Monday, August 8, 2011

...startin' a band and the power of failure.

I think I've actually stated it before in my other blogs that I'm a huge fuck up of a failure. It's really my only talent (outside of, perhaps, writing if I could just do something with that) outside of being generally awesome. Seriously, when I'm bent to a task (programming, fighting, loving, really the only thing I haven't gotten badassed at while growing up or even as an adult is drawing - I consistently suck at artwork) I surprise and entertain to the extent that I'm able to assimilate and utilize knowledge and training.

Yet I find myself pigeonholed like it's not even funny. Because of my work history (despite my extensive skill set) I'm fuckin' doomed to forever be a factory worker. Not even a GOOD factory worker, but the kind that only gets minimum wage and feels lucky that the company gives 40 hours a week.

Hopefully getting this free certificate (good god THANK YOU for Worksource!) in Microsoft 2010 Office will, in the very least, open a few doors and allow my fast-typing, awesome-filing, phone-checkin' ass a chance at a nicer job. But then again this isn't even anything new, I'm sure there's plenty of other personal blogs with that exact kind of complaint, y'know?

We'll see. At this point a waiter makes more through tipping then most ground-level factory jobs. Might just switch over to THAT and just deal with hoity-toity upper crust bastards.

Hopefully they won't find this blog! Of course if they do I'll pro'lly give 'em a good ol' fashioned mug full of CURSE WORDS upon request.

On a separate note, nothing sucks harder then starting a band, especially in the fields of Heavy Metal, Hard Rock and Punk in an era where only screamo bands seem to get any kind of facetime. It's not even that hard because of the requirements, only in the drama inherent in getting everyone together, finding a jam space, ensuring everyone gets to practice and then loooong hours of practice.

On the other hand, I'm certain that it'll be worth it in the long run. In the very least after only two practice sessions (the first was for four hours, the last was roughly five) we sound way tighter, our timing is good and everything SOUNDS it's just about ensuring the guitarist remembers which riff goes where. The bassist, the drummer and myself? Shit son, it's ON~! The guitarist is great though, a real talent, and I'm sure he'll get it two practices from now...for now we're just focusing on these first three songs.

In the meantime, I'm also being scouted for two other bands as a male vocalist (not that either of them are established bands...well ONE of them is, the other is this reggae band that at least needs a lyricist, but the guitarist keeps insisting on me being the vocalist for some reason. Me. In a reggae band. Huh.) in which one WANTS to become a paid band while the other one is a bit more established and actually plays at venues.

Plus they do rock, which already puts them ahead of the reggae band when it comes to my attentions!

We'll see, once again. Never turn any avenue of exposure or experience down, y'knowwhatImean?

I dunno. It seems exciting, it seems like I might be successful or will become so...but right now I'm not. It's like I've said before, when I get slapped down I get back up again and keep goin'. If I fall, I simply roll and get to my feet...but in the back of my mind, after the crisis has been dealt with or I've had to do what I've had to do, I always worry about the next time I fail. Will I get up as fast then?

We'll...see. I reckon.

As far as I know, I'll simply deal with it as it comes.

Anyway, I'll catch y'all around, eh? Not a lot to post about this time around, but next time I'll post up some good stuff. OH, also expect a new review from my Partner-In-Crime concerning another restaurant she stumbled across and then wallowed in loathing for. Also, if you're paying attention to your Google Reader or following me or my RSS feeds, then you know I've got a new Soothe posted, new MFM up, and also a whole new Netflix This! posted and up.

'Til next time, y'all!

~That Bastard

P.S. - Expect a "Hey, check this blog out" post next time. Yer never gonna guess who~!


  1. I'll be your agent. :3 I charge 25%!!! Maybe I'll give you a discount of 20% if you show me some videos of your band and their awesome timing skillz! If not, I'm okay with being a server. We make $$$$$$$$$$$$$$!!!!!!! Maybe your band can play at my restaurant. We get quite a few people and some agents from Hollywoooooood.

  2. You're gonna start a 6th blog? Are you insaaaaaaaaaaaaaannnneeeeeeeeeeee?

  3. Hey man, good job being a failure, LOL. I'm serious though... it takes a lot of strength to keep going, and honestly, I think you'll "make it big" in some form of another. :D

  4. @Genetics - Depends. I actually was hoping for a trap for a manager just for the whole characterization of who our manager is. They gotta be somewhere between that manager guy from the Spinal Tap movie and Sleezy P. Martini of GWAR...only they're a cross-dresser.

    I am not kidding.

    And hey, I might take you up on that offer, y'know? Whilst we're out in Hollywood needin' ta hobnob, I'll letcha know and we'll arrange a lunch there. Of course first we gotta get these songs down, recorded and prepared...practice, practice, practice!

    @Neon - IT'S AN IDEEEEAAAA BRO! I write a TON just naturally, and I usually upload over at tumblr (I'm kind breakin' off of DeviantArt. Been there for years though and I have my regulars, so I show love to mah peepz) but I might make a blog here instead. Crap poetry and punk lyrics, awwwww yeah.

    @tracirz - I'll take that as the compliment it is. :D And yes, it takes A LOT to simply get back up and keep goin'. I dunno, we'll see...all I can do is keep trying and working hard for it. If I make it big, cool...if I don't, at least I can say I didn't get off my ass and DO something 'bout it.

    A failure earned is much better than a failure through inaction. Fight the good fight, either way...

  5. Gratz on the band practices. I know firsthand how difficult it is to get started. Also, updating all the blogs is a feat as well. Much respect.