Tuesday, August 23, 2011


This is the greatest commercial on the television right now.

You're welcome.


~That Bastard

P.S. - Franz Wheat Bread is the BOMB for frying up with some sweet, unsalted butter. I'm just sayin' yo...


  1. Pugilism > Boxing


    Admittedly, if my gloves come off you KNOW we're about to have a real good time, friendo. A real fuckin' good time...

  2. Anything that encourages any facial hair is good to me. :)

  3. What is it about a handlebar mustache that always leads to fisticuffs?

  4. The other guy's stache was sub par, he had no chance.
    Heineken has the best ads.

  5. fucking lol
    Also, whats wrong with you? a post under 2000 words? lol

  6. Sorry, but I can't concentrate on anything other than his biceps. Yum.

    P.S Your comments on Maxwell's blog are HILARIOUS. Sadly, I'm don't know many Korean babies, but if you rethink your order and you would go for Chinese...well, THAT I can help you with.

  7. That is awesome! Why haven't I seen this?

  8. @Bowen - Bro, I can dig it. As the bearer of the Badassed Muttonchops of Son I Am Disappoint But Your Mother Is Hot So I'll Stick Around, I can dig where you come from.

    Brofist, bro.

    @Beer - because fisticuffs is a true, proper gentleman's sport. I myself believe pugilism is superior to boxing, for all that boxing has come a long way from being a crime-riddled, fixed sport to a technically-minded crime-riddled, fixed sport.


    @Lemons - My dear, when YOU suggest such a thing I know that I'm going to have to A) agree, and B) prepare to pay for a higher price.

    I mean, either Superior China or Best Korea...that can be kinda tough, but in this case? Yer worth it. :D

    I mean, THEY'RE worth it...uh...yeah...

    @Genetics - Here, lemme clean that drool up for you darlin'. What do you mean where's the towel? I'll have you know my tongue is SUPER-absorbent!

    @AllenTesch - 'Cuz you need to hang out with me, bro. Trust me, follow ALL my blogs and I'll show you things you've never seen before. :D

    Brofist bro, welcome to the world of That Bastard. How do you do? I am...That Bastard.

    Care for a drink?