Thursday, January 26, 2012

..Battleworld, updates, (finally) a new Featured Link, and some other stuff.


Randoom Blog!

Do you want humor? Do you want random facts and what-not? Fuck you, here Randoom!

No, seriously, my homeboy Shockgrubz can be found over at Randoom Blog, which is, for want of a better term, a blog about...well...random shit.

Yeap. Random. Randoom.

...I think there's a pattern there...

Anyway, wander over and take a look at his articles featuring his current attempt at pitting state against state, musing about girlcotting (you'd have to see for yerself), PLUS the dude's already got 11 freakin' articles and January ain't even done? That's nearly three times more than some bloggers do, with their once-a-week posting and their infrequency of posts and...

...okay, NOW I just made myself feel bad.

Extreme Existence: Battleworld

So I've posted some stuff out of the ALREADY 30 and some-odd wordpad files I've developed for Battleworld. A clear six or seven of those files is in a folder I call "Battleworld Public," since I don't want to give away any spoilers or anything that gives away simply too much of the storyline, yet I still have to tailor stuff so I can draw a crowd, y'knowwhatImean?

Namely 'cuz what I need are artists (nothing too major) and programmers (now THAT I'll be needin', eventually, if anything just to double-check my messy programming).

The consumables I posted were my first draft and were only a small section of what I've done with it since then. I've already got the individual units (names, descriptions, what to expect) written out for all four main kingdoms and I've got a ton of leftovers I've thrown at the Goblin Forces, the subservient kingdom under the Krieg Army. Altogether each kingdom's units and abilities are unique enough that it should feel like you're employing completely different tactics with each one without there being any (er, at least boring) crossovers. I mean, each kingdom has access to at least one unit that is anywhere from Giant to the largest unit to be found in the "Big McLargeHuge Oh Shit Fly Me To The Moon Group" (or just OS-sized, "Oh Shit!"), and with side rulings determining what sizes are necessary in order to take on anything from Giant on up.

And the Kriegers, holy comment, man. No fucking comment. If there ARE any true "antagonists" to be found in the game, it's damn near solely in the Krieg Army. The Horde can be considered badguys only in that they have high-as-fucking-hell Charisma bonuses, making it easier to schmooze and schmaltz your way through the game, taking over towns and even kingdoms while barely lifting a combative finger. The Legion is just as bad, what-with the Hivemind Brainwash capability. Plus Demnos himself, their "leader," is a nasty figure with plenty of dark secrets to be unearthed. Theeen you got Nepthis the Everdust himself, who (depending on which storyline you play through) is either the be-all end-all antagonist, a sympathetic figure, or even a pawn.

Now, I'll be posting up some stuff on The Pen Is My Sword on Battleworld pretty soon, and suffice it to say it's nowhere near up to date with what I'm currently working on. Still, what SHOULD I post up? I've got that public file, and it's mostly design notes to entice actual artists to draw stuff up from, but otherwise there's not too much else in there. So, what should I post up that won't give away all the juicy stuff I've got goin' on story-wise for this game?

Lemme know, y'all.

Current Projects

So yeah, y'all know 'bout Extreme Existence: Battleworld (obviously, it's all I talk about here and as of late), but didja know I'm currently doin' some other stuff too?

Wanna know 'bout it?


Well too bad, I'm gonna post it right here for your viewing "entertainment":

Scream - A collection of poems, a few lyrics, and a coupla short stories from yours truly. I've still gotta invite certain artists to draw stuff up for it, though any publisher I approach will probably want their own artists on it...I dunno, I've never done that kinda thing before.

My Main Band - See below. Suffice it to say I'm still writing stuff up for it, and have recently begun being VERY busy for it.

KAOS: Chaos Party Radio - We've done ONE podcast, though damned if I know where it is. Starting next week though we'll be posting some shit up on it, with my homeboys dropping a line for me there. Hey, free internet radio advertisement? Why not?! It's good to know motherfuckers, even if they're just startin' out. Now I'm not ON the panel (though my homeboy says he'll invite me sometimes up for it), but I've written up some material that my homeboy'll be using, if anything because I can (in the very least) present a list of subjects to bring up that he can refer to whenever he runs outta shit to spout.

And trust me, this nigga know how to bullshit already, yo.

Gettin' A Job - sure this isn't inexactly a project, but it's up there in priority, y'know? Just as important to me as anything else I'm doin', at least. Now that the ice and snow have blown over, it's time to get back on that track (the way I damn near ALMOST DID back in the beginning of January) and get a motherfuckin' job. Ain't that hard to do, but with the way the economy is one never knows.

Blog Schedules and convenient links

Ahem ahem ahem, not to sound, y'know, high-muck-a-muck or anythin', but I'd figure I'd at least drop mention of what I've been thinkin' 'bout and why I'm not posting shit up every other day like I WAS doin'. With six blogs, a ton of shit I'm doing IRL, and for my own sense of organization I reckon it'd be best to actually do it BY a schedule or, in the very least, present a schedule and then work around that.

It may not make sense to YOU, but it certainly does to me.


That Bastard On
Updating at least twice a week.

The Pen Is My Sword
Updating whenever, mainly 'cuz I've just got THAT much shit to upload.

Netflix This!
Updating once to twice a week, depending on what kind of material I'm suggestin'.

Man-Flavored Milk
Updating whenever, 'cuz it's INCREDIBLY EASY to post shit from youtube up with a bunch of gibberish.

Soothe Your Freaking Beast
Updating at least twice a week, 'cuz it's RATHER HARD to post music from youtube that not even hipsters know about.

The Bellingham Jerk
Updating whenever I have money to spend at a restaurant, mang.

My band: Update

SO, where are we right now? We haven't a clue what's goin' down with our guitarist (haven't known since December) and he might not even want to stay with us after we tell him that this shit is going down.

With that stated, this shit is going down.

Now, I think I've mentioned that we've made a connection to a particular executive at a particular company, right? Well, all we need is anywhere from 3-7 songs (he'll probably only listen to the first thirty seconds of each) with an optimal of four songs, two of which are covers, one of our serious songs, and one of our WAY-not-serious songs (i.e. - 1200 lbs. of penis).

So, I go about calling one of my peoples who happens to HAVE a basement recording studio (the very same one I've been practicing in for, like, a year before we had to jam outta it) and...

Well, I think I've made mention that it feels like there is an honest-to-goodness entity of some sort trying to stop us from recording, right? Ergo why we don't have ANY product to show y'all, or anyone. Well, it appears to have hit again.

His basement flooded. flooded last week, when we were all iced and snowed over and shit.


Now, for some plusses. He has a standby place where, for a coupla bucks, we can get this shit recorded. HOPEFULLY I can rope him and our other homeboy in for the guitarwork (mainly 'cuz they both KNOW how to do the punk rendition of Nights and White Rabbit that I need done), but if not I have a backup plan for THAT.

Namely, drop the two punk covers, record the four songs we already know (and kneecap our current guitarist if he doesn't at least hook us up with a guest spot on it) and send that out, hopin' for the best.

It'll be incredibly raw and hopefully an "average level" (which is all we ever really want - neither our best, nor our worst, just the average that we'd bring raw to a stage) recording. Honestly, that's all I can hope for at this point.

Trust me kiddies, I'm not too thrilled at the idea of having to fall back on ANY backup plans and, to be quite honest, I'm tired of it. I'm tired of whatever the hell it is that keeps us from recording shit, like it's some kind of weird curse or some shit.

But either way, I'm going to be closing this deal one way and one way only, y'knowwhatImean? Just record this shit and get it out into the ether of existence. It'd just be nice to actually get it DONE already. What's even worse is that due to gas necessities, it's going to have to wait 'til next Saturday either way.

A whole week where something can, and will, pop up.

Shiiit, and everyone wonders why I'm so bloody aggressive.


  1. Are all of your conversations this random too because that would be awesome.

    I can't imagine writing for 6 blogs. Good work!

    1. And I'm writing for a podcast that recently started up.

      Someday all my work will pay off, that's what I keep tellin' m'self.

      Naturally though, I'm doin' this 'cuz it's fun. I'd LOVE to be able to apply my writing skee-lo to something like medical transcription, but I've been fucked over so hard I might as well change my name to Pee Wee fuckin' Herman.

      And yes, this is how I actually talk. Not even playin', bro. A good friend of mine suggested that I might have adult ADD, but he's the kind who believes in tough love. We diss each other to show friendship, y'know?

      Plus even I gotta admit I more often than not go into tangents, but I usually end up sayin' somethin' like "Wait, what were we talkin' about?" And then start naming off the main subjects we've covered until we get to somethin' current or go back to whatever the hell it was we were talkin' about.

      I've been told that I'm entertaining. I think they were lying.

      For the record, I'm also the awesomest GM you'll ever have the honor of roleplayin' with. Just sayin'. I'm not really into the "woogity-woogity-woo" kind of surprises, but there's nothing more entertaining to me than catching players off-guard with a sudden burst of "oh by the way THE MONSTER'S HAND JUST REACHED THROUGH THE WALL AND IS NOW TEARING THROUGH IT WHILE PULLING YOU CLOSE TO IT!" kind of situations.

      Yeah, I've even got one in Battleworld. Worst part about it?

      The players (if they read this) will be on the lookout for it, but the problem is that when it hits they'll STILL be caught off-guard.


      ...anyway, yeah, you get the point.


  2. Thanks so much for the shout out! I was just including you in my "Blogs I love" tab that I'm creating to see this post! You are truly an inspiration! I play guitar, maybe one day I can toss you a couple of riffs.

    1. AFDJLSFJLKGJLKAJLKARGLE awww Shockbro, ya don't hafta!

      But no takesies-backsies, remember!!!

      As far as being an inspiration, I'm more likely that annoying tick that you simply can't get out of your pelvisflesh. Seriously, I'm not that inspirational. Hell, right now I'm not even living up to my own standard - but I will soon enough! I'm just in that weird "waiting" period that seems to pop up in my life a shitton.

      Huh, you play guitar? Ohhhhh, we can DEFINITELY talk mah nigga!