Friday, August 5, 2011

...summer colds, VORKING OUT and Costco!

SO, sosososo...I've been keepin' what I call "My Absolutely True Muscle Diary." Inspired my bro Eddie Nance ( who actually has the balls to publish HIS workout diary for all to see, I decided that maybe it WOULD be a good way of keeping track of my progress and improvement. I'm doin' it my way, and that's what matters in the end, y'knowwhatImean?

As soon as I did it though, I got a summer cold. I'm gettin' over it (no more cotton-headed...ness...!) but yeah, I'm lookin' at it and it just looks like I lazed off this week.

Meh, I'll get back onto my routine starting next week.

Funny story, I actually do my VORKING OUHUT while watching stuff on Netflix. I reckon that's one way of doing it, y'know? I've heard about others who have done this, and honestly as long as yer gettin' yer VORKING OUHUT in it doesn't matter if you're listening to an Ipod, the idiot box or your own tortured breathing...

Well, honestly I HATED running without music. Once I got a sandisk MP3 player (DON'T YOU DARE LAUGH I bought it from a friend for five bucks and this little motherfucker is tougher than two-thirds of the dudes I met on the bus route) I swear my life changed for the better.

Anyway, stretching and increased workout routine (once in the morning, once at night, four or five times a week depending on how I'm feelin') starts tomorrow~! Gotta get back to that point of badassery I was at three years ago...

So, interesting time at band practice recently. Got an invite to a local musician's studio to do some vocal work, and THAT is gonna kick ass...but I'm honestly focused on my band and gettin' this album out by Christmas time. One song is definitely down, but it's also the shortest out of the entire thing (clockin' in at only one minute twenty seconds), though we DID do a on-the-fly remix that lasted well over three minutes. It also kicked major ass! Now we gotta get the next two songs done and then start postin' 'em on the youtubes...

Not that I can talk about that much HERE! Even now gotta watch my anonymity, y'knowwhatImean? Y'all will find out eventually.

Condensed soup sucks WHY THE FUCK DIDN'T I BUY SOUP WHILE I WAS AT COSTCO?! I might be losing e-cred (DEFINITELY street cred) just by talking about Costco but y'all gotta understand...they got the cheapest, cleanest gas in all of Bellingham (by a clear five cents from the next cheapest gas station, and certainly cleaner) and some of the best stuff for what you pay for. Muffins for daaays bro! Two gallons of 2% milk at $4.90 where everywhere else it's 3-4 bucks a gallon. Not per gallon, A gallon! I've got the hook up on hot links that'll beat yer ass inside out, dawg!

No, seriously I'm STILL eating food from the freezer that we bought two months ago (Hash browns and waffles, namely), y'know? And they're still good! The prices are consistent, and I don't have to freak out about catching them at sale - the worst that happens is I might buy something and the NEXT week the item will have a coupon come out. Only once did this happen where I was all "damn, Damn, DAAAAAMN!" and it wasn't THAT bad, y'know?

Good God, I'd be makin' money right the hell now just from buyin' gas from there if I was able to acquire a credit card through Costco! As is, both of our credit scores suck. What can one do, eh?

Seriously, even if you don't have a shit-ton of money or space to invest into this kind of thing, there's still plenty of savings to find at Costco! Even better, like yours truly That Bastard they always keep it local too. That means a lot to me, personally.

Ugh, Sunday I get to look forward to an extra long practice session and new posts for Soothe Your Freaking Beast as well as Man-Flavored Milk (we don't talk about that), and I've got somethin' special comin' up for Netflix This!...namely, a "WTF?!" blog post.

You'll just have to see once it comes out, eh?

OH, for those of you who actually have a tumblr, I've been posting up my crap poetry over there. Any opinions? Should I just post 'em over here in yet another blog or somethin'? I know there's plenty of literary blogs...and I HAVE kicked around the idea of a literature blog, post up some of the stuff that I would usually post in my old DeviantArt account.

Lemme know in the comments, eh? Let's chat.

OH, far as remarking back to people on one's own comment section, does that work? Like, do you guys check back on blogs you've commented on to see what the owner replies with?

Just curious, 's all.

Anyway, hit me back when you get this message, y'all!


~That Bastard


  1. You make me look like such a lazy asshole.

  2. HAH naw. I'll do that when I put out my first album, am able to do 500 bicep curls a day and am actually doing cardio again.

    THEN I'll make you look like a lazy asshole. Right now, you could keep up easily with me, if not surpass me, if you tried!