Sunday, September 11, 2011

...wasn't gonna actually blog TBO today, buuuuut~~!

I'm actually looking forward to Real Steel and Puss n' Boots.

Now, y'all KNOW how I feel by now about sequels and, well...just about anything new from Hollyhood. BUT, butbutbut...the inner fanboy within me is freakin' the fuck out, the inner fratboy is also freaking the fuck out, and my violence side is saying "NEEDS MORE ROBOTS BEATING EACH OTHER UP!"

I fucking LOVED those robot-fighting shows a few years back because of that shit. Junkyard Wars, Robot Wars, that other one...they were all good for me, especially when certain characters (mainstays that would either be multi-champions or just regulars to the shows) would show up.

I actually blame my dad for this. We were never into, like, MONSTER TRUCKS or whatever but he WAS a rather huge fan for the whole Gravedigger versus Bigfoot thing. Then there's just all those giant robot shows from Japan, y'knowwhatImean? Then the mecha-pilot vidyuh games that have been around since, hell...the friggin' 80's really.

Just all of these are startin' to really come to the fore lately ever since they stopped those goddamned Colombiana commercials ("dey killed mah front of meeeeeeh!" Do you guys have ANY idea how many times I've said that in a mockingly high voice while the commercials playing? Hate it hate it hate it.) and started playing the ones for Real Steel.

Oh god, they even have character names for the various robots and special/featured moves!!! Suffice it to say every single part of my psyche WANTS THIS MOVIE TO HAPPEN...except for my bitter cynic, which says Hollywizzle is gonna fuck this one up too.


Seriously, anything which shows the Hollywood execs what we want more of can NEVER be bad. Otherwise we'll end up with more crap remakes.

Unlike, say, GOOD remakes like Conan the 3D.

Have I mentioned how much I love that movie? Even now, like...a week or two afterwards, I'm still crowing about it to peoples on the Internuggets and over the phone. Just randomly too.

It's kinda weird how many times someone else randomly brings up Conan too...'s kinda weird.

Illuminati tricks? Maybe.

So, gotta warn you guys...I might have to take a month off or so due to personal reasons. Depends on what happens.

I know this may be kind of a shock, but I wanna just make sure it doesn't hit y'all outta nowhere. If this hits ME outta nowhere, I don't wanna be on here whining about it and burdening the rest of YOU with my personal bullshit. I'm supposed to be an entertaining host, and I'll be damned if I don't leave at least SOME of you happier or angrier that you read my walls of text.

On the other hand, my tears are my own, and I firmly believe that it's okay for dudes to long as they get a grip on their damn self after awhile, and do it where it won't bother other people. Hell, tears are lubrication for the soul, right?


...anyway, I'll let y'all know if things clear up or not. I'll keep postin' until the BOOM hits, but when it does I'll at least post up a "closed due to gettin' my shit together" sign or somethin', y'know?

Hey, I just wanna say thanks to y'all for keepin' up with me. In this era of "Me too me too!" and where everyone is a fucking e-star, seein' yer comments actually does give me a nice little pick-me-up and makes me want to do better, to give y'all more to read and listen, to watch and enjoy.

Except for two breeds of you fuckers. The ones who post the SAME DAMN COMMENT ON EVERYTHING (seriously, keep that shit away from my litblog, I'll fucking delete it - you know who you are!) and the ones who make zero-sense unless you're a bot.

Yeah, you.

Hey man. Not cool. Not fucking cool at all.

Anyway I do hope I continue to prove to be worthy of your attentions and, in the very least, to be entertaining to you.


So, y'all notice that in a few, I'm 'bout to update my featured links with a regular's blog heah. Funny story, I didn't even know she was female for the longest time, her blog is just THAT passionate towards physics, genetics, biology and just SCIENCE in general!

Seriously, she blogs about some of the most informative things I've ever seen, and I feel as if I might even do some personal research back in genetics again 'cuz of her! Of course with everything up in the air, I'll be just as happy to simply read her posts and learn.

'Cuz shiiiiiiit, son! Her science is AWESOME, seriously!

So go check out thetruthaboutGenetics's blog, "Understanding Genetics, Biology, and Physics," at and, of course, let her know who sent ya for a special discount.

25% more knowledge if'n ya drop That Bastard's name! Really!!

(note: not really, just jokin' and what-not. But wouldn't it be cool if she DID do it? I'm just sayin'...)


~That Bastard

P.S. - Didja notice I got new posts up at Soothe Your Freaking Beast, Man-Flavored Milk, The Pen Is My Sword, and Netflix This...'cuz, I got new posts up on all four.

Go read 'em, yah? Especially The Pen Is My Sword, I posted up four new song lyrics. I'm also finally gettin' a better idea of what I'm doin' with it, and like the format I'm using thus far.

Lemme know in the comments watcha think, as always~!


  1. I'll admit that I want to see Puss in Boots. But since I'm married, I can go with my wife and it won't look so bad. If I go alone, I look like that lonely pedophile scoping out his new victim.

  2. cant say I think it will be that good

  3. I was actually surprised who the director of the movie was "]

  4. The thing about robots is that they feel no pain. So instead of plain robots we could use some sort of midget operated mechanical monsters.

    Like the robot's used by the power rangers but this ones are considerably smaller and operated by midgets. Midgets have to be inside and cannot be seen on the outside. They can have a co-pilot, in case he gets severely injuried.

    Robots have to be made using a particular theme, wether it be dinosaurs, popular criminals, politicians, famous fat ladies and such.

    It would be a robot fighting extravaganza. The theme song would be --- Domo Arigato mr Roboto, domo arigato mr roboto---

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