Saturday, March 24, 2012, guest posts, advertising, and more.

Featured Link

Y'know, I've recently come across a blog that really lives up to its' name, y'knowwhatImean? It's a blog site that focuses on comparative mythology and trends across various pantheons and the stories inherent to those pantheons (namely his own Hindu-based one but plenty of analysis of greek and norse mythologies as well, two pantheons that I happen to like myself), but always in comparison to one another and the shared morals.

I'm talking about Me and My Thinking cap, which you can check out over at:

Hell, it's actually where my commentary is both dumb and short. Usually along the lines of "LOL Pantheons are full of dicks."

Still, go check 'em out, tell 'em That Bastard sent ya. Hell, drop that line and he'll throw in an extra 25% of extra myth for ya~!


New Sound Bytes, Blog Vocals, and Project: Boyfriend

SO! I've got these sound bytes thing (NOTE TO SELF: GOTTA UPDATE TEH SOUND BYTES PAGE!) and I've begun to do the sound bytes for my NPC's from back in the Neo-Tokyo: Unit 13 tabletop roleplay days. While it's fun doing other character voices (I've begun to record and do the Six-Gun Sal ones, the slayer of gods and top assassin of Extreme Existence, including a five-part monologue where he loses his memory while on a mission, regains it then realizes he's been duped by the very gods who brokered the mission to begin with), I've spun out the idea for a particular project. Some of you already know about it, and once I process the initial sound bytes and have 'em up (private) on Youtube, I'm willing to send links to a certain number of ya. If'n ya wanna hear it and give me your opinion on the idea, hit me up on my cbox here or send me an e-mail at

It's not like it's OH MY GOD SUCH AN AMAZING IDEA, but I think it's one that bears merits, uses my vocal talents well, and maybe can even brighten up a few dark days. It's all one could ever ask for, right?

Now, the blog vocals. I have it in my head (and have done one already) to do an in-character vocalized welcome and semi-tutorial for the blogs, over at The Pen Is My Sword. Literally, upon going onto the blog a character voice will speak up, welcome you to the blog, and shows you around the interface and what you can do with the blog on YOUR side, y'know?

The only problem is figuring out how to have it so you yourself can control it, or so that it only speaks up once in awhile or once at all upon visiting. Cookies could probably help, but I dunno....we'll see.

What do you think?

On Bad Days

...y'know, I WAS going to write about a sunday or so ago, but I did a mini-podcast on that anyway right in this post. So screw it, let's go onto the next topic...

On Good Days

So there's actually two of you who don't know that I had a really REALLY fucking good day. Local talent (the devilishly impish and charmingly beautiful) and model Vorel surprised us shortly before our The Hooligans podcast, apparently to visit Ace but I was an added bonus.

Hey, no probbo! Then one of us gets the idea to just throw her into the podcast - you can literally hear how cutely "uh, what?" she is in the beginning, then warms up towards the end.

Then, after the podcast, she gets the idea that we should do some trade photos.

Insert WHY DIDN'T I THINK OF THAT?! shot of myself, yer boy, That Bastard.

So yeah, now I'm in the process of setting up a photo shoot for The Hooligans (I'm thinking a black-and-white monochrome with a few splashes of color, with me snarling with an upside-down ankh clenched between my teeth, and Ace with his noteworthy baseball cap ready to lay down the business- it's just da look, ya know?), KAOS: Chaos Party Radio (models in tiny monochrome polka-dot bikinis to match the blog's design), and even Anubis Unit (after I check with the boys first).

Suffice it to say the rest of the day was spent bumming around with friends, flirting all over the place, just bein' places and bein' loud.

My god, I can't WAIT to move back to Bellingham next month! The sleepy ol' town is about to get dyed in pitch black and rose red again, hnnnnnnnnngrasm.

Guest Posting, DJ's and Photographers

OH YEAH, that reminds me. Do you need a guest post, or some random poetry? Hey, I got plenty - just hit me up at in the e-mail and lemme know, we'll arrange somethin'. I've got plenty of material here already, but I can also write up new material...just keep in mind my holyshitfuckwallsoftext and cursing-prone style, yeah?

Same thing with sound bytes if'n ya need 'em. Me and my crappy D.V.R. are standing by, and if that's not enough I can rustle up some friends who do good work too.

Last but not least, if'n yer a photographer or professional shooper of the photoshop whoops, hit a nigga up. We could use some trade photos, and lord knows I need grafficks for the blogs and my various projects. I myself am severely lacking in the pro-level shoop department, but I really could use an image or two for Project: Boyfriend and Battleworld, y'know?

Also, while we're on the subject of artists and such, we have space over at KAOS: Chaos Party Radio for DJ shows and such. Do you have a one-hour podcast you want to just throw on there? By all means, hit me up and we'll make ya an author, set ya up and let you run with it. So long as you have a chosen block of material (30 minutes, 1 hour, or somewhere in between - hell, even more~!), I'll be more than happy to add your show alongside The Hooligans, The Boys, and DJ Jay Dizzle Dubyah (once the bastard gets me his freakin' podcasted show already).


So I've begun my forays into advertising and such for my blogs. It's...interesting. In the very least, it adds a new dimension of the blogs 'cuz now it's something I'm actually puttin' out there outside of the usual SEO and just talking about it everywhere. Hell, to those from my work that have hit me up here at the blogs, 'sup and welcome! To those who found me through Zombies Everywhere, don't touch my emergency rations or my guns. Ah'll keel yaaaaa. To those who found me through friends of the various chat rooms and such, 'saaap.

Now just to get Google Adwords to actually like my site content and it's on~!

I reckon that's about it for today. A short post, and I apologize for that - I'm just busy all over the place, y'knowwhatImean? As is I got more writing to do, and a few people to hit up...just time to get busy, yo.

J's Journal: Pre-Practice 5


~That Bastard

P.S. - HOLY FUCK SHIT, Fist of the North Star Mega Blowout over at The Hooligans (at KAOS: Chaos Party Radio). Not just about Ken's Rage teh vidyuh but also links to manga, the animated 1986 movie, a soundtrack playlist, various songs, and JAGI BABY! Just fuckin' go check it out, lose your whole Saturday to us!

The Hooligans. Get hyped on and sneezemashed.

Also, while we're still in the postscript, don't forget if you wanna retweet my tweets or spread me around on yer faecbawks, go for it! Stop keeping me a guilty pleasurable secret, I won't diminish if you share me godammit.

Last but not least, gonna upload the "forbidden song", the second one. Not the first one, I'll never talk about that one. But this one is the one that everyone I've ever sung it to, they try to stab me.

So yeah, for a certain someones I'm gonna post it up...and hope that they won't try to stab me.



  1. Interesting podcast.
    Thanks so much for the shoutout B.

    1. It's not just a shoutout, my friend, it's a Featured Link! It's like the cake of the blogosphere - to be named a Featured Link of That Bastard is like beating every video game ever made.

      You'll be good at sports! Forever! All of them! Especially cricket!

      Don't you feel more powerful and charged now that I've named you Featured Link?

      Naw, in all honesty it's my humble attempt to actually shed some light on the blogs that I personally care about and read. Hell, I've been commenting and hangin' out at yers for awhile now, might as well, y'know?

      Besides, that Pallas Athene one got me. >XD

  2. I would love to have your guest post in my blog.

    1. I am SOOOOOOO going to e-mail you when I get back from band practice!

      I don't have any blog posts about mythology or poetry about it...but...I could, perhaps, write a blog post about a musical idea I've had.

      I'm going to be INCREDIBLY busy until Friday, but I should have somethin' for ya by then. :D

  3. Mini- podcast? mini?...

    Don't go for the auto-play option...personal opinion I tend to open up a lot of blogs at one and so it would clash with all the other auto-playing music people have. your evil sounding chuckle as well.

    As for guest posts, come and share some of your Bellingham madness/genius over at Bloggerati...I'll drop you a mail.

    1. Yes, mini. :3 I've been doing hour long podcasts as of late over at The Hooligans vidyuh game show, so yeaaaaah...

      I'll keep that in mind, ixnaying on the auto-play option. Hmmmmm.

      I've GOT a design idea, it oughta be interesting....

      and thanks about the chuckle. Believe it or not, I have something like five different dirty chuckles, wicked chuckles, and flat-out villainous chuckles. For some reason the real evil one is always connected to the idea of Bully Punches (take down the opponent, mount tackle, then just overhead punches directly to the gob)...

      And I would be HAPPY to guest post at Bloggerati! Holy crap, what...I don't even know what I could do! Poetry, old posts of mine...something new?

      I almost wanna post about that little issue that occurred recently, what with the "sexism" and

      So many ideas, we'll see, we'll see...

      Hit me up~!

  4. nice podcast, and great blog! definately following!

    i'd love for you to follow back, maybe leave a comment or two?

    1. Well thank ya! You strike me as a bit young, but hey I accept 'em as they come along, all types~!

      Hmmm. I think I WILL hit ya up and follow ya. Sure. Catch ya on the newest TBO post...also, don't forget to hit up the other seven of my blogs. :D

  5. you've been so busy man! good to know your life is going good.

    1. Life is busy, not good....BUUUUT, I reckon it's better to be busy than successful at times. The journey, not the destination, right?

      I've said it before in the past though - someday we're all gonna look back at our lives and come to the realization that we actually miss the harder times. I've been content before, and y'know what?

      Sure it was an amazing time of my life that I'm striving to obtain again, but...butbutbut...

      It was also a time of my life that I was practically producing nothing. Certainly nothing of the level that I am now, and even more so I didn't have the gumption back then to actually TRY and start a band, get into the music industry...

      Have I mentioned this before? I might've. It's still true and valid though.