Monday, April 23, 2012

Why hello there! MISHUN COMPREET!

Featured Link
Y'know, I'm fairly certain I've had Copyboy on here.

Haven't I?

I have?

Well then, guess who just became the new featured link...again!  Go check out Copyboy's random blog about informational tidbits you never knew existed.

Not Worth Mentioning

Did I mention that I'm usually a regular commentator there?  Totally.  Also, if you comment on his blog that That Bastard sent ya, you'll get an extra 25% of random factoid with each new factoid up to five random factoids!

Wanna Know What It's Like To Be Appreciated?

Like you've never been appreciated before, not even jokin' yo.

Here's the plan, gang: first, fave whichever blog you like best.  Fave 'em all.  Whatever.  Follow up, and don't forget to subscribe to my bullshit over at Twitter, Faecbawks, Googles+, Tumblr, but most importantly Jewtubes.  Y'see, if I can build up enough subscribers (onry fifteen!) then it unlocks that one achievement where my submissions don't have to be UNDER fifteen minutes.

And we all know how much I do enjoy making submissions over fifteen minutes.

So yeah, hit up my stuff, check me out, let's do this dance.

Stick with the plan, boys, and let's get this expansion started!

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Legion HQ! (currently disbanded)

Remember: re-tweet mah tweets about the blogs or whatever, re-post whatever Faecbawks/Googles+/Tumblr stuff I post 'bout the blogs or whatever.  We got material comin' out of our ears over at KAOS: Chaos Party Radio, and there's so much stuff to get done!

The Chopping Block

So.  The time has come for me to seriously sit down and consider what I should do with the blogs.  I mean, I do WORK, y'knowwhatImean?  On top of my day job, on top of my projects and writing...and it was something I was thinking about before the big move back to Bellingham.

So now that I've had a bit of time to get so fresh and so clean again, now that I've had the time to simply get Bellingham back into my lungs and my soul, now I have to consider what my next move is, y'knowwhatImean?

At the top of that list is the serious consideration of whether or not I should close down some of the blogs, and why.  Legion HQ doesn't count since that's temporarily down right now anyway.

Let's go over it together, yes?


Netflix This

The Bellingham Jerk

Man-Flavored Milk

Sooth(e) Your Freaking Beast

Yeah, I'm pretty much going to town with a tomahawk.  My three "main" blogs are updated pretty good already, and they at least feel a bit more established than the others.

Legion HQ is down currently, but once I get back on the Anubis Unit ticket I can open it up back up and go back to bringing ya that good shit.

So.  All four have their reasons to be chopped, but I honestly don't WANT to chop 'em.  BUT, here's the question - what with the way I have the six main blogs designed, shouldn't it be EASIER for people to figure out which blog they want to go to and be able to do so easily and efficiently?  Hell, I'm even going to be making a vocal tutorial that's accessed on the sidebar in order to navigate, though it should be fairly obvious.

I mean, if >I< went to a site like mine with a navbar and sidebar like that, I'd be able to navigate it easy as pie.  Then again, I'm the exception to just about EVERY rule, so yeah...maybe I'm comin' at it from the wrong angle.

Anyway.  Netflix This.  I really like Netflix This (I'll be typing THAT a lot!), especially 'cuz I really like Netflix.  Hell, unless you watch it the way I do (whole days just BOOM, gone, several seasons/series killed, ten movies a day done), you'll probably never "run out" of stuff to watch, and there's also that hidden stockpile of stuff that Netflix doesn't say they have unless it's through suggestions only.

I like writing about movie reviews, both current and whatever's on Netflix or whatever catches my eye from my own DVD collection.  I mean, c'mon...did you check out that Berry Gordy's The Last Dragon blowout I did?  Fuckin' sweet, y'know what I mean?  Pure shway.

But.  There's tons upon TONS of movie review blogs out there, and though I'm the first (possibly only) blogger to have an entire blog devoted to it, it's not as if it seems to be helping anyone.  At least I haven't heard "Dude, such-and-such list was a great idea, thanks!" or somethin'.  The point of Netflix This was to create reviews and lists for people to find stuff on Netflix to watch, ultimately answering the question "What should I watch on Netflix tonight?" that I constantly see on the Internets.

If no one is reading those lists, and if this blog isn't being helpful to others (nor is anyone making suggestions of those lists and the blog to others), then why should I continue it, y'knowwhatImean?

The Bellingham Jerk.  The first of eight.  The one that established my presence on the Bloggersphere.  The waxing of wrath and wroth, the absolute majesty of my rage given readable form.

And there aren't too many places left for me to be angry at.

I mean, I'm sure there ARE places left, and certainly I could write about stuff I ALSO love as well as hate at The Bellingham Jerk, but no one local even reads me let alone knows this blog exists.  What's the point in raging at a place if it doesn't even recognize you yelled?  I may resort to throwing bricks through windows.  Either way, it might be time to close this blog down, perhaps just let it hang around as a reminder of why I truly started writing - not for my love of writing, but my utter hatred of horrible restaurants.

Man-Flavored Milk and Sooth(e) Your Freaking Beast are both blogs I genuinely love messing around with, and both could be chopped for the same reasons: it's not my material I'm showing you, there's millions (MILLIONS!) of blogs that do the same damn thing, possibly even better than I do, and at least with MFM there seems to be glitches and bullshit with Blogger that I simply cannot get around.  I've at least fixed the issue with the advertising (ugh, You Say Too, will you ever be useful to me?), but bleh - I can't do anything about the servers at Googles, and if Blogspot can't even post it to YOUR blogrolls when I update and make new posts, then  what CAN I do?

I'm not saying I'm daunted by the fact that there are millions (MILLIONS!) of music, youtube video, and movie blogs out there...but ya gotta admit, it's not as if it's caught on or somethin'.  It's not like I'm not posting up stuff you possibly couldn't find yourself...or am I?  I simply don't know, there's no communication about it though there's the cbox on the sidebar, comment sections that no one comments on, my g-mail...blah.

I'm not complaining, please keep this in mind!  I'm just statin' the facts, 's all.  Both MFM and Sooth(e) are supposed to be somewhat interactive (let's me know what I possibly COULD play next, or whatever have you) and if thing's ain't jivin', time to either chop or keep goin' in hopes that they do.

Besides, I'm about to start posting up stuff over at the KAOS podcasts with a new show - running two outlets about music (both Sooth(e) and my Podcasted/DJ-radio-hosted shows over at KAOS) might become boring to me.

And I REALLY hate boring.

So.  That's it.  Perhaps I'm being too harsh, or am simply wrong about it all...if so, by all means lemme know!  But that's how it stands right at this moment: closing down four blogs may be occurring soon.  If someone sparks up with some valid reasons as to why not, I'll listen and consider it deeply before making my next move.

But I DO have more stuff to post, both here and at The Pen Is My Sword and KAOS, and that's not considering my other projects and personal ventures.  We'll see what goes down in the next week or so, then make a move.













On my current situation...

So.  While everything practically fell apart the DAY I was supposed to move to Bellingham, good friends have my back and I'm fairly established back in Bellingham, clean and neat.  It's not going to cost me much money to fix my car (25 bucks for a new water pump after the core charge, eh?), and I'm fairly certain that I and a ladyfriend of mine can fix it ourselves.  I've still got work coming in next week (Thursday and Friday, two twelves dontcha know), I've regained a surprising amount of my old flexibility since coming back to Bellingham and am slowly getting Lynden out of my soul and lungs.

So.  Things are good.  Things are damned good.  Things could be BETTER, but compared to the past nine months...things are good.  Just...

...damned good.

Funny story: I brought Ace with me the day of the move so at least one live human can see what I had to live in, the environment I was in, and what I had to survive.  Suffice it to say, he's living up to his promise to not talk about the details...but his rage, the look of anguish on his face after the full impact of what I survived hit, his reaction to the very smell of desperation, moss, and sewage in the air...

I hate hurting people inadvertently.  I think I might've accidentally done exactly that, by not coming to my friends for help.

But at the same time, I don't, strike that, I KNOW I wouldn't be going as good as I am right now if I hadn't survived it on my own.  My pride wouldn't've recovered as it has if I wasn't in that horrid situation, y'knowwhatImean?

Everything happens for a reason, and now I'm not only looking forward to leaving that behind me and my friends alike, but ultimately to just go forward afterwards.

Time to do work, my beloved Audience.

And I got plenty to do~!


~That Bastard

P.S. - What do you guys think of my new webcam picture?

I couldn't but help to notice you're pretty gangsta.  I'm pretty gangsta myself.


P.P.S. - I fucking hate the new interface SO FUCKING MUCH.  It's way less efficient, effective, or as user-friendly as the previous one.

And wouldn't you know it, I figured out how to revert it back TO the old one, only to get a message that they're getting rid of it at the end of the month.

'Cuz, y'know, catering to the customers isn't what Googles is about.


Here's to the hopes I don't jump ship to someplace else, yeah?  I really don't want to, I mean I got a crapton of blogs here through Googles, but I back every post up so...hell, if I HAVE to, would you still follow me?

Now THERE'S a question for yah~!

Monday, April 16, 2012


Closing down to ghost properly. If you don't catch me around the usual places (chat rooms, here at the blogosphere, faecbawks, twitter/twitlonger, etc) then it's because I haven't regained communications yet.

Don't worry though~! I still got plenty of stuff for you guys once I get back - the usual bevvy of song lyrics and poetry and even some actual, GASP, writing~!! Like stories and shit.

Also, collabs. Fo shizzle, my nizzle - don't wanna give it away or nothin', but apparently there's a coupla projects that might star yours truly in it. In the very least, I'll be involved. Hopefully I won't be the towel boy or fluffer again - I should be able to at least headline my own video, y'know?!

In all honesty, sometimes I really wish I accepted the porn job over at Vivid Video. At least I'd be having more fun, yah?

In the meantime, get caught up with my other blogs, or just stalk me on the usual social media bullshit, yeah? Hey, I'm good all over!

TWITTER: @ThatBastardFB
FACEBOOK: : /ThatBastardFromBellingham (
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The Sound Byte Page (though really all you gotta do is just follow me at Youtube, y'know?)

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Sooth(e) Your Freaking Beast

Man-Flavored Milk

Netflix This!

The Bellingham Jerk

Legion HQ! (currently disbanded)

P.S. -

Funny story time.

Our Main Street Pub and Grill live gig video? For Anubis Unit? When we opened up there?

It got us 48 new subscribers and 1,660 views.

Imagine what that photo shoot would've done?

Well, that's neither here nor there. Just gonna hafta rebuild and go ahead after I move back to Bellingham.

Sunday, April 8, 2012 featured link, sound bytes, updates all over, and a new ad campaign and request to make of YOU.

Featured Link

Y'know, this has been a long time a-comin'. ABftS (both of 'em, as far as I can tell) and I have been cross-commenting on each other's blogs since around the time I started getting into blogging, especially once I really got into bloggin'.

I've hailed them before as greater writers than I, and this remains true - these dudes have a terrific writing style and unlike me they're actually talented enough shoopers (MS Paint style yo) to draw comics that get their point across.

And that point is fuckin' hilarious.

WIth a twisted sense of humor that rivals yours truly, they're also more dedicated than I am, able to focus themselves on one project at a time and get it done with record speed. Plus they got this whole drinkin'-buddy-bromosexuality goin' on that's right up there with Harold and Kumar.

Or me and Ace. Y'know what I mean.

Anyway, go check 'em out, they're the new featured link~! Let 'em know That Bastard sent ya for an additional 25% more shower.

By the by, didja know they've written two books that have sold quite well? Hell, they're both cheap enough for ME to wanna buy 'em...'cept you gotta have a Kindle to get the 99 cent price tag.


A Beer For The Shower

J's Journals 6

J's Journals 7

On A Capellas

So, I've got these a capella's I've done (singing without instruments, metronome, or any other device outside of me, myself, and I), but everytime I look at them or listen to them I frown. I've been told that I auto-correct depending on what everyone else is playing, and that's cool...but I find it meh when I don't have anything else to correct myself by.

Plus I'm currently in a wave of "I dislike my voice" again. You can usually tell when I'm like this when the uploads to my Youtube channel (/JDWForever, a super-old account) slow down to a crawl. It's why I do 'em in spurts of 50-100 at a time, y'know?

Anyway, I'm going to be doing a few duets with the lovely and talented model Vorel, who's own singing voice makes mine so humble it ain't even funny...but she's still deigned to sing with me. Maybe now I can auto-correct myself? We'll see.

If you wanna get on the list of people to view these (and the a capella's I've already done), lemme know - once I'm happy with my own and she gives me the go-ahead, they'll be released for public scrutiny.

In the meantime, if you want on that list (Yes, Shocky, I see your hand, sit down and stop fidgeting dammit I already have you on the list) hit me up at

On second thought, ignore that - I have two a capellas up in the New Shiznits playlist set to public. Go find 'em, lemme know what you think.

Sound Bytes

Dude, how much content have I been putting out? Jesus.

You DO realize I have a handy-dandy tab up there on the top bar, right? You just click on it and you can check out the playlists I've assembled of my bullshit.

I'm currently in the process of uploading EVEN MORE stuff and screwing around with that "new shiznits" playlist, but hey you can also check out all my other playlists and hear my glorious golden voice screaming raucously into your ear.

What do you mean that doesn't sound very cool? Hey, fuck you buddy - plenty of people LIKE having me aurally rape them.

Oh Google Ads, you know me so well!

Oh. Oh baby. Is it bad that I can still be juvenile enough to see that on Google Ads and just suddenly burst out laughing?

Follower Woes...Yet Again!

So, here's what I"ve done:

>Advertised through Google AdWords
>Advertised through a blog that's more popular than I am (I'm still gonna do it again though - why not, right?)
>One interview, a pre-interview and two guest posts, once again blogs that are more popular than I am.

New followers gained?


Hmmmm. If I start recruiting directly from chat rooms, will Googles haet me? I'm at the point where it doesn't matter (did it ever? I don't suck up to anyone or anything godammit) so long as I get the numbers up. Don't get it twisted - I know it's at this point that some get discouraged from blogging and just fade away...but I've already put too much goddamned work into these things for me to simply settle down and bare throat.

Besides, a Writer must have an Audience. They're our beloved, our enemy, our love, our hated foe.

Our muse.

The songs and poems and stuff I write, how can I simply settle with a few dedicated followers (whom I'll never forget, regret, or NOT respond to, y'know?) when there ARE blogs out there who update only once a month with one or two blogs...yet I have eight that I update weekly.

I think that's what keeps me going, outside of you guys - my sheer hatred of blogs like that.

So anyway, the new angle is this: I'm gonna request EVERYONE who reads me to re-tweet my tweets, make a faecbawks share update thing whenever I do concerning my blog updates, and just generally whore for me.

Do YOUUUUUUU want to whore for me? Well, here's my info up to date:

TWITTER: @ThatBastardFB
FACEBOOK: : /ThatBastardFromBellingham (
GOOGLES+: ThomasDuder

Follow all eight blogs. Hit me up at these media places. Spread me around into the mouths of all your friends like a fucked up ecstasy rave.

In the very least, this seems like a more honorable way of advertising than, say, adding a "LOL HIT ME BACK ON MY WEBSITE PLEASE I NEED VIEWS AND STUFF AND FOLLOW ME OH GOD PLEASE" and my url link under it. Instead, I'm puttin' out the lines to see who wants to join my Ho Harem I MEAN PIMP TRAIN, PIMP TRAIN!


Sincerely and slightly sweatily,

~That Bastard

P.S. - To my followers who DO do such things as a "follow and comment back" and add their URL's to the bottom of the commentary, hey - I ain't got no hate for you. Trust me, if I did I would've deleted yer ass fast, quick and hard. I'm decisive like that.

On the other hand, hey if it works for you cool. I have no hate in my heart for anyone who employs such techniques, I'm just sayin' it ain't for me, y'know? Just doesn't feel right, and I never remember to do it anyway., care to be appreciated? :D

Also, you can still catch my text ad and I even plan on an upcoming image ad campaign alongside the text ad over at Zombies Everywhere (, so yeah, there ya go.

Doin' big thangs, makin' big moves yo.

Monday, April 2, 2012 featured link, emotional rollercoasters, bachelor chow, and stuuuuff.

Featured Link

So. New featured link gets to be handed off from Thinking Cap's good mythological goodness (ugh, redundant but true though~!) to the delectably wordy and just flat-out fuckin' fun Jeanne over at The Barefoot Girl (, who still entertains me with pictures of South African wildlife, her taste in music, and blogposts 'bout the little stuff that keeps ya goin'.

Yeah, I'm ego-centric. I'm also suggesting you to go check her stuff out too, and let her know That Bastard sent ya for 50% more rhinos charging yer car in the middle of a safari!

Oh god, she mentioned bbq's recently. GOD I miss barbecuing. I need to hit up Ace and the fams and get this 4th of July bbq all planned out, 'cuz yeaaaaah...we need to slaughter up some cows, pigs, and an alpaca or three.

'Cuz I'm gettin' hungry, hombre!

...SO, enough with the de-rail!

Barefoot Girl

Plus she's the only other commentator type person who leaves HUGE FUCKING WALLS OF TEXT as replies. Now, I'm not knocking on the quality or content of ANY of your replies, but it really does do somethin' for me to get the kind of replies I usually give. Like out of nowhere, BAM, huge fucking wall of text.

I mean, is this how it feels to others when I do it? Oh baby, that's awesome...

Emotional Rollercoasters

Oh. Oh holy shit. Okay.

Yeah, last week some of you who know me in the chat rooms or on Faecbawks know that I went through a rather...bipolar time. No, I ain't bipolar, but now I have a new level of empathy for 'em.

I mean, shit just sucked...but it was awesome...then it sucked again. I honestly can't explain it too much than that, it's just for three or four days I was either gettin' the best of news or the worst of news, and right now I'm somewhere in the middle since yesterday.

I guess I SHOULD be happy to just be on an even, medium keel again...but my fucking god, it's kinda hard to just settle with medium when you've been getting fucked over by the highs and lows.


Suffice it to say, I thank those of you who...ahem..."helped" me through it, even though one of you don't even realize you did.

I'm just sayin'.

Bachelor Chow

Um...what have I done? Man, I haven't updated this segment in ahwile (you read that right, dammit), hmmm.

Will now be the time I teach you guys how to make Nightmare Oatmeal and the upgrade, Terror Oatmeal?

...naw, fuck you, here's a quick and simple mix-up you can buy from Costco.

>Get dat ravioli on sale. They usually have TONS of 'em, like a metric ton of ravioli per bag, y'know? Spinach and mozzarella is suggested, but they have straight-up cheese ravioli as well.
>Get dat sun-dried tomato mixture with olive oil and garlic and herbs and what-not.

Now that I think about it, it should only be roughly 10-14 bucks to get 'em both if you get 'em on sale or not.

You now have a ton of dinners and lunches to last you throughout the month whenever the hell you want for under 20 bucks. Hell, even twice a week and you'll still have some for next month.

Just prepare the ravioli as the bag suggests (for me it's boiling, but there's a way to bake 'em that my crappy oven can't handle right now - I've tried doing toasted ravioli only for the mixture to turn into uranium), brown up some meat or cook up some ground sausage and drain all that garbage, add the tomato mixture after the meat is cooked to your desire, and it shouldn't take too long for the olive oil and tomatoes to heat up. Probably 'bout five minutes or less, y'know? Depends on how high you got that heat, y'know? Speed cookin' gets ya nowhere unless you NEED it to be fast.

Add the ravioli, mix it up for a bit, let it simmer a bit, then BOOM - din dins, mah nigga.

Seriously, this can either feed a family of four for nigh on four nights or so, or a single person 'bout a month if they do it twice a week or so. Unless you're a hungry, hungry motherfucker who likes this mixture every night, then it'll probably last for about four days or so.

You fat fuck.

New Material

Ugh. I've written up quite a bit of new material as of late, but haven't posted 'em. Project: Boyfriend the sound bytes are comin' along, I just need to figure out a timeline/schedule to post 'em with, plus I still need that image for 'em. Wrote a few more songs (well, Modern Celebrity I immediately posted) but I recently wrote three Odes to A) Denny's, B) a local IHOP that closed down, and C) local diners everywhere. I'll be postin' 'em up soon enough, alongside YET ANOTHER METAL SONG about S&M relationships.

You guys have no idea how many of these I have lying around (well, Fuckpuppet and a couple of other Night of Complete Horrorshow songs are kinda like 'em), and I really should consider doing something with them. Oh well.

"Sweetness" comes from two different sources for me: a certain someones (yeaaaaaaah) and also this idea I have in my head of making a vocaloid of my own voice for the Corporate Machine itself once a certain event occurs during the Anubis Unit storyline and a pairing with good ol' Miku Hatsune.

Or Hagane/Zatsune, I was listening to Love is War with the Gorillaz style animation when I thought the song up.

Anyway, yeah...I haven't a clue why I've been watching Vocaloid videos so much as of late, but the itch got scratched after I wrote Sweetness, so there's that (namely, Sweet So Sweet. GOD I dig that song.), though I still continue to watch Pitiful Pet Boy by Len Kagamine before I powerfap.

OHHHHHHH boy do I powerfap.

Anyway, I'll post up the song lyrics soon enough OH BEFORE I FORGET!

Speakin' about sound bytes, I DID post up more sound bytes recently, including the "character pack" for Six-Gun Sal, a Extreme Existence favorite. Did I already mention this? Meh, go check this playlist out (I'll be moving stuff and disbanding this particular playlist in about a week or so - or I might keep it if it's an easier way to hear newer sound bytes from yours truly) and lemme know what you think:

I've also recently done just a shitton of stuff that's true (almost done with The Horde design notes for Battleworld), but I've also done a "dramatic reading" of Repercussions of Evil (y'know, "no John you are the zombies." Seems like every voice talent on Youtube does that, so I reckon this is mine.) and have started on My Immortal...but my god, my GOD it's fuckin'...

I wonder no one's done a full dramatic reading of this through all 44 chapters! Just wow....after three chapters I was freakin' drained from the re-takes.

I have never had to do so many re-takes. For ANYTHING!

We'll see - I'm determined to do this for a friend, and as y'all know I'm pretty hardheaded about stuff. Might take me awhile, but I'm willing and able to get this motherfucker done.

Not today though, fuck that shit....

KAOS: Chaos Party Radio

Dude, have you been KEEPIN' UP with the good shit we've been puttin' out? Right now we're at a once-a-week schedule (honestly it's the only time we have that synchs up - we both have shittons of projects and I live in Lynden and shitsux mang, plus it's a bitch to edit the bigger-than-an-hour-podcasts, plus I have a job and he has two jobs), but we've already got enough content to eat up an entire afternoon if you wanted to marathon us.

That's just as The Hooligans, we also did a special about the Trayvon Martin slaying and our own take on it (straight talk, no soft speech, nothin' soft about the shit we did. It also, to this day, still stands at that - we called how the Euphemism Machine would go into full effect before we even posted the damn podcast!). We also recently did a THREE HOUR FUCKING PODCAST about King of Fighters XIII and the world of SNK Playmore and their impact on fighting games, gaming history, and just...tons of goodness. Lore, bullshittery, all sortsa stuff.

So yeah, go ahead and go check it out! I've got it cut into three 1-hour-ish segments for your enjoyment. :3

Guest Postin'

Well, let's round it up, yeah?

Shocky @ Randoom Blog!%29
I reckon Shocky was the first, yo. Our interview was fucking epic, really let me get my real self out there all manwhorish and what-not, and was just loads of fun. We even had the luck of losing the previous interview and doing it a second time! Yes, I enjoyed it that much. :D

Mark @ The Rambling Person
The blogosphere's most charming, honest, and open (though a bit eccentric) British dude. Seriously, as 24/7 aggressive as I am he's, like, the complete opposite...and I reckon for that reason I find him a good read for me. It's interesting to see his take on things, and sometimes consider how I would've dealt with it, y'know? It's because of him (and Shockgrubz, admittedly) that I started podcasting and such and...well, you guys oughta know how THAT'S just blown up, what with my own personal stuff, J's Journal/Pre Practice podcasts, and KAOS: Chaos Party Radio.

G @ Bloggerati
AYUP! According to the man himself he likes the post I sent him and will be using it sometime. When it drops, all angry-like (no, seriously, I received an e-mail from a "concerned party" that just slapped my Rage TRIGGER from 0 to MAXIMUM KRIEG in a fucking ghost note, just THAT fucking fast. I've never gone that adrenaline+testosterone crazy pissed so FAST before, and I'm used to raging out, y'knowwhatImean?), y'all'll get a chance to read it. :D

For today (just right now actually!) though is the pre-interview, which you might find interesting anyway. I think I have a knack for doing these things, I swear...

Ugh, so even as afloat as I am in projects, there's an actual PAID one that I'm lookin' into gettin' me and my homeboy Ace into. Hey, gettin' paid to write articles? Why the fuck not, y'know?!

Figured I'd let y'all know 'bout it, especially when we actually get to writing and flooding this blog with my inanely hugefuck (and his awesomely technical and detailed) articles.

Anubis Unit

Gah. We've been doing nothing but work and it worries me that we haven't posted anything over at Legion HQ ( On the other hand we've added, what, three new songs since last month (one practice turned into a jam instead), and I've written a handful more song lyrics that'll eventually be either Anubis Units', No Rhymes', or some other bands', y'know?

While it's all good to get work done (and we HAVE gotten work done - Rockarageous finally has the vocals I've been working on, Shame You is fucking perfect, and we've been doing "Speed Runs" of our original set, playing Avocado and 1200 Pounds of Metal/Penis at incredibly fast speeds. Either we break down into laughter or eventually it's just me and the drummer with me roaring like a pirate. Seriously, I make it sound more like "AVCD," just skipping over most of the vowels), it's also important to have content to put out there. As is, this photo shoot and gig is gonna give us an opportunity to do JUST that! We'll gig, get those photos done, unleash some of these new songs we've been workin' on, and get a new vid to put up.

On the other hand, that's the end of April, so we'll hafta see.

Still, be on the lookout for the Events page once we get it set up, yah?

If'n you don't quite know how to keep up with me across other social media, dig on this yo:

TWITTER: @ThatBastardFB
FACEBOOK: : /ThatBastardFromBellingham (
GOOGLES+: ThomasDuder

Also, lemme hit y'all up 'bout something: I've got a ton of these a capellas just layin' around, y'know? But...I gotta admit, I don't like 'em. But it might just be me (I mean, I DO have a planned trio or quartet of a capella duets to do with the lovely and curvy Vorel), so I dunno...if you guys think I should release 'em on the blog, I might do a private screening first like what I did with Project: Boyfriend and then based on the results release 'em or not.

Thankfully my crew, online and off, aren't afraid to tell me if it's garbage or not. :3 Thanks guys.

WTF Googles?

Okay, so I am NOT complaining about their customer service. So far, their support and staff have been fuckin' awesome...and strangely enough, my complaint about blogger has only been a recent thing. Adwords and Adsense have been actin' up weird as fuck (plus there was a site policy issue that the actual staff had to clear up - apparently the bots thought I was plagiarizing another poet or some shit. Hey, The Pen is 100% mine, y'knowwhatImean? Thankfully the staff noticed that immediately once I called 'em up), and Webmaster Tools kinda doesn't help me at all. 'Pparently when I screwed around with the templates for the blogs (all eight of 'em, though Legion HQ is admittedly an in-house template - I gotta find a new one for them soon before I register the domain name), I did it in a good way or somethin' - Googles has no issue with them all across the board.

Now, blogger. Blogspot. Whatever this place is called. The past month I've been postin' stuff over at Man-Flavored Milk and have received absolutely no views. Now I'm not complaining about THAT - MFM is pretty much my least viewed blog and I'm pretty much doing it 'cuz I find it fun now, y'knowwhatImean? But nothing at all? Not even a single comment?

Then, two nights ago suddenly four or five posts show up in my blogroll (I use the reader from the dashboard to keep up with other blogs) from MFM saying they were posted seven seconds ago. One of the posts wasn't even what I posted - it was a weird copy of one of the others! So I slap a video up on it and a note of "DUDE WHERE DID THE BEEF GO?!"

So yeah. There's that.

And then there's the 503's I keep gettin' over at Youtube. I just don't know what's up with Google, man...they're a freakin' megacorp, you'd think something like this SHOULD be taken care of immediately. Integrate a massive server update, get new tech, expand, somethin'! I'd expect this of a multi-service internet company during their first two years, not after they're established and filthy rich.

But, something like this is to be expected from any company that becomes a Big, y'knowwhatImean? Sacrifice quality for profit - that's the motto of such places. We can only honestly hope that Google gets on it though, and gets back to being Google. I mean compared to other forums and what-not on the Internuggets, Blogger is the first place that makes me feel good to actually post stuff as a writer, y'know? Not even Tumblr or Livejournal has ever been as cool with me, and it STILL feels like I just found this place!


~That Bastard