Friday, February 24, 2012

...on bein' busy, being broke, and HOLY FUCK I'M SICK!

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Well, a big hand for the previous two! Now, funny story...I've got two more for ya. The funny part is that I'm so throatsore from coughing and dizzy as of writing this that I completely forgot who I said I'd give this to.

So if I said I'd put you on the Featured Links this post and you're not here, please lemme know via e-mail:, okay?

In the meantime, lemme focus your attention on two homeboys of mine, one that I haven't seen in damn near ten years and one that I saw just last week.

First thing's first, lemme point ya to the man who has proven that I alone in being a strange blend of badassed martial prowess and geeky skill, a man who shames my meager programming skills with his own amazing control of PHP, C++, and more.

I'm talkin' 'bout the Nerdy Mike, my old school chum from back in the day. Hit him up over at The Nerdy Mike, found here:, for tech news and start making connections with a hardcore programmer. Get a quote, get skillful work DONE mang.

The Nerdy Mike

If I'm Laurel, he's Hardy. Er...whichever one's the big guy, that's me.

And now to the brotha who ain't just my brother, he's my brother's brotha, man. I'm talkin' about the Bruce Lee-muscled, lanky-body connected by head and feet...and you don't want any of 'em upside yer head. Seriously, dis brotha can lay a beatin' on ya, if it wasn't for his kind heart and desire for video games. Seriously, whup ass and chew bubblegum.

I'm talkin' 'bout the one, the only Mister Ace Nelson himself, the other half of the upcoming The Hooligans crew over at KAOS: Chaos Party Radio. Vidyuh games, politics, rage.

He's actually got two blogs goin', one over at Daily KOS and one that he's had here at good ol' blogspot, only he's recently come back to actually post in it. Go ahead and check him out, and be certain to let him know to bring his kind of blogging style from KOS to here, yeah? Go show love, mah peoples.

Ace Nelson at Daily Kos

Ace here at Blogspot

Remember, don't call it a comeback, call it...

If I'm Dean Martin, Ace is my Sammy Davis Jr. PERIOD, full stop, end of rine.

Gary Stu'ing in other movies

Y'know, the original Cannonball Run (and, also, the sequel though some may say they didn't like it) has such a colorful cast of characters, it's hard to really put your finger on it which one resembles yourself the most.

I'd like to say that the "main character" J.J. reminds me of myself. Or even "Mad Dog."

But honestly the Sheik is probably the most me-like. Loud, brash, arrogant, willing to lay it on the line and back his shit talking up, so fucking superior the fight's already done before he threw a punch.

Seriously, this guy has a zeal and zest for his personal pursuits that I can only hope that my own lives up to such a standard.

Just sayin'...


Yeap. I'm broke. Not even funny broke. What's worse is that I got Kaplan University calling me up 'bout getting with them, but they're an online university.

On the other hand, I've already learned that the closest place that even HAS medical transcription training is a clear hour from where I live, and I simply don't have the gas money to get there and back on a daily basis.

Yeap. The rock and hard place I find myself in continues.

Time to get busy!

So yeap, the websites are ALLLLMOST done. I just gotta buckle down, find a template for Legion HQ and get KAOS: Chaos Party Radio set up and situated.

In the meantime, in my sickly and compromised state, I've been focusing on a project for shittychat rather than working on stuff I SHOULD be working on. LOL my inability to focus on anything I want to while sick.

Sick. Yupyupyupyupyup.

Uuuuuuuuuuuuugh. I've been coughing dryly for the past three days now. Four days ago I woke up with muffins comin' outta my mouth I had so much lung batter, a headache that could kill a moose, and right now the dizzy spells keep coming and going.

At least I got juice now, and it's not like I DIDN'T have soup...I just didn't have anything beyond campbells tomato soup and chicken noodle soup.

LOL first world problems, yada yada yada. At least I got somethin' different now that isn't cream-based...or campbells.

I don't even know why the fuck I have so many cans of campbell soups around anyway, fuck 'em.


I've already heard from some of ya about it, but the rest of ya - what do you think? Don't forget you can still find me at the usual spots (Googles+, Twitter, Faecbawks) as well as following me in my main overblog,, best way to keep up with ALL of my blogs and which one has the newest updates and such.

In the meantime, I'm going to mix myself another orange-pineapple juice/sprizzle combo and chill back at, y'know?

Uggggh, I'm too sick for this shit.

Let's close out with a super-high note, yes?


The Liebster Award, which I haven't a clue what it means lol. I'm so sick right now I don't remember shit.

RANDOOM, MAH NIGGA, is the one who gave it to me. Uh, Shockgrubz over at Randoom....Blog...

Bleh, waht am I supposed to do here?'s the award...I'll post it on a special page just for awards...or something....

Okay, so:

Rule 1 - Link back to the person who gave it to you.
Well that part's easy, I think he's even been a Featured Link here before~! I'm talkin' 'bout Shockgrubz, who runs two blogs:

Randoom Blog

New Stuff (tech, current events in tech, all things interesting that is tech related~!)

Rule 2 - Tag 5 people.

Aw fuck you, I hate doing this. Oh well, five people who deserve this award iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiis.....

I. A Beer For The Shower
Great writing style, great blogsite, and it's because of their genuine patience with me that I've even come across the idea of re-doing my own site into something more palatable and easier to navigate.

A Beer For The Shower

II. Banacek
My low-brow love of sexploitation, blaxploitation, grindhouse, skinflick horrors and 70's pornography is completely and perfectly encapsulated by Banacek's "Beasts In Human Skin." His writing style is awesome, his taste in movies is exquisite, and if you think a night of watching any movie get torn to shreds by Mystery Science Theater 3000 is a good night of movie watching, then you'll dig what he offers.

Plus he has a Youtube Grindhouse Theater! How cool is that? Free movies from thirty years ago? FUCK YEAH BOYEE! It's like we're really in /netflix/...

Beasts In Human Skin

III. Film Geek Bastard
We've bounced from low brow to high brow with this 'un. F.G. Bastard not only shares with me a part of my screen name (BASTARDS UNITE, FEEL US RISE MY NIGGAS!) but also a sincere love of quality, well-made as well as independent movies. Plus I think he's actually a professional reviewer or something.

Lucky bastard.

He can certainly present a movie better than I can, and give you way more professional reasonings and courtesies then I ever could~! He's currently recounting some of the finer movies by year in a series of lists, and they're all well worth checking out if for nothing else to take a trip down memory lane or be reminded of a movie that you never saw but really wanted to.

Well now's the time to do it!

A Girl And A Gun: The Cinematic Blog

IV. Tracirz
Tracirz, ahhhhh Tracirz~! Minimalist sensibilities, wonderful afternoons with warm tea and friends, it's kinda weird how girlish she gets sometimes with her blog and yet as manly as I am our sensibilities run parallel. One of the most fun times I've ever had NOT with my friends was when I and my ex-Partner In Crime had invited our landlady to enjoy some fresh loose-leaf tea and some kind of pound cake thing.

It's weird, tea time shouldn't be so much fucking fun for a guy like me. Yet gimme a buttery scone with some real raspberry preseves, a berry tea of some sort and I'm fuckin' putty in yer hands.

...anyway, Tracirz~! Music, minimalism, and recently a midget. Go check her out~!

V. Bonafide Jones
MAH NIGGA BONAFIDE JONES~!!! More modnar than you need, and he's recently breakin' into music reviews too! He's also the guy who helped me get off my duff, register my own domain name and start gettin' big with my moves.

BONAFIDE JONES, the brothaman for yo' modern day brothaman.

Bonafide Jones

Haters become learners while we're growing stronger in the jungle. If yer not on the list, it doesn't mean that I don't have love for you, 'cuz I do, I really do! All my readers, I ain't got nothin' but love for ya, kidnix.

BUT I am biased towards those who leave comments, grafitti all over my chatongo, hang with me at, and follow my bullshit. This odesn't apply to ALL of 'em - Tracirz goes quite a few posts before posting something, but I really dig her minimalist philosophy and am genuinely happy for her and her new hubby Nebberz' union. Which is only kinda weird 'cuz I normally only talk to HER and have yet to even communicate once with her boy.

...I take that back, I think he left a post over at Sooth(e) once~! Anyway, I dunno maybe it's the sick and head cold talkin', but I never deny genuine communication and connection with people, and I find something endearing about reading Tracirz's adventures with her family.

On the other hand, the other four are totally commentwhores whom I happily give free lapdances to from time to time. UNF UNF UNF, I am thrusting my pelvis at them as hard as I can as of writing this. Sick or not, you cannot deny the power of my piston-like, pile-driving hips.

Rule 3. Post the Award, spread the love! because I have more than five people I'd like to give this award to, I'm going to spontaneously make a second round of this award. Why?

Because, motherfucker.

VI. Copyboy
Dude, this guy just doesn't quit! He's got more posts than I have sense. Enjoy all his good randomness, learn some new shit and let 'im know that he deserves that damn Liebster award.

VII. Maxwell
HE-MAN WOMAN HATERS CLUB UP, HO'S DOWN! Holy shit I just found out he has two blogs...time for ME to go join, follow, and rape with commentary!
And he's a contributor, apparently, over at

Lololol, burnin' dat midnight oil, yo.

Actually, G (who runs two blogs) is a REALLY FUCKING COOL BLOGGER. Like, pro-blog level and shit. BUUUUUUUT you followed and read me too recently for me to throw ya on the first round.

Persians and Medes, mah nigga. On the other hand, yer blogs are too fuckin' sweet for me NOT to post somethin', so yeaaaah here ya go!

IX. Bersercules
The Berserk Hercules. He is the hero we deserve, not the hero we want. No, seriously, this guy has intestinal fortitude that is reserved only for the most heroic skalds of the past.

He's reviewing the Bibleman VHS movies.

All of them.

I salute you sir!

X. Timothy Bowen
Man, it's weird. Ever since I've been bloggin', this motherfucker's been a follower and the followed, we've commented up on each others' blogs...

Oh, and did I mention he's getting into self-made VJin'? Check out his playlists, fuckin' enjoy 'em. Hell it's because of HIM I have a particular submission to make over at Sooth(e)...fuck yeah, gotta love dat disco sometimes.

Sickeningly yours,

~That Bastard

P.S. - Funny story, I turn into a total man-babby whenever I get sick. Hell, even I don't want to be around myself during times like these. All my manliness and independence and resourcefulness go RIGHT out the window, yo.

Ugh. Please make me some hot tea with honey and lemon in it, then come cuddle me while I cough against your breasts.


  1. Thanks for the lieb back man. First spot and first comment, the world did work correctly today.

    Your choices and descriptions are so on. I'm down for visiting these good folks again, just because you said so. And from your page so they know where I come from. You sure do.

    1. lololol, well these guys deserve it. It dawned on me in my dayquil-addled brain that I haven't let 'em know yet.

      GAH, gotta get on it...

  2. lol cheers dude...but don't worry I'll be sticking around your blogs are just too damn good not to read regularly

    Get well soon bro

    1. Once I can get this cough under control, hells yeah.

      And hey, so long as I entertain I'm willing to continue with this steady stream of rhetoric and bullshit~! <3

  3. Replies
    1. Thanks m'man! Yeah, I pretty much have a blog for whatever you need scratched, y'knowwhatImean?

      Except for Man-Flavored Milk.

      We don't talk about that one.

  4. Interesting style of your blog, might enjoy it, anyway, get well soon

    1. By all means, please do! Enjoy yourself, make yerself comfortable, graffiti on my chatbox over there in the sidebar, the whole works.

      The Pen Is My Sword is my overblog, and the easiest way to keep up with which blog has a new post.

  5. Hells yeah I won an award! I think I deserve a nap.

    And thanks for reminding me about Cannonball Run. I need to watch that again.

    1. It's a hella good movie! As is I need to get my hands on Cannonball Run 2, just for comparison if anything.

      And shit, friggin' deserve the award~! If I gotta choose a blog for 'em after gettin' tagged m'self, then I need to ensure that blogs that I like get 'em.

      I'm biased as hell, so that doesn't help. :D