Sunday, September 4, 2011

Well here we are!

OKAY, sosososo I think I've ribbed Pope Tim enough. So with THAT stated, who's up for a new That Bastard On, eh? New Featured Link is UP by the way, go check out Not Worth Mentioning by our local commenter, Copyboy, at:

Go show love and let 'im know who sent ya, yah?

First and foremost, since NO ONE said anything about whether or not I should post up a literary blog (lol YET ANOTHER BLOG), I'm going to just go ahead and do it. I have some lyrics I haven't posted up at my DA and honestly I haven't been there in, like, forever anyway. So I'll pop it onto my Tumblr (which I haven't been on in ages as well) and the sixth blog whose name is in production.

Just to throw it out there, some of them started as poems but then became lyrics instead. I fucking hate my writing sometimes.

Now, to hit on the subject of commentary and such. Thanks to all y'all who shared your insight with me on that, and know that I'm taking your advice to heart. Basically I'll continue what I'm doing anyway, just commenting everywhere I want...but am in the process of pruning my goddamned dashboard down. In the very least, I'm going to comment less on those who DON'T hit me back, but in the very least I do enjoy their writing, y'knowwhatImean? So that's already saved me some time just doin' THAT - got caught up today in nothing flat.

To my regulars (and those whom I'm a regular of), I do apologize for the lack of commentary as of late. I know some of you dig my OMFGWHOLESERIESOFPARAGRAPHS style of commenting and replies I'm known for, while some of you merely gawk at the sheer size and immensity of them, then shelve them for later reading. My current work schedule is all over the friggin' place, and I don't think the client knows what the schedule is like.

Seriously, we're gettin' told on a friggin' daily basis. If I don't hear anything by Friday about the coming Monday, I never know until I get a wake-up call at six a.m. with a frantic "OMG CAN YOU COME IN?!"

God I hate being a laborer. Yet it's fun compared to doing nothing, and getting into the clerical field just ain't workin' out thus far even WITH my new certification and credentials. On the other hand I ain't givin' up...I'm not one for anything but perseverance.

But I won't lie to you, friends. It can be hard as fuck sometimes to keep doin' what I do, to keep striving and trying. But shiiiit, c'mon dawg, it's me!

I'm friggin' That Bastard over here! If ANYONE can survive and thrive, it's me...just gotta swim through the crap first.

...eugh. Not a good mental image.

SO, I'm going to be re-designing the blogs into something more along my personal designs. It's not that I don't like these templates, but I've never been one for templates to begin with - I like doin' my own thing. As of late I've been posting up at my blogs and lookin' at 'em goin' "dude, how CAN I make this look better..."

We'll see, we'll see. If I could RocketDock and pimp out my Windows XP desktop, I can do THIS of all things, y'knowwhatI'msayin'?

Continuing, I've also run across a small issue that needs to be dealt with. Some people simply don't know when I'm postin' up new stuff and, if so, which blogs. Now the question arises if it's on MY side or theirs that such information can be gained, but I'm certain there's a way (or three) for me to make it a bit easier on y'all to figure out where my newest stuff is and on which blog. So with that said, expect such a thing to occur, eh?

Until then, I'll install a chatbox and let you guys slander my good name and respectable blogs with YOUR filth instead of vice-versa.

OH, that reminds me...I've noticed that I don't get haters, only spam (every now and then - dude, whoever the hell you are you ain't makin' sense. Even in a babelfish kinda sense, you ain't makin' sense. I'm just sayin'.), so my question for you is: is it me? Do I somehow not engender enough hate in y'all or somethin'? Hell, if anything I seem to spread my rage around to some of YOU...which further reminds me, you should go read my The King of Fighters The Movie focused article on Netflix This.

Seriously, shit get's ragin'. To make matters worse, this was on top of my Judgement: Execution two-parter over at Soothe Your Freaking Beast, which did nothing to soothe ANYONE and seems to have only made their blood boil.

Good! That's what I'm here for, y'knowwhatImean? Spread the rage, get you pumped, and get a little crazy mydamnedself.


So yeah, a lot of THAT on top of just my initial anger at KoF and Street Fighter: Legend of Chun Li which I WAS going to watch...until The Ace (one of my best bros and a co-PIC and possible contributor to a video games segment here) hit me back over the phone about it.

Suffice it to say we kinda went into a rage-spiral, our anger just feeding on each other as we went over the particulars of the article. Somehow the idea of me writing a real script for KoF (and Fatal Fury) came up, and now I have yet another project hanging around: one-hour episodic movies chronicling the rise of KoF up to the current story arc, keeping it true to the original content and storylines.

'Cuz man, nothin', and I do mean NOTHIN' is worse than seeing a character get fucked over by medium translation. I actually went back and re-read the article and I was so pissed there were glaring errors and words missing in several places.


Anyway, I'll be around, just probably going to post once a week until this work schedule gets figured out (the bastards)...'til then, stay cool y'all.

I'm still mad,

~That Bastard

P.S. - Did I mention I've also got a new Soothe Your Freaking Beast up? Got some sweet, sweeeet music from Detroit Metal City up there, and a quick overview of the awesomesauce that is that anime.

Also, to Genetics (, yes I do watch anime. And I'll only play Pokeymans with you if we can play in your yard.

'Cuz I'm like, "You wanna trade cards?"
Damn right, I wanna trade cards.
I can beat you 'cuz I got Cha-ri-zard.

Shit. Yeah. I went there. Oh fuck yes I did.


  1. I would love to read your song lyrics. I say go for the literary blog.

  2. I know, I get comments that sound like my last poem post at randoomblog as well.

    Good work on taking care of business. I can only imagine how balancing all the paragraph comments with 5 blogs could be. I've never written a whole paragraph comment, until now that is. It's my tribute to your kickery of rump.

  3. If you would like an adorable blog template like mine, try Cutest Blogs on the Block.

    The innocent girlishness would be an interesting juxtaposition.

    And congrats for hanging in there.

  4. You have been Eris Approved:

  5. @Bowen and Shockgrubz and anyone else who backs their choice up - Yeah...y'all done summoned the whirlwind and must now reap the lightning. As soon as my right hand stops being so swollen and crappy (hard day at work, gotta love it) I'll get on it and start by posting up a corny poem about reincarnation and a few of my favorite lyric choices, mostly from my "A Night of Complete Horrorshow" concept album. I friggin' love that word, horrorshow...

    @Lemon - Gah. I told my PIC over the phone 'bout that and she squeed and agreed with you. Now I'm honestly considering it, though it might be only a stunt for a little bit ("Cutesy Template Month" or somethin'), but who knows if you're right and the juxtaposition of my uber-manly posts and girly-girl blog aesthetics might be just the thing for me. We'll see~!

    @Bowen - DUDEBROGUY, YOU MAH NIGGA, GUY! Updating all my blogs to reflect the approval of such a chaotic goddess as Eris of all deities!

  6. Just found your blog (you seem to have a lot of them). Have you started the literary one? I'm interested in reading it. And the long comments are the best comments^^

  7. @Shockgrubz - btw, did I salute you for the honor you bestow upon me, sir?

    Because I just did, bro. I salute you sir!

    @escapist - OH, why hello there, cutie pie! I just recently started that literary blog, The Pen Is My Sword.

    Yes, the hidden double entendre was done on purpose.

    BUT, I'm suggesting to everyone to keep "That Bastard On..." as the main checkpoint for my newest stuff. I usually have links and such and suggestions here in order to better navigate what I got up that's newest, freshest, and straight out the oven.