Wednesday, September 7, 2011

The lit blog is UP, for now.

I've got a hugefuck welcome page and two of my newest punk song lyrics up. I may or may not post somethin' else up tonight, but's a start. Besides, I don't want to post up EVERYTHING right off the bat, right?


Anyway, like I said I'll post up a coupla other things and call it a night. I gotta go make dinner, y'know?

SO, gimme a bit of yer time and check me out at:

Yet another entry in The World of Bastard, right?

For those of you who want to know what's the best way to keep up on my newest posts, you really should just burn me to yer RSS feed or sign up by e-mail or some junk. OOOOOOR just tune in HERE, at That Bastard On. Yeah, that'd probably be best: I usually update 'bout where my newest posts are just in the HUGEFUCK WALL OF TEXT I post up here.

Also, I DO have a twitter, a googles+, a tumblr and a faecbawks, y'know?

I usually have the info about in the side bar or in direct posts like this.

To my new followers, 'sup 'saaaaap! Velkommen to mein blogs. I do hope you enjoy reading, 'cuz writing is all I'm able to do right now.

To my old followers, I ain't got nothin' but love for ya. I've got a new featured link coming up soon alongside new posts to throw up for Soothe and Netflix This, as well as a new offering to throw at The Pen Is My Sword. For now, go read how I do punk lyrics.


~That Bastard

EDIT: OH HORY FLEAKING CLAP, NEON WAS RIGHT! To all my readers, I apologize for the spotty word verification, I honestly thought that shit was taken care of already. For the record, it is NOW...and if they're still poppin' up, I'd really like to know.

'Cuz I just went through and deactivated every last one of 'em. If ANY of them have word verification up again, then it's proof that somethin' else is goin' on. Yes, I am that paranoid.

For my regulars, I thank you for puttin' up with my shit the way you have. Geez, I would've been complainin' like a mutha the MOMENT I saw someone with word verification~!

'Til next time~!


  1. The Penis My Sword you say?
    Going to check it out now

  2. No sweat, man. I swear, half of the time I spend commenting is made up of hurdling word verifications.

  3. 'Suuup :P
    The first time I've read the URL I've read it just like Timothy B. Haha. Though I like the name (is it awkward that it made me think of Harry Potter?). Alright, I am now going to check it out.

  4. I'm glad you dealt with the word verifications. Every time I see them, Jesus murders a baby panda.

  5. @Lemon - =T3T= Don't remind me...I'm just thankful I caught it in time~!

    Er, hopefully in time?

    ...y'know what I mean~!

    @aanedor - why hellooooooo! Hopefully you'll come to be entertained by my thoughtful, insightful, well-written and well-worded articles naw man you oughta know that if you've read even one of my responses that my basic blog attack is Wall Of Text BWA BWA BWA.

    @escapist and Bowen - HAH! Yeah, the joke was just there, y'knowwhatImean? Ain't no one usin' it, might as well run with the ball as far as I can~!

    @Beer - HAH!