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Featured Link

Y'know, I've recently come across a blog that really lives up to its' name, y'knowwhatImean? It's a blog site that focuses on comparative mythology and trends across various pantheons and the stories inherent to those pantheons (namely his own Hindu-based one but plenty of analysis of greek and norse mythologies as well, two pantheons that I happen to like myself), but always in comparison to one another and the shared morals.

I'm talking about Me and My Thinking cap, which you can check out over at:

Hell, it's actually where my commentary is both dumb and short. Usually along the lines of "LOL Pantheons are full of dicks."

Still, go check 'em out, tell 'em That Bastard sent ya. Hell, drop that line and he'll throw in an extra 25% of extra myth for ya~!


New Sound Bytes, Blog Vocals, and Project: Boyfriend

SO! I've got these sound bytes thing (NOTE TO SELF: GOTTA UPDATE TEH SOUND BYTES PAGE!) and I've begun to do the sound bytes for my NPC's from back in the Neo-Tokyo: Unit 13 tabletop roleplay days. While it's fun doing other character voices (I've begun to record and do the Six-Gun Sal ones, the slayer of gods and top assassin of Extreme Existence, including a five-part monologue where he loses his memory while on a mission, regains it then realizes he's been duped by the very gods who brokered the mission to begin with), I've spun out the idea for a particular project. Some of you already know about it, and once I process the initial sound bytes and have 'em up (private) on Youtube, I'm willing to send links to a certain number of ya. If'n ya wanna hear it and give me your opinion on the idea, hit me up on my cbox here or send me an e-mail at

It's not like it's OH MY GOD SUCH AN AMAZING IDEA, but I think it's one that bears merits, uses my vocal talents well, and maybe can even brighten up a few dark days. It's all one could ever ask for, right?

Now, the blog vocals. I have it in my head (and have done one already) to do an in-character vocalized welcome and semi-tutorial for the blogs, over at The Pen Is My Sword. Literally, upon going onto the blog a character voice will speak up, welcome you to the blog, and shows you around the interface and what you can do with the blog on YOUR side, y'know?

The only problem is figuring out how to have it so you yourself can control it, or so that it only speaks up once in awhile or once at all upon visiting. Cookies could probably help, but I dunno....we'll see.

What do you think?

On Bad Days

...y'know, I WAS going to write about a sunday or so ago, but I did a mini-podcast on that anyway right in this post. So screw it, let's go onto the next topic...

On Good Days

So there's actually two of you who don't know that I had a really REALLY fucking good day. Local talent (the devilishly impish and charmingly beautiful) and model Vorel surprised us shortly before our The Hooligans podcast, apparently to visit Ace but I was an added bonus.

Hey, no probbo! Then one of us gets the idea to just throw her into the podcast - you can literally hear how cutely "uh, what?" she is in the beginning, then warms up towards the end.

Then, after the podcast, she gets the idea that we should do some trade photos.

Insert WHY DIDN'T I THINK OF THAT?! shot of myself, yer boy, That Bastard.

So yeah, now I'm in the process of setting up a photo shoot for The Hooligans (I'm thinking a black-and-white monochrome with a few splashes of color, with me snarling with an upside-down ankh clenched between my teeth, and Ace with his noteworthy baseball cap ready to lay down the business- it's just da look, ya know?), KAOS: Chaos Party Radio (models in tiny monochrome polka-dot bikinis to match the blog's design), and even Anubis Unit (after I check with the boys first).

Suffice it to say the rest of the day was spent bumming around with friends, flirting all over the place, just bein' places and bein' loud.

My god, I can't WAIT to move back to Bellingham next month! The sleepy ol' town is about to get dyed in pitch black and rose red again, hnnnnnnnnngrasm.

Guest Posting, DJ's and Photographers

OH YEAH, that reminds me. Do you need a guest post, or some random poetry? Hey, I got plenty - just hit me up at in the e-mail and lemme know, we'll arrange somethin'. I've got plenty of material here already, but I can also write up new material...just keep in mind my holyshitfuckwallsoftext and cursing-prone style, yeah?

Same thing with sound bytes if'n ya need 'em. Me and my crappy D.V.R. are standing by, and if that's not enough I can rustle up some friends who do good work too.

Last but not least, if'n yer a photographer or professional shooper of the photoshop whoops, hit a nigga up. We could use some trade photos, and lord knows I need grafficks for the blogs and my various projects. I myself am severely lacking in the pro-level shoop department, but I really could use an image or two for Project: Boyfriend and Battleworld, y'know?

Also, while we're on the subject of artists and such, we have space over at KAOS: Chaos Party Radio for DJ shows and such. Do you have a one-hour podcast you want to just throw on there? By all means, hit me up and we'll make ya an author, set ya up and let you run with it. So long as you have a chosen block of material (30 minutes, 1 hour, or somewhere in between - hell, even more~!), I'll be more than happy to add your show alongside The Hooligans, The Boys, and DJ Jay Dizzle Dubyah (once the bastard gets me his freakin' podcasted show already).


So I've begun my forays into advertising and such for my blogs. It's...interesting. In the very least, it adds a new dimension of the blogs 'cuz now it's something I'm actually puttin' out there outside of the usual SEO and just talking about it everywhere. Hell, to those from my work that have hit me up here at the blogs, 'sup and welcome! To those who found me through Zombies Everywhere, don't touch my emergency rations or my guns. Ah'll keel yaaaaa. To those who found me through friends of the various chat rooms and such, 'saaap.

Now just to get Google Adwords to actually like my site content and it's on~!

I reckon that's about it for today. A short post, and I apologize for that - I'm just busy all over the place, y'knowwhatImean? As is I got more writing to do, and a few people to hit up...just time to get busy, yo.

J's Journal: Pre-Practice 5


~That Bastard

P.S. - HOLY FUCK SHIT, Fist of the North Star Mega Blowout over at The Hooligans (at KAOS: Chaos Party Radio). Not just about Ken's Rage teh vidyuh but also links to manga, the animated 1986 movie, a soundtrack playlist, various songs, and JAGI BABY! Just fuckin' go check it out, lose your whole Saturday to us!

The Hooligans. Get hyped on and sneezemashed.

Also, while we're still in the postscript, don't forget if you wanna retweet my tweets or spread me around on yer faecbawks, go for it! Stop keeping me a guilty pleasurable secret, I won't diminish if you share me godammit.

Last but not least, gonna upload the "forbidden song", the second one. Not the first one, I'll never talk about that one. But this one is the one that everyone I've ever sung it to, they try to stab me.

So yeah, for a certain someones I'm gonna post it up...and hope that they won't try to stab me.


Tuesday, March 13, 2012

...stuuuuuf, expanding my networks, Anubis Unit, MFM, and more.

Featured Link

I...gah, shit, I've gotta step telling people they'll be the new Featured Link, then forgetting who the hell I said it to.


Since I cannot remember who the hell I said that to, I'm going to give it to LuDubs who runs two blogs: Dubsteps Loud and That Life It's Me.

At Dubsteps Loud he scours around and finds the best wubstep out there, from the electronica/experimental time to the hardest, crunchiest wubwubs I've ever freakin' experienced.

Seriously, this guy loves his wubstep and while I dislike the genre mostly, he's even found stuff that I freakin' dig~!

That Life is pretty much his personal blog, and it's interesting to see what kind of stuff a prettyboy from Sweden can get into, y'knowwhatImean? it's not all bein' pretty and listening to dubstep, for all that he STILL posts wubstep over there from time to time lol.

SO, find him at:

Dubsteps Loud (
That Life It's Me (

To the person who I told would be the new featured link, freakin' contact me so I CAN post ya up! Shit, I'm also sorry for forgettin', yo. Been busy as a motherfucker, surely you can understand~! D:

Anubis Unit

So yeah, have you guys checked out our opening gig video? If anything it gives you an idea of where we're going with 1200 lbs. of Metal, and it's the first time anyone's heard Shame You beyond our practice sessions.

Altogether could've been better, but it could've been a shitton worse too! We had all them middle-aged and oldster types noddin' their heads and clappin' after awhile, and I think we genuinely shocked and surprised them right off the bad with the very first song.

Well, we're current in practice attempting to craft new songs and tweak and reinforce the ones we already know. Pretty soon we'll be doing more than just opening, but having a set long enough for a main gig.

And THAT'S gonna be fun as hell! We'll be seein' ya when we get there, eh?

Man-Flavored Milk

I've been screwing around with the statistics for Googles, and I've noticed that Man-Flavored Milk as well as The Bellingham Jerk are amongst the lowest viewed of my blogs. It gets views, but nary any comments~! Is it because of how I comment back like a maniac, or the nature of the beast in that it's yet another youtube video blog?

I mean it doesn't matter to me either way, since I do enjoy posting over there. I've just noticed that the comments have dwindled to nothing, and I dunno if it's me or the blog itself or whateverhaveyou.

Anyway, head over to MFM and enjoy the awesome fucking videos I've posted~! The recent spate was awesome, freakin' The Most Offensive Videos lol. The guys behind the Charlie Brown/Peppermint Patty "Hush Mode, Nigga" video.

Yeap, found the whole damn thing~!

Expanding Der Netwerkz

So in an attempt to be more findable via search engines and what-not, as well as just to expand my follower base (you guys ARE my foundation, y'know? A writer needs to be read.) I'll be screwing around with Googles Analytics and this Webmaster thing. We'll see, and I'll keep you guys posted about it as I head into the exciting world of LOL I'M A WEBMASTER NOW and what-not.

So, what about you guys though? What are YOUR suggestions for me to get viewed and followed by more? I've played around with the whole "leave your site address in your comments," but it leaves such a bad taste in my mouth. I'll probably keep up at it, so long as it doesn't make me seem rude.

I mean I AM rude, but I hate being offensive on accident, y'knowwhatImean? Hey, when That Bastard gets greasy, it's time to break out the olive oil and get all kinds of Turkish fucking wrestling up in hurr.

Enough Hakan-isms, it just boils down to now I'm doing this podcasting thing (THE HOOLIGANS, ONLY AT KAOS: CHAOS PARTY RADIO!), and then there's all my other sound bytes and playlists and stuff...not to mention my original stuff, my poems, literature, lyrics and Battleworld. Like I said earlier, a writer needs to be read and as it's been put to me recently I freakn' deserve a larger audience.

Or maybe I don't, I dunno. In this instance though, I reckon I'm right.

Speakin' about Battleworld...


Yes, I'm still writing in this. I'm also too fucking stoked about doing up the Krieg Army soon.

My. Fucking. God. SO fucking brutal!!! I can honestly only hope you guys enjoy 'em as much as I do 'cuz, dayum.


Voice Acting and Sound Bytes

SO. I spoke of Sound Bytes earlier, and my podcasting and sparse voice acting attempts. Next week I'll be typing up a small script and having myself and my homeboy, another golden glorious character voice type (Ace:, running through the paces with my very own Six-Gun Sal and his very own Jackson Gilroy, both from the point where our two multiverses cross over and it gets all Extreme Existence.

I'll also be puling out one of my old voices, Derek Jensen (the Derpomancer), a favorite amongst our friends and those who were there to enjoy role playing with the pleasant gentleman and vampupeer hunter.

It'll be fun, in the very least, but honestly...I really need to buckle down and just re-do all the voices I did back when I was GMin' Neo-Tokyo: Unit 13.

Well, you'd like to check it out? PREPARE FOR MORE WALLS OF TEXT LOL:

and the NPC list, which I had a distinctly characteristic voice for a clear 9/10 of 'em, or some variation thereof...

We still have yet to finish this game, but who knows. We'll see. In the meantime, this is more or less the prequel to Battleworld (Harkonnen Kraze died in this game, the very woman who begat the bloodline that led to the Kraze Armada), and might be of interest to y'all as extra reading material. Lord knows it also shows how my thinking process goes as far as how I structure stories.

Working As A Laborer

Yeah, it sucks. It sucks balls. Doesn't even suck normal balls, just hard fucking balls. But....butbutbut.

It feels so good to be working again.

Yes, my skills lays towards writing and English and typing. Yes, I'm the ultimate secretary and bodyguard rolled up into one thick, delicious package. Yes, I'm that cool guy who can file, type at an insanely high skill level, 10-key at a respectably high number, do basic mathematics and algebra in my head...but I can never get a clerical job because I'm A) a dude and B) I don't have any experience in a clerical job, ergo will never get a clerical job. Which is like that Old Spice commercial about experience, y'knowwhatImean?

Never gonna happen.

Which really, REALLY sucks. I'm so pigeonholed into labor work onry that it's not even funny, and what's worse is that the place I'm currently working at would slap me onto a forklift so fast my head would spin after discovering that I've had over 1000 hours of forklift experience in an extremely dangerous environment.

Which is NOT a good thing since the place I'm currently working at is a nightmare for forklifters, just like the last place I was a forklifter for.


Suffice it to say, I'm happy to be working again. I'll be just as happy to be getting consistent hours and still be able to blog and get my band practice in.

But there's always going to be that little part of me deep inside that sighs and wails at the fact that unless I own the business or buy my way into a business, I'll never get an office job.

Which sucks, because I am SO FUCKING CERTIFIED in it too. Even got this Microsoft Office 2011 certifications and what-not.

Like that's helped for anything, hrmph.

Anyway, enough complaining. Expect a J's Journal and a new Bachelor Chow in the next That Bastard On, and as always keep yer eyes out for the newest blog posts, yeah?

Also, believe it or not I AM going to do a The Bellingham Jerk post soon. Suffice it to say, Jack n' the Box has me quite pissed, and I'll tell you EXACTLY why in the next blogpost!

Kony 2012


You are supporting a non-profit organization that rakes in more money than anyone in the middle income bracket.

68% of the donations they collect goes to their Hookers and Blow fund.

Supposedly, 32% goes to fund rival warlords.

What makes me laugh is that Kony hasn't even been verified to still be IN Uganda, let alone the rest of his army. There's also plenty worse shit goin' down in Uganda, Ethiopia, and any number of the surrounding countryside. Does anyone else remember the Genocide in Darfur?

Oh, but I'm certain you giving them even more views will help. After all, they're "not doing this to become famous" but to collect money and spend it all on Hookers and Blow.

What makes me actually cringe is seeing how many e-celebrities just jumped ON this motherfucker. Just BOOM, "WE NEED TO SAVE THE CHILLUNS!" and "KONY IS BAD WE MUST DO SOMETHING WATCH THIS SHARE THIS AND GIVE IT MORE VIEWS!"

Do some research, godammit. This is exactly why I don't trust non-profit organizations. I mean, hell...there used to be a blog done by someone who called themselves The Truth About Genetics, and they had quite the lengthy post about how much money ACTUALLY goes towards cancer research.

The rest? Parties, wining and dining celebrities, hookers and blow.

So yeah, I don't hate on the people behind Kony 2012. It's a great money-maker, and I'm certain there's going to be some life still left in it long after their mishandling of the money comes under scrutiny.

How many views do they got? How many advertisements is plastered on that video? Huh.

Well, let's end it on a good note. From the sound of it, Kony may or may not become the new Saddam Hussein, save the CIA didn't train him. Or did they?

Time to do some research of my own again.


~That Bastard

P.S. - Our opening gig is over at, and we have an hour of Street Fighter x Tekken content over at KAOS: Chaos Party Radio (

Yes, I've been busy. Go show some love.

I've also got something like 50 or 60 sound bytes and a capellas to upload. Somethin' like that. Probably gonna get to it soon. Go to the Sound Bytes page, lemme know what ya think.

Friday, March 9, 2012

J's Journal's 3 and 4

So yeah, here's my pre-practice Journals 3 and 4.

You can definitely tell how old one of these are, lol.

J's Journal 3

J's Journal 4

For the record, we did Rockarageous next. :D

Monday, March 5, 2012

...Battleworld, internet stuffs, interviews, and coughing.

Featured Link

Well, a new That Bastard On, and a new Featured Link!

I actually gotta give it to G, who runs TWO blogs actually. I know he's new to my blogosphere scene, but MAN...I dig his stuff. We may not agree politically, but I take satire and humor like I take anything. In copious amounts and the only moderation being when I say "when."

I actually like Bloggerati more than Satirical Blog, though he does his own cartoons over at the latter. The former, though, has as of late been about my favorite topic when hanging out with roughneck white-collared workers at midnight on a graveyard shift job: girls. Actresses, models, and whomever the fuck else comes up.

So with THAT bit of delicious sexism aside, let's just all agree that everyone likes pretty girls, ne? And it's sometimes nice to read a blog not for the deep satire or cutting, biting wit...but rather just 'cuz it has pretty girls in it. Sometimes all you need is pretty girls to brighten a dark day, and Bloggerati's got it in spades! That and drinking games, alcomohol recipes, and dude-based stuff.

Now, funny story - apparently he's written more than just dudular topics, I've just joined his blog during a time where that's what he's writing. He actually DOES have some well-written informative posts about other topics as of, hell, January - like going on about the corporate machine flexing its' collective muscles against the wild frontier that is our beloved Internuggets.

Naturally, I got caught up with this whole Girls War thing. Lololol.

Catch him aaaaat -


Satirical Blog

Interview with the Shockgrubz

A.K.A. - Ridin' the Lightnin'~!

...okay so that joke makes less sense now than it does in my head, but hey what're ya gonna do? Not all of 'em are gonna be gold, just gotta get it out the way.

SO, anyway the past couple of days I've been undergoing deep and detailed interviews with Shockgrubz his ever-lovin' self (, a man who has graced the Featured Links before. Now Shockbro has started his own Doomcast podcasting, and a part of that is going to involve interviews with other bloggers and, presumably, whomever else he wishes.

So, the chance came up to do a twenty-question interview with yours truly, my august and inglorious self. It was fun, there were laughs, he got to know me a little better and I even got to know HIM a little better! Altogether, it was a great time, and one that I wouldn't mind doing again.

A chance that we GOT since the gobulins and gremlins we spoke of (the very same ones that have plagued my band since we first got together) apparently ate his homework.

I mean, ate the interview.

SO, today we got together and did it again! Not quite the same questions, not quite the same answers but similar enough and still full of entertaining walls of text and other nonsuch~! Be on the lookout for Shock's Randoom Blog, check it out once he gets the raw text up then our voice chat.

Recent Writing Stuff

Extreme Existence: Battleworld - I've got The Horde nearly completed, and it'll be followed up by an immediate posting, update, and I'll FINALLY begin work on my favorite antagonists. Now, I've had some villains and antagonists that I just fucking love. Some of you may even know about Karma, the Primeval of Conquest. Or perhaps good ol' Maximum Krieg himself, the anti-hero's anti-hero.

But the Krieg Army, man...the Gang themselves are just badassed upon badassed. The Krieg Army overall are being built to fuck your shit up, and so far they're really living up to the lore.

Now, why is this important to me? Because villains, antagonists, and teh good ol' "bad guys" SHOULD be sufficiently bad. Not evil, mind you, they should simply represent a counterpoint, a foil to the established good guys, the champions, and in the very least the main characters.

Many make the mistake that "LOL I'M EVIL!" is all you need, and some go the complete opposite of that spectrum and their antagonists are instead high-fallutin', high-browed idealists who really just need to get a good schtupping.

The Krieg Army, and the Laws of Steel that govern them and are the basis of their philosophy, is one of the compelling forces behind them, one that drives them to view their biological need to awaken the Krieg Dragons not as a curse but as a gift. They are strength, the Rage Gene the diving line between themselves and all other sentient beings in existence.

In a strong sense, I find them compelling and believable not because of the LOLANGRY viewpoint, or even their apparent invincibility, or their unstoppable and irresistible power. No, I find them likeable from my own point of view simply because of their acceptance of their basic natures, the power of their beliefs and how they don't rationalize anything. They just accept.

To me, that's an important factor. They're even willing to accept the philosophies and viewpoints of others should it be proven stronger or "truer" than their own. It's the kind of flexibility that I can only hope that I myself have, maybe not today...but someday.

SO. That reminds me, the Goblinate Forces are up too. Go take a look, lemme know what you think of the design notes. Get to know the strange mixture of sexy, stupid, and fiercely loyal Gobs and their favorite pastime of romantically linking perceived celebrities together.

Stone Bastard 1-7 - Y'know, I normally don't re-read my old stuff. I find myself simply glad to have had it finished in a way that satisfied me, certainly satisfies my standards enough to be released to the public, y'knowwhatImean?

I've even come to hate some of my old work as my own perceptions grow and change, and have come to accept the ones that I used to hate.

Stone Bastard, I think, is one of those works that I'll never grow to hate. I dunno, maybe 'cuz of how open it is to interpretation? I dunno, I can't quite put my finger on it...but I really like this piece, and I hope those who read it do as well.

Now, if you HAVE any critiques or complaining to give, by all means do so! I thoroughly accept and understand that by putting my stuff out there to public scrutiny that I'm also opening it up to the ever-present red pen. Hell, scribble away! E-mail me, write about it in my cbox, graffiti that motherfucker up, have a good time! That's why it's there, y'knowwhatImean?

Anubis Unit

As of late, I've been very jazzed about what my band has been doing, and I'm very proud of the progress we've been making. Shame You is almost completely up to snuff and Rockarageous already sounds great after only one practice session to make it. Next week we oughta get it tweaked to the perfect point, and the week after we should have it ready for deployment and already worked up/workin' on a new song.

I mean, I GOT plenty of 'em! Just gotta translate it to the rest of the band so they can do their individual parts. It takes all four of us, AND then some, to make this music. I'm just happy to be at this point, and am looking forward to whatever comes next.

Which reminds me...

J's Journals

So I moved my Pre-Practice here. I apologize to those who commented on the original ones, I've got 'em in my heart yo!

In the meantime, this gives you one more post to look forward to from That Bastard On..., guaranteed. <3 In the meantime, I DO have Pre-Practice 3 up, I just need to process 4 (guest starring an old friend of ours, Necrosynth) and get THAT up. Expect a new post 'bout it soon.  

It's Weird Being In Limbo

So, here we are. I am once again standing upon a cusp event within my life. Everything can snap together, or everything can fail. My emotions are all a wreck, my innerverse and outerverse are completely perpendicular to my ideals, and the only thing I can rely on right now is my own sense of honor.

Even my sense of self has been anchored only by my word. a spiteful, hate-filled existence. I dislike it greatly, but every single time this happens my life changes, one way or another. Either it gets worse or it FINALLY gets better. That's happened to me a couple of times y'know~!

But the former has happened so much I'm just used to being kicked.

I don't even know why I'm typing this, since it's not inexactly something I'd share on a medium as public as a blog. But I reckon it's alright to share this much with you guys...lord knows I've shared so much of myself already through my poetry and written bullshit.

It's just...weird being stuck in limbo, waiting for the hammer to hit one way or another. Perhaps the blogs will take off? Perhaps the music will take off? Perhaps I'll catch a big contract, or finally acquire a job where my skills are useful, or...

...well, we'll see. You can see what I mean though, right? Life shooting at me from all directions, and I don't know if I'm supposed to take the bullet, block, or dodge it.

Which is worse? Which will benefit me the most? Which will harm me the most?

God I hate being in limbo.

...meh, reckon I'll go manwhore up a chat or three.

For what it's worth, thanks for hearing me out, all of you. It's tough bein' me, period. It's not a matter of being easy or not, it's all a matter of what we're willing to survive.

And if things get worse...reckon I'll survive that too. Outwit, outlast, and survive further than anyone else does. That's the name of the game, that's all I have at the core of me left, really.

I'll get there, one way or another.

KAOS: Chaos Party Radio woes

UGH! I can't find a fucking design that I LIKE for that!!!! Yes, that's the reason why I haven't started up any more podcasts...that and I'm sick, but still!

WHAT THE HELL! Grrrr, I'll find a fucking template to work with even if it KILLS me!

Go over and take a look, lemme know what you think about this current design...but I'll probably have it changed over nigh on five times before the end of the week.


~That Bastard

Friday, March 2, 2012

...J's Journals~!

Hey hey, this looks like a good place to put my personal journals before practice.

Let's get caught up, shall we? Third installment comin' soon...gotta concentrate on the gig tomorrow.

Let's DO this~!

Pre-Practice 1

Pre-Practice 2