Friday, March 9, 2012

J's Journal's 3 and 4

So yeah, here's my pre-practice Journals 3 and 4.

You can definitely tell how old one of these are, lol.

J's Journal 3

J's Journal 4

For the record, we did Rockarageous next. :D


  1. Now, I heard all the words. And background noise, sounded as if you were giving traffic report.And in the begining I thought you posted your failed audition to Ricola ad.


      Naw, I do these while I'm drivin' over to the practices, and I only start and stop the recording when I get to a stop sign. Thankfully the DVR picks me up quite clearly from where I put it, so it's hands free and safe and all that.

      Plus the sheriffs are quick to snatch a driver who is on anything that looks like a cell phone, y'know? Gotta stay smoove 'bout it. :D

  2. Chillax and jam - the best way to waste time...

    1. I wouldn't call it a waste of time, not at all~! It turned into a three-hour jamfest to get Rockarageous up to snuff.

      Tomorrow we shall work it out and begin the process to perfect it. :3

      Dunno which song we'll do next though, that's the question...

  3. What's up with that background noise? Did you use a cheap microphone or is that problem caused by YouTube's conversion.

    1. When I record these, I'm on my way to practice, which is a little bit of drivin' distance. So yeah, it's one part background noise and one part it's a 50 dollar digital voice recorder from four or five years ago.

      Haven't really used it 'til recently, and I'm not even certain why I bought it so long ago. Figured I'd need it someday, I guess.

  4. When does the cam-whoring start? That might be more difficult to do while you're driving.

    1. LOL outside of the gigs and the band? I dunno if I'll ever get into camwhoring - for now my digital voice record is good enough. For me, at least...dunno if I'll ever wanna upgrade to a camera or just a better microphone.

      And I don't think it'd be THAT difficult to camwhore while driving. Just set up the cam, reverse dash cam, or a laptop aimed up towards you or somethin'...then again I'm pullin' ideas out of my ass now. >XD

  5. Hey slag! What's shakin'?!

    I just surfaced from a 3 day, self indulgent booze-binge. I woke up with a mother-fucking-titty-sucking-two-balled bitch of a headache! Sorry I was such a whiney, miserable cunt on the weekend!

    A boilermaker is a pint of lager with a shot of whiskey dumped in it! Sorry for the obscure reference, Pere Ubu (formerly Rocket From The Tombs) are a crazy act from Ohio. The lead, Crocus Behemoth is a legend! I love how 'old school' you guys are! Also, trust me to mistake the drummer for you, I have a thing for drummers, my bad! I re-stalked your band and I must say, I'm digging the whole black on black, you rock the look! Wicked! I'll definitely take the choker, but my kitty can have the bell, I have this to hang from it:

    I love how spikey it is!

    Great podcast! Thanks for the shout out. I love your pod casts! Glad you're feeling better! :)

    1. Oh, oh wow. "Motherfucking tittysucking two balled bitch" I haven't heard THAT phrase since...I'd like to say high school, but actually last week. x_X

      LOL old school. I'd like to say that we just keep it old school rock out of choice but it's more like it's just how the lyrics are done, y'know? I DO have expansive, sweeping, Power Metally songs...but I find that a good number of the songs I've penned thus far come out as sheer punk. Add to that the animalistic and talented drums, and the guitarist's own predilections towards The Offspring and other such bands, and you've pretty much got the direction of the sound that we've evolved to this point with.

      So much more work to do though! I wasn't kidding when I told Shockgrubz in his interview that I have 20-40 songs, 20 of those being specifically for Anubis Unit alone. And we'll have to make more, myself as an individual and us as a band, in order to expand on the story of Anubis Unit itself. As always, I'm coming at it from a writer's point of view as well as a musician and vocalist - I like albums with themes, not only tied together by the story liner but also cover art and the general theme of the songs themselves.

      Ultimately we just gotta get the first album professional recorded, then we can go from there.

      And awwwww. You sure you couldn't fall for a devil-eyed, intensely angry vocalist? Both the drummer and the guitarist are prettyboys and, hell, the drummer's experienced at yoga. Me, I just bring the thuggishness and intimidation to the group; I'm all snarls and barely restrained violent action.

      I-oh my. That is...a nice pendant. Hmm hm-oh no, nooooo, I ain't gonna start humming like that. Always a bad idea when I do. ;3

      Thanks 'bout the podcast! Now we just gotta get content out for KAOS and what-not...ugh. Busy. Busy busy busy.

      And thanks! Feels good to be better - I now have something like 50+ more sound bytes to process, a capellas to re-record (felt great when I sang Dean Martin's version of Blue Moon, hated it when I heard it - time to redo the damn thing), and I FINALLY got one of my personal songs, Chant of Hate, penned and completed, the timing good and what-not.

      I also have to tweak Coffee and Creatine a bit, just an eensy bit.

      Busy. Busy busy busy, ugh.