Monday, April 16, 2012


Closing down to ghost properly. If you don't catch me around the usual places (chat rooms, here at the blogosphere, faecbawks, twitter/twitlonger, etc) then it's because I haven't regained communications yet.

Don't worry though~! I still got plenty of stuff for you guys once I get back - the usual bevvy of song lyrics and poetry and even some actual, GASP, writing~!! Like stories and shit.

Also, collabs. Fo shizzle, my nizzle - don't wanna give it away or nothin', but apparently there's a coupla projects that might star yours truly in it. In the very least, I'll be involved. Hopefully I won't be the towel boy or fluffer again - I should be able to at least headline my own video, y'know?!

In all honesty, sometimes I really wish I accepted the porn job over at Vivid Video. At least I'd be having more fun, yah?

In the meantime, get caught up with my other blogs, or just stalk me on the usual social media bullshit, yeah? Hey, I'm good all over!

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P.S. -

Funny story time.

Our Main Street Pub and Grill live gig video? For Anubis Unit? When we opened up there?

It got us 48 new subscribers and 1,660 views.

Imagine what that photo shoot would've done?

Well, that's neither here nor there. Just gonna hafta rebuild and go ahead after I move back to Bellingham.


  1. I truly am sorry about your band. I look forward to your writing, though. I hope you make a safe trip back to Bellingham. Wish I could go with you. This cold snap we're having has got me jonesing for the PNW again! Don't ask me how I can long for some place I've never been, but you know me, not normal! Catch up with you soon. *HUGZ* :)

    1. This kind of thing happens, darlin'. Just gotta keep writin', keep singin', start doin' those open mics and see what pops up.

      LOL "normal."

      Catch ya 'round, darlin'! ::hugs::

  2. All the best for things to turn out ok and turn around fast. Enjoy your time and best wishes

    1. Indeed! Just gotta do work and all that jazz!

      Thanks for the well-wishing, MaMC! Here's to a great week to come, yah?

  3. Wait. You got offered a porn job? :)))

    1. True story, actually. Back 'round 2003 or so, I knew a guy whose (who's? whose.) uncle was a producer for Vivid Video. He dug my style so much that all I had to do was lose ten pounds and I could've skipped past the fluffer/gay porn stage and simply get in as a male lead for a test video.

      My only problem? A) it's porn, all kinds of bad stuff connected to the genre STILL even though we're supposedly "civilized," B) I'm sure I would've been fine even despite all that, but there's still such a stigma against porn stars doing any other kind of work, and C) I really REALLY wouldn't want my parents or future children to get their hands on such a video.

      It's true that I'm a champion masturbator and professional lover, all that on top of being a punk writer and a awesome fighter as well y'know? BUT...butbutbut, to do it in front of a camera is a completely different thing.

      On the other hand, the stigma connected to being in pornography doesn't seem to affect males as much as females, but I still find it incredibly hypocritical of American society to place such stigmas in the first place while also buying/watching such materials to begin with. Though the stigma isn't as bad, it can still be a dark spot on one's resume and work history, even though Vivid Video was less about pornography and more about what amounted to a All My Children/General Hospital daytime soap opera drama bullshit with naked people.

      ...sounds like I oughta write a rant about this subject sometime. >XD