religions. She's actually quite open-minded, so long as I don't directly attempt to convert her or challenge her (unless it's so illogical that I can't HELP but to point it out...to which she's very good about not giving me such an opening), and I can thoroughly respect that since I'm the same way.

    Indeed, it IS a crazy pairing though...I'm a rock where she's a marshmallow, y'know? I was actually worried for some time that I was a bad influence on her, 'til she pointed out that it was actually a good thing.