Friday, March 2, 2012

...J's Journals~!

Hey hey, this looks like a good place to put my personal journals before practice.

Let's get caught up, shall we? Third installment comin' soon...gotta concentrate on the gig tomorrow.

Let's DO this~!

Pre-Practice 1

Pre-Practice 2


  1. Creatine and coffee... that should be a song title or blog title

    1. Y'know, funny story...I've always wanted to try my hand at making a few jazz pieces. I've actually written love songs before, though each time I sing a particular one to someone I'm with they eventually go insane.

      Dunno why.

      Anyway, "Creatine and Coffee"...yeah, yeah, I'm diggin' on that.

      The other two pieces I wouldn't mind penning sometime is "Five Smooth Stones" and "Guns and Wine."

      Hmmm, I'll add Creatine and Coffee to the list. Just real aggressive jazzy, instrumentals onry type a songs, y'knowwhatImean?

  2. The penis, your sword??? My god, you truly are mighty, you magnificent bastard! Oh wait, I looked at your URL all wrong! My bad! Doh! I must say, the fact that you're from Washington instantly ups your 'cool' factor! I'd love to visit one day. The Pacific Northwest is just mystifyingly beautiful! If only I wasn't such a pussy about the cold!

    Thanks for the awesome comment, yes, I seem to be somewhat of a serial commenter, don't I? What can I say, I'm a chatty little bitch! I love your journals, sorry to hear you're so sick, though. It's totally gross, but if you grate an inch of raw ginger into a cup of black tea and sip it slowly, it actually helps. You're right, you should be resting your voice, naughty boy! I hear you on the nosebleeds, I get them every winter, since I was 13! Not just a spit and a spot either, like a full-on gusher, at least 4 times a day! It's hell, I tell you! Also, sorry to hear about your accident, hope the physio is doing it's thing. I'm sure you'll be buff 'n tuff again in no time!

    Why are some people such tight-asses about certain things? So you're into BDSM, big deal! You'd think people would appreciate that more, right? Nothing worse than some smug, morally uptight guy who's afraid of a little old pair of handcuffs, right?! Rock out with your cock out, dude!

    So thrilled to see this is an Eris approved blog! Loving that! I'll catcha laydahs! :)

    1. Oh. Oh MY. I am so freakin' hard right now words cannot describe the sheer density of my girth.

      ...I mean, WOAH, hello there! This was an unexpected delight! Do come in, do come in...may I get you some tea? I've got jasmine brewing~!

      Ahem, to address...yes, The Pen Is My Sword is the proper way to say it, but EVERYONE - and I do mean EVERYONE - sees that first, unless I write it otherwise. :D I'm notorious for having penned such songs as "1200 lbs. of Penis" which is both an allusion to the cumulative penile weight of my band, as well as an ode to my seven penis-tentacles.

      Just don't provoke Kyle. He's the "weird" tentacle.

      Pffft, darlin' I'm originally from Southern California, then made my way to Bellingham, WA. My cool factor was set from the moment of my birth, which is marked on the calendar as a day noted for black prophecies and cult worship throughout time. No, you may not touch me. I don't know you like that yet.

      By all means, expect more comments~! I try to keep up with all the blogs on my blogroll, and I tend to leave comments that are in the very least a few sentences, at the most as big as...well, yours~! I must say it's an absolutely delightful feeling to get a reply like this! Is this how other people feel when I leave mine?

      My dear, chat away. I'll either eventually suggest that we could be doing something else with our mouths or offer you tea. In the meantime, comment what you will when you shall~! I'm a big believer in personal freedoms and individual expression, and I practice what I preach~!

      ...I actually do use a ginger root brew, but I'm all outta ginger root right now. Jasmine tea with honey is good for my throat though, warm not hot or cold. And yes, the nosebleeds - outside of being an absolute manwhore, I'm tough as nails and physically dangerous to boot. BUT...even at the height of my physicality, I'm prone to having weak nasal passages. It's weird. And the accident was something like two and a half years ago, darlin' - now I just gotta get back to the point where I can run.

      In b4 >LOL YOU'LL LOSE YOUR GAINS I don't care, gotta balance cardio with muscular training or your heart will explode. Plus I do creatine, not roids.

      Well, anyone who talks to me for longer than five minutes figures out I'm a sadist, and that I can do horribly wonderful things to just about anything with my mouth and hands. I'm good at what I do, and I do what I'm best at. Too bad it doesn't pay the bills though...::siiiighs::

      And I don't have a little old pair of handcuffs. I have real handcuffs. No fur lining, no "kinky oooh" bullshit. They're real handcuffs. Cold, beautiful steel.

      LOL YUP! The Pope has graced my pages for as long as...well, I've had pages here! Heh, he has quite a few views that I myself am parallel if not sanguine about, and we're both upfront about what we're about. I dig that about him, that brutal honesty. Have you seen his VJin'? Interestin' stuff, just "mind the gap"...hah!

      Anyway, just got back from a gig. It was awesome. I'm going to blog about it and update Legion HQ! as soon as I get my hands on the video uploads from both the camera and the cell phones. Ergo why I'm so flirtatious here...

      Well, I'm flirtatious anyway.

      Until next time, eh? By all means, follow on my stuff, take a look around - I'm sure to have a blog, a subject, or one of my sound bytes that you'll find entertaining~!

      GOD I gotta get KAOS: Chaos Party Radio up and running though. Can't find a design I want to stick with though, hnnnnngrasm.

    2. Holy bejesus, look at that reply! I bow to you, Sensei! Tea? yes, please! I love jasmine tea. Magic fragrance. I have one growing over my front door, it has birds nesting in it and everything. Very Disney!

      We're so much alike it's scary! Fucking nasal passages indeed! I, too, need to get my fat ass on the road and start running again. (not that you're fat!) Well done not juicing up. My ass-brother did 'roids and now, he old, he fat, he urgly! His liver collapsed. See now why he's an ass?! Not clever!

      I wish I could make money as a part-time dominatrix, I wield a mean cane! I'm not big on leather outfits, though, they're a bit smelly. I need breatheable fibres. Perhaps a stiff pencil skirt and tight blazer will do, something to match my bitchy glasses! Dude, no way, my cuffs are also police issue! Swiped 'em! I agree, a lot more 'grr' and a little less 'ooh'!

      Not seen the VJin, I'm a bit of a techno-spaz! I need to work on that!

      Hope you're feeling better. I gotta kill my bed now. Laydahs, bru! :)

    3. Oh, oh no~! No bowing to me please, it provokes Kyle, the "weird" tentacle. Didn't I mention that already? You'd be surprised at how easy it is to provoke it.

      Him? Me?

      Now I just sound schizophrenic, heh.

      Hmmmmm, today I think I'm gonna be about dat Vanilla Earl Grey De La Creme. Yeah, that sounds heavenly right about now.

      UGH. I've seen how even "acceptable" 'roids can affect people. I'd rather just be old school about it, cardio plus weight lifting. Old school is best old school.

      Hmm hmm hmm. Now I'm starting to sound like I'm flirting with...which I might just be. I flirt with just about anyone, if my manwhore is up, and my god...stiff pencil skirt and a tight blazer? Oh. My. Y'know, I've got some wonderfully visceral poetry right over hurr....heh heh heh...

      Go, go check him out! The Pope does an interesting job as a VJ (oh god the overacting, it's perfectly him), and I've liked and faved this one song from his playlist, Heart Attack. I'm not one for disco too much, but hey - if it's good, I'm listenin' to it~!

      I'm actually feeling better nowadays. It's just when I get a cough, it seems to want to hang around for a long time, like a bad guest. Just needs a cough drop/suppressant punch to the throat. That USUALLY takes care of all troubles, in my not-so-humble opinion.


    4. I'm currently nursing a large cup of chai. I need the comfort of cinnamon right now, I feel SO tired! Not sleeping is really fucking with my shit in a big way! So much for murderin the bed, huh?!

      I'm with you on the old school. My only cheat is hearbal thermogenics. Not sleeping means my energy levels are a bit low and the herbs give me a good boost!

      Oh, jeezus, we have the same lungs, too! What are we like coughing cousins? WTF?!

      I'm starting to bore the shit out of myself, so I can only imagine how you must be feeling. I'm going to carry on this chat sesh on your next post. Catcha laydahs! :)

    5. Awwww, cinnamon is comforting to you? Usually I indulge in jasmine tea brewed to the point of brass cleaner strength, but I must confess that my guiltiest of pleasures is simple earl grey. Dunno why, just is. Sadly enough, I can't brew it properly - I think my aura of pure testosterone and rage wilts the leaves or something.

      Awwwww. Well, there's always tomorrow for bed-murdering! You can't do such a thing simply, y' takes plenty of crafty planning and stealthy execution. Unless you're a thuggish type like myself, in which case you crash through the wall and just brutally choke your pillow to an uneasy, violent death.

      Lol herbal thermogenics. I find that staying up later than usual tends to bring out the best/worst in me, depending on who you talk to. Around my friends, oh it is TIME baby, oh it's fuckin' time I can't even begin to tell you from what vats of chaos I and my friends hath stories spun! heard me.

      Ugh. Coughing cousins? Gack, now you're making it sound like we've indulged in some kind of weird sickness one gets from making out. Thankfully, for me at least, I'm beginning to tame the cough. Plenty of Halls cherry cough drops, juice, and just getting out of this drafty cabin has helped tremendously.

      Also nyquil, which I shouldn't communicate with ANYONE while I'm on it. I swear, it alters my ability to type or talk properly. I've been told I'm a lot of fun though, when I'm in an altered state of perception, which is rare since I don't indulge or have even experimented with alcohol, drugs, or smoking. Reckon it's why I'm so focused on coffee - gotta get yer vices somewhere.

      Hmm hmm hmm, I don't find chatting boring at all. And it's refreshing to me to be able to converse with someone who is as verbose as I am. By all means, c'mon back anytime~! I should have new stuff up for here, Sooth(e), and Man-Flavored Milk...and I should also have that final bit of the Horde design notes done for Battleworld. On top of all that, I've also got my band's first gig vid up over at Legion HQ and the Hooligans' first vidyuh game podcasts up over at KAOS: Chaos Party Radio.

      Someday, all this busy will pay off. In the meantime, just doin' what I can with what time I got, y'knowwhatImean?


    6. Oh, hello! Currently wolfing down my 3rd boilermaker. How is it that I'm still sober? I've already put away a six of beer. FML!

      I stalked Anubis Unit on Youtube. I LOVELOVELOVE!!! You guys are cool like Pere Ubu! Yes, I'm into some weird shit, but you already knew that!

      I do find cinnamon comforting and I also LOVE Earl Grey. There's something so heady about bergamot! Major love affair with the Earl! Traditionally, a pot of tea is steeped for 3 minutes, no more, but I think it's all about the quality of the tea. I should send you some of mine.

      People laugh at me for taking herbal supplements, but I traded a nasty ephedrine habit for them. I have a sensitive constitution when it comes to stims and for some weird reason, herbal stims work really well for me. The eph was totally fucking with my sleep and my moods. Super agressive much?! Staying up late has also fucked my circadian rhythms, not to mention the full moon! (I never sleep around full moon!) I don't do sleeping pills, I can't function the next day if I take them! FML!

      God, I love chatting with you and Shockzy! I'm so angry at my so-called Facebook 'friends'. Don't know why I even bother to have the damn thing. Of the 7 friends I have, only one speaks to me. Of the rest, one is an alias and the other five are self-centred twats! I really hate needing to remind people that I exist, you know?! I'm such a sad loser, I have NO friends in my own country and the ones I have overseas only want to know me when they can get something out of me. Whateva! Don't worry, I'm not going to break out into a chorus of "Nobody loves me, everybody hates me"! I'm just a bit of an angry drunk tonight! God, what a load of old bollocks! Why do you put up with me?! Anyway, I'll talk to you later. Have a great weekend. Much love. :) ♥

    7. Wooooooah, I don't even know what a boilermaker is. :3 Sounds alcoholic~! A six of beer? GAH, you're opening up a whole new world of slang for me, lololol.

      Hmm hmm hmm, dunno who Pere Ubu is, but we're being compared to certain old-school punk bands, so I reckon he's up there with them yah? Our chosen genres are actually heavy metal, hard rock, and's just the punk songs are easiest to do, so we've been kicking those out first. Admittedly I'm strongly influenced by the various bands I listen to, and amongst them is Iron Maiden, The Ramones, The Clash, Cheap Trick...I'm just all over the place though, as Sooth(e) proves. Heh, that rhymes.

      Meh, I'd argue that my stuff IS high quality. I get it at this place called Wonderland Tea and Spices, all they do is loose-leaf tea and they specialize in herbal augmentation. I used to drink tea as a part of my physical and mental training, to improve eyesight and nerve reaction and speed, that kind of thing. I've always stated that even if it's all in my head, it still gives me a mental edge to my personal training. Thankfully I'm slowly getting back into that, been drinking tea a lot more as of late (especially Speakeasie tea, which is downed during and after band practice), especially since I've become more active in singing.

      Ephedrine....oh my~! Yeah, herbal supplements are far better for you than THAT, woah. And yes, sleep patterns changing CAN make one a bit aggressive, lord knows I'm goin' through that m'self right now what-with the graveyard shifts and still trying to keep to a "normal" sleep schedule. That ain't goin' down very well. :/

      I think I've only ever once had to rely on sleeping pills, and melatonin for a small spate of sleeplessness I went through rather recently (a couple months ago). Drama can really affect me, so I tend to keep it at the point where you reinforce the good drama (hey, some of that shit's fun) and excise the bad shit. Just cut it from your life like a tumor, and the sources as well.

      lol "fml"...I've only ever known one person who actually uses that phrase, er, two. Still, good to see it's still being used~!

      LOL Faecbawks. No such thing as friends on Faecbawks, just people slaving away at games that require popularity and people attempting to achieve popularity. It's worse than high school, yet I'm still on it to spread my various messages around. I only check in on Faecbawks once or twice a day, and I don't stick around unless someone catches me in a convo or some such.

      Pfffft, "get something out of you." Talk like that gets my manwhore up, and it's too close for me to go to work to be a manwhore right now. :3 The day I "want something of you" I'll point-blank offer it first - in THAT sense you'll at least see it coming. Since our current e-relationship is established as chatty, flirty, and responsive I daren't go further than that unless we get deeper into one another. Since that has not happened, please feel free to by all means continue chatting me up~! I've already stated that I rarely get a chance to converse here at Blogger, especially to the lengths we two go.

      I put up with you for the same reasons though - it's wonderful to really let fly the way we do, and I actually doubt I'd ever get the chance again. :D I'm not saying that quality is quantity or vice-versa, I'm perfectly happy with one sentence to one paragraph responses that I normally get...but someone who types as much as I do?

      Hmm hmm hmm, I'll got to a certain distance to keep a follower like that. ;3 Which reminds me, you'd look absolutely SMASHING with this black collar around your neck, with its' cute silver, nevermind the leash, that's just an accessory~!

      Put it on. ._.

  3. Hahaha, "Xenophobic Bastards". Great stuff man. You;ll get the traffic, for sure.

    I need your email addy, or just come onto g+ to the hangout I've invited you to to go over that interview. See you there or in the box, bro.

    1. LOLOLOL

      I need to somehow show that off more often...that and my twitter and the rest of the stuff. :3

  4. I used to live on Whidbey Island so I know how shitty the weather can be there. It's grey and overcast all the goddamn time.

    Looking forward to more of these journals/rants about sweet mouths and Miss Daisy.

    1. LOLOLOL I actually have two more to upload and post here.

      But maaaaaan, Whidbey Island? I've heard it's beautiful as hell over there, but the job market is gone - ya gotta ride the ferry each day just to get to work. That's too much dependance for my tastes.

      Then again I was happiest getting to work by just running two miles every morning and then hopping on a bus. <3