Tuesday, March 13, 2012

...stuuuuuf, expanding my networks, Anubis Unit, MFM, and more.

Featured Link

I...gah, shit, I've gotta step telling people they'll be the new Featured Link, then forgetting who the hell I said it to.


Since I cannot remember who the hell I said that to, I'm going to give it to LuDubs who runs two blogs: Dubsteps Loud and That Life It's Me.

At Dubsteps Loud he scours around and finds the best wubstep out there, from the electronica/experimental time to the hardest, crunchiest wubwubs I've ever freakin' experienced.

Seriously, this guy loves his wubstep and while I dislike the genre mostly, he's even found stuff that I freakin' dig~!

That Life is pretty much his personal blog, and it's interesting to see what kind of stuff a prettyboy from Sweden can get into, y'knowwhatImean? it's not all bein' pretty and listening to dubstep, for all that he STILL posts wubstep over there from time to time lol.

SO, find him at:

Dubsteps Loud (http://dubluu.blogspot.com)
That Life It's Me (http://thatlifeisme.blogspot.com)

To the person who I told would be the new featured link, freakin' contact me so I CAN post ya up! Shit, I'm also sorry for forgettin', yo. Been busy as a motherfucker, surely you can understand~! D:

Anubis Unit

So yeah, have you guys checked out our opening gig video? If anything it gives you an idea of where we're going with 1200 lbs. of Metal, and it's the first time anyone's heard Shame You beyond our practice sessions.

Altogether could've been better, but it could've been a shitton worse too! We had all them middle-aged and oldster types noddin' their heads and clappin' after awhile, and I think we genuinely shocked and surprised them right off the bad with the very first song.

Well, we're current in practice attempting to craft new songs and tweak and reinforce the ones we already know. Pretty soon we'll be doing more than just opening, but having a set long enough for a main gig.

And THAT'S gonna be fun as hell! We'll be seein' ya when we get there, eh?

Man-Flavored Milk

I've been screwing around with the statistics for Googles, and I've noticed that Man-Flavored Milk as well as The Bellingham Jerk are amongst the lowest viewed of my blogs. It gets views, but nary any comments~! Is it because of how I comment back like a maniac, or the nature of the beast in that it's yet another youtube video blog?

I mean it doesn't matter to me either way, since I do enjoy posting over there. I've just noticed that the comments have dwindled to nothing, and I dunno if it's me or the blog itself or whateverhaveyou.

Anyway, head over to MFM and enjoy the awesome fucking videos I've posted~! The recent spate was awesome, freakin' The Most Offensive Videos lol. The guys behind the Charlie Brown/Peppermint Patty "Hush Mode, Nigga" video.

Yeap, found the whole damn thing~!

Expanding Der Netwerkz

So in an attempt to be more findable via search engines and what-not, as well as just to expand my follower base (you guys ARE my foundation, y'know? A writer needs to be read.) I'll be screwing around with Googles Analytics and this Webmaster thing. We'll see, and I'll keep you guys posted about it as I head into the exciting world of LOL I'M A WEBMASTER NOW and what-not.

So, what about you guys though? What are YOUR suggestions for me to get viewed and followed by more? I've played around with the whole "leave your site address in your comments," but it leaves such a bad taste in my mouth. I'll probably keep up at it, so long as it doesn't make me seem rude.

I mean I AM rude, but I hate being offensive on accident, y'knowwhatImean? Hey, when That Bastard gets greasy, it's time to break out the olive oil and get all kinds of Turkish fucking wrestling up in hurr.

Enough Hakan-isms, it just boils down to now I'm doing this podcasting thing (THE HOOLIGANS, ONLY AT KAOS: CHAOS PARTY RADIO!), and then there's all my other sound bytes and playlists and stuff...not to mention my original stuff, my poems, literature, lyrics and Battleworld. Like I said earlier, a writer needs to be read and as it's been put to me recently I freakn' deserve a larger audience.

Or maybe I don't, I dunno. In this instance though, I reckon I'm right.

Speakin' about Battleworld...


Yes, I'm still writing in this. I'm also too fucking stoked about doing up the Krieg Army soon.

My. Fucking. God. SO fucking brutal!!! I can honestly only hope you guys enjoy 'em as much as I do 'cuz, dayum.


Voice Acting and Sound Bytes

SO. I spoke of Sound Bytes earlier, and my podcasting and sparse voice acting attempts. Next week I'll be typing up a small script and having myself and my homeboy, another golden glorious character voice type (Ace: http://dangercombo.blogspot.com), running through the paces with my very own Six-Gun Sal and his very own Jackson Gilroy, both from the point where our two multiverses cross over and it gets all Extreme Existence.

I'll also be puling out one of my old voices, Derek Jensen (the Derpomancer), a favorite amongst our friends and those who were there to enjoy role playing with the pleasant gentleman and vampupeer hunter.

It'll be fun, in the very least, but honestly...I really need to buckle down and just re-do all the voices I did back when I was GMin' Neo-Tokyo: Unit 13.

Well, you'd like to check it out? PREPARE FOR MORE WALLS OF TEXT LOL:


and the NPC list, which I had a distinctly characteristic voice for a clear 9/10 of 'em, or some variation thereof...


We still have yet to finish this game, but who knows. We'll see. In the meantime, this is more or less the prequel to Battleworld (Harkonnen Kraze died in this game, the very woman who begat the bloodline that led to the Kraze Armada), and might be of interest to y'all as extra reading material. Lord knows it also shows how my thinking process goes as far as how I structure stories.

Working As A Laborer

Yeah, it sucks. It sucks balls. Doesn't even suck normal balls, just hard fucking balls. But....butbutbut.

It feels so good to be working again.

Yes, my skills lays towards writing and English and typing. Yes, I'm the ultimate secretary and bodyguard rolled up into one thick, delicious package. Yes, I'm that cool guy who can file, type at an insanely high skill level, 10-key at a respectably high number, do basic mathematics and algebra in my head...but I can never get a clerical job because I'm A) a dude and B) I don't have any experience in a clerical job, ergo will never get a clerical job. Which is like that Old Spice commercial about experience, y'knowwhatImean?

Never gonna happen.

Which really, REALLY sucks. I'm so pigeonholed into labor work onry that it's not even funny, and what's worse is that the place I'm currently working at would slap me onto a forklift so fast my head would spin after discovering that I've had over 1000 hours of forklift experience in an extremely dangerous environment.

Which is NOT a good thing since the place I'm currently working at is a nightmare for forklifters, just like the last place I was a forklifter for.


Suffice it to say, I'm happy to be working again. I'll be just as happy to be getting consistent hours and still be able to blog and get my band practice in.

But there's always going to be that little part of me deep inside that sighs and wails at the fact that unless I own the business or buy my way into a business, I'll never get an office job.

Which sucks, because I am SO FUCKING CERTIFIED in it too. Even got this Microsoft Office 2011 certifications and what-not.

Like that's helped for anything, hrmph.

Anyway, enough complaining. Expect a J's Journal and a new Bachelor Chow in the next That Bastard On, and as always keep yer eyes out for the newest blog posts, yeah?

Also, believe it or not I AM going to do a The Bellingham Jerk post soon. Suffice it to say, Jack n' the Box has me quite pissed, and I'll tell you EXACTLY why in the next blogpost!

Kony 2012


You are supporting a non-profit organization that rakes in more money than anyone in the middle income bracket.

68% of the donations they collect goes to their Hookers and Blow fund.

Supposedly, 32% goes to fund rival warlords.

What makes me laugh is that Kony hasn't even been verified to still be IN Uganda, let alone the rest of his army. There's also plenty worse shit goin' down in Uganda, Ethiopia, and any number of the surrounding countryside. Does anyone else remember the Genocide in Darfur?

Oh, but I'm certain you giving them even more views will help. After all, they're "not doing this to become famous" but to collect money and spend it all on Hookers and Blow.

What makes me actually cringe is seeing how many e-celebrities just jumped ON this motherfucker. Just BOOM, "WE NEED TO SAVE THE CHILLUNS!" and "KONY IS BAD WE MUST DO SOMETHING WATCH THIS SHARE THIS AND GIVE IT MORE VIEWS!"

Do some research, godammit. This is exactly why I don't trust non-profit organizations. I mean, hell...there used to be a blog done by someone who called themselves The Truth About Genetics, and they had quite the lengthy post about how much money ACTUALLY goes towards cancer research.

The rest? Parties, wining and dining celebrities, hookers and blow.

So yeah, I don't hate on the people behind Kony 2012. It's a great money-maker, and I'm certain there's going to be some life still left in it long after their mishandling of the money comes under scrutiny.

How many views do they got? How many advertisements is plastered on that video? Huh.

Well, let's end it on a good note. From the sound of it, Kony may or may not become the new Saddam Hussein, save the CIA didn't train him. Or did they?

Time to do some research of my own again.


~That Bastard

P.S. - Our opening gig is over at http://anubisunit.blogspot.com, and we have an hour of Street Fighter x Tekken content over at KAOS: Chaos Party Radio (http://kaospartyradio.blogspot.com).

Yes, I've been busy. Go show some love.

I've also got something like 50 or 60 sound bytes and a capellas to upload. Somethin' like that. Probably gonna get to it soon. Go to the Sound Bytes page, lemme know what ya think.


  1. I honestly don't know tactics to improve views or increase followers. But keywords search, tags does help. And commenting sincerely on other blogs may improve too. And about Konya, all the non-profit ones a big joke, of people get salary from the charity money they receive then it can't be an charity org at all. These

    1. UGH, my words exactly Thinking Cap!

      They make money, they collect money - they go out of their way to hire people skilled in deception and being able to spin a good story to acquire more dosh.

      Ultimately, it's a disgusting thing. The people who are supposed to be gathering the money to help out people, groups, and research that desperately need that money...but in the interim said money gets devoured by the very machine that has been assembled to gather that money.

      Hmmm. I'm fairly certain I've got the keywords searching and tags down. But I thank you for your input~! Every little bit helps, y'know? I'm still new to this kind of thing...usually I'm just a pro-level commentator. x_X

  2. You guys fucking JAM!!! I love the dive where you were playing. Our town is full of them! I worked at one, it was an old train car that was converted into a pub. The music sucked ass, though! Bad covers of bad covers! I got so sick of hearing the same shit night after night! The place went tits-up! (surprise, surprise!) They'd still be in business if you guys played there!

    Hope you have a great day! I'll catch up with you soon! :)

    1. LOL "dive." It's actually a really decent place, it's just the regulars there are all middle aged to older types...despite that, we still got 'em noddin' their heads and clappin', diggin' our music.

      OH GOD Bad covers of bad covers. Ew. I wouldn't mind doing covers someday (I've got a mean punk version of Nights in White Satin and White Rabbit in my head, just awesome and rifftastic versions that'll freakin' get panties torn off and shredded, not even exaggeratin'), but right now we're riding on the strength of our original songs.

      An old train car that was converted into a pub? There's a diner that's like that over in Fairhaven, best fuckin' fish and chips around. Not even jokin'. :3 They're, like, right there on the bay so they kinda GOTTA be good.

      Hey, I'm around - got no place else to go but up when yer at the bottom of the barrel, heh.

    2. I've been listening to the Obits a lot! Being a child of the 80's/90's means that old school and your band's sound is where it's at, in my book! Rock on, dude!

      You caught me out, I usually do go for the devil-eyed boys! You got some serious guns there, too! I'm surprised the girls aren't giving you the 'panty toss' on a regular basis! I'd have thought you'd have at least 2 satin 'n lace panty leis by now! The drummer is a yoga boy? That smug bastard! (ooh, jealous bitch alert!) Kidding! Considering his vocation, though, yoga is a very good idea! Probably why he's such a skinny guy, too! Some kids have all the luck!

      Where I come from a 'dive' is cool, but a 'hole' is a dump! This pretentious town has way too many *gags* modern, funky, cosmopolitan serving, dj pimping, metrosexual clubs! I can't stand it! Whatever happened to having a cool band wearing metal t-shirts and torn jeans, playing real music at grungy pubs to an audience of regular folks who drink beer and don't put 'product' in their hair? And 'party heels'? WTFF, dude??? God, I'm SO old! Kill me!

      The way I see it, a cover is only as good as the cover band! N.I.W.S. and White Rabbit? Bring it on, big boy! Hell, yeah! I agree, though, first get your stuff out there, it's good!

      OMG, Fairhaven is so awesomely British! Fish and chips and a village green? Yes, please!! Sorry, I have an androphillic streak a mile wide! I like twee crap! Shit, now I want seafood! No wonder I'm such a fatass! Luv ja! :D

    3. Oh, oh god. If I could show you Fairhaven, I soooo would.

      Fairhaven is Disneyland to me, and the best reason to live in Bellingham is for the occasional forays into Fairhaven.

      LOLOLOL wah-oh, but I thought guys with long-ponytails and devilish grins were your thing? It's alright, I'll finally forgive you for figuring I was the drummer. >XD And yoga IS incredible to the body, but I would figure that with his wrists and shoulders that helps even more considering his vocation. Drummer's gotta have good wrist strength, y'knowwhatImean? I would think Aikido would help too, what with the wrist exercises and emphasis on wrist flexibility.

      And the cool metal bands with t-shirts and torn jeans gave way to emo haircuts and guyliner. Someone once told me that guys will always change their looks depending on what the females want, so I reckon it's women to blame. :3 Me personally, I say fuck it all - I present myself in one way, and that's my way. Black khakis and all. <3

      If I can get my band to do it or another band to do it with me, ohhhh you'll hear it. :D

      God. Now I miss Fairhaven...T_T

  3. I'm checking out that video next...
    As for tactics to improve views/followers...mmm SEO content, blogging on recent trends, joining blog networks, blog link ups, googel adsense vouchers

    ....and guest posts on other Blogs

    The whole Kony thing makes me chuckle...yes he's a bad man in a bad part of the world. But look at what the Ugandan government it doing as well, bringing in the death sentence for being gay. But it's not like the West can police the world of bad guys.

    1. Genocide. In. Darfur.


      And oh god, now all I can think about is the "Eat the Poo Poo" video. "ANAHL FEESTEENG, THEY TAKE DRUGS TO DALL TEH PAIN BUT THEY LIKE EET!" and then he asks for the children to be taken out of the room even though he just got done talking about dudes fisting each other to the shoulder, gah. Yeah, normally my initial knee-jerk reaction is "fuck 'em," but y'know...this whole Kony thing brings to light far more than just my usual responses of hatred and vile insinuations.

      No, it shows how people genuinely still WANT to help despite all the crap that's been goin' down for, what, the past five or seven years...yet this strangely sheeplike ability to be led to the absolutely wrong methods of doing so. As if the general consensus is this desire for quick response to end the world's problems...but we're simply not at that level of technology.

      Perhaps someday. Then again we were also supposed to have flying cars, catgirl sex slaves, and robot sex slaves/helpers.

      Yes, I do blame the big companies and old media for that. Bunch of lying bastards. We would be AT that point already if not for secular groups, special interest lobbyists, and the big companies getting in the way of progress.

      ...god, I just re-read that Anal Feesteeng line and just burst out laughing. Gah.

      OH, also thanks for the tips, m'man! Guest post on other Blogs...y'know, Mark over at the Rambling Person just opened up a blog post about opening his blog up to other writers.

      ...so, write blog posts for other blogs? H-how would I go about DOING something like that? Huh...reckon it's something I could do. Lord knows I'm doing the SEO thing, googles Webmaster checks me out as being all good for Googles, I'm doing the blog networks thing...but blog linkups I haven't a clue, and this googles adsense vouchers...maybe I should do that too~! I just joined up, and am thinking about advertising more anyway. I'll be doing that over at Zombies Everywhere, and will be doing an ad exchange with Shockgrubz.

      Hmmm hmm hmm....you've given me plenty to follow up on, that's for certain! Thanks G~!

  4. The cliches and that guy's sense of self importance made me laugh when I watched the Kony video.

    1. Ugh. Yeah, I immediately distrust ANYONE who says "I'm doing this for your own good" when it's obvious they're the only one who'll profit from it, and when the first thing I noticed on the Kony video was "DURR WE'RE NOT DOING THIS TO BECOME FAMOUS" I immediately nope'd the damn thing and outed.

      Since then it's come to light about that Hookers and Blow fund, and all I've done is laugh viciously. I feel for the children out there who still go through sweatshops, horrible living conditions, and child soldiery and whoring...but the Kony 2012 video isn't going to change that.

      All it's going to do is make these fagorts even richer. Not on MY dime, me personally...and as someone has said, if one voice can make a difference than he'll go for it. Well for ME, if I can make these bastards less rich from this scam by excluding my views, thumbs up, support and voice, then fuck 'em.