Monday, August 29, 2011

UGH, there.

Updated on all blogs I follow save for mine...

...I follow way too man goddamned blogs. How many of you actually keep up like this? HOW can you? I feel physically exhausted, and this is from a guy who exhausts OTHERS with his 2000+ word count blogs.

So yeaaaah, fun time de yah time take de bus rai-do. I may have to prune my dashboard down is all I'm sayin'.

It doesn't help that I seem to be locked in a permanent state of rage right now. After all, why am I answering blogs (except for my own, and I DO owe you guys comment sand will be doing so after this post...just gotta take a break from commenting, y'know?) and posting new blogs and such, eh?

Because I am NOT doing five to seven days of 14 hours of work a pop. I am NOT, apparently, making that 2 grand in 3 weeks. I AM recovering from a nicely-earned muscle strain though in my right bicep and, on that note, I once again have a bicep. Not as big as my old guns, but it's a start. Anyway, this means that I AM, on the other hand, back on my "Fuck every factory and warehouse in Bellingham" mode again.

Because, no seriously...fuck every factory, warehouse and temp worker agency in this piece. I've stated it before and I understand that it's an employers market right now...but that doesn't mean that it's acceptable to screw your peoples over at the merest whim.

I won't name names, not at all...but I will honestly re-affirm my promise, my word and my honor on it, that should I EVER be lucky (yes, at this point in fucking time lucky) enough to actually own my own business I'll NEVER be like these fucking bastards.

Well...silver lining time: at least it provided me a chance to test myself physically versus standing and working for periods longer than 8 hours and against loads heavier than 50 lbs (hell, I even manhandled a 120 lb. load...and that's pretty fucking good in comparison to my recent exploits). While I did receive all sortsa issues from DOING it, I proved I was able to rock out (with Ibuprofen) for twelve hours and could've gone on for another five if need be.

Sadly enough, it did, need be.

Anyway, you get the point.

SO, I've written some new songs and such and am growling and prowling around for where I left my USB cable so I could finally hook my goddamned digital voice recorder up and possibly just record some of the songs, vocals-only. I mean I really REALLY like one of the punk ones, and I've got another horror-based one (er...metal? rock style? you'd have to hear it to know what I'm talkin' 'bout) that's kinda slow but picks up during the chorus, just really awesome shit.

Yeaaah...perhaps I'll set that sixth blog up tonight with lyrics from my "A Night of Complete Horrorshow" concept album. I've only got four suggested songs left and have completed nine (technically ten) songs already. Lyrics, not the actual making of teh musics and such...

Gah, now I'm typing like Bill Cosby talks.

Anyway, lemme know in the comment section what y'all think about me either setting up a sixth blog for my various lyrics and such, or should I just post it up on one of the current five blogs?

You DO realize I have, like, five blogs right? Yeap. Five of 'em, and I (usually) comment back on all of 'em...SPEAKIN' OF WHICH~!


How do you guys go about communicating here? Do you comment directly on your own blogs (where said commenting originated) or do you pop over to the commenter's blog and just drop a comment back with information pertaining to the original comment? How do y'all go about doing it and what's yer personal thoughts on it?

Last but not least (for now) I've got a trailer to share with ya's. Check it:

Huuuuuh, while we're at it, a couple more vidyuh for ya:


I agree with the commentary, we need more translated rap battles. That in and of itself could save the corpse that is Rap.


  1. If I see someones not doing shit back to me they're out of my list. And I usually answer on the original comment. So it stay on topic and I dont derail the post of that guy. Most people don't read answers anyway. They just drop a comment and are on their way, dont care for the answers most of them. Post a comment just to post a comment is what they do

  2. I try to post answers to actual questions on my blog posts. I don't always have time to reply to what i call "statement comments."
    sometimes I do, when it's a good comment.
    I also try to spend the most time on blogs with bloggers who spend time on my blog. lots of give and take.
    Like Neon said, if I've left a ton of comments and get nothing back, I stop spending time on that blog.
    Also, you are a scholar and a gentleman for posting the white flesh/black market trailer. Here's to hoping it hits 1000 views soon.

  3. Yeah, I hear you commenting, answering, pondering. It can drive you blog crazy. BTW...made you blog of the day.

  4. I never reply in my own comments. I just reply back in theirs somewhere, or send an email.
    As for trimming down the dashboard, I'll go through periodically and see who hasn't posted an a while and cut them. They probably won't be back anyway.

  5. There's just no way that we can read and comment on all of the blogs we follow. It's impossible. Our rule of thumb is that if you leave us a comment, OR if you're a friend of the blog (you comment on our stuff a lot, we know you stop by, etc) we'll read your blog and give you a comment. Sounds very, I don't know, political, but once your blog gets bigger and you realize you don't have 12 hours a day to just read blogs (I would kill myself), you have to choose who you read and respond to more wisely.

    Basically, if I went to someone's blog and gave a well, thought out comment, and on my next post, all I get is 'Great post!', I'm going to cross that person off my list very, very fast.

  6. It does seem like a lot of people you have to comment back to lol maybe you should cut some blogs down that would probably help "] and your also always commenting paragraphs on people blogs that must also be hard but much respect is given to you since you actually go through peoples blogs and actually read them. Great post!

  7. When people comment on my blog, I tend to reply on my original post. Sometimes I respond to statements sometimes I don't, but I almost always reply to a question. Even if it wasn't actually a question. I follow over 100 blogs now, but only about 20 or so of them update, and Blogger is nice enough to tell me just which ones have updated. I worked this out after a week or so of slowly clicking every single blog I follow to find out if they had updated -_- If you do get your own company, Odin willing someday you will, then do be nice to the folks who work for you. But don't be too nice or they won't get anything done!