Sunday, April 8, 2012 featured link, sound bytes, updates all over, and a new ad campaign and request to make of YOU.

Featured Link

Y'know, this has been a long time a-comin'. ABftS (both of 'em, as far as I can tell) and I have been cross-commenting on each other's blogs since around the time I started getting into blogging, especially once I really got into bloggin'.

I've hailed them before as greater writers than I, and this remains true - these dudes have a terrific writing style and unlike me they're actually talented enough shoopers (MS Paint style yo) to draw comics that get their point across.

And that point is fuckin' hilarious.

WIth a twisted sense of humor that rivals yours truly, they're also more dedicated than I am, able to focus themselves on one project at a time and get it done with record speed. Plus they got this whole drinkin'-buddy-bromosexuality goin' on that's right up there with Harold and Kumar.

Or me and Ace. Y'know what I mean.

Anyway, go check 'em out, they're the new featured link~! Let 'em know That Bastard sent ya for an additional 25% more shower.

By the by, didja know they've written two books that have sold quite well? Hell, they're both cheap enough for ME to wanna buy 'em...'cept you gotta have a Kindle to get the 99 cent price tag.


A Beer For The Shower

J's Journals 6

J's Journals 7

On A Capellas

So, I've got these a capella's I've done (singing without instruments, metronome, or any other device outside of me, myself, and I), but everytime I look at them or listen to them I frown. I've been told that I auto-correct depending on what everyone else is playing, and that's cool...but I find it meh when I don't have anything else to correct myself by.

Plus I'm currently in a wave of "I dislike my voice" again. You can usually tell when I'm like this when the uploads to my Youtube channel (/JDWForever, a super-old account) slow down to a crawl. It's why I do 'em in spurts of 50-100 at a time, y'know?

Anyway, I'm going to be doing a few duets with the lovely and talented model Vorel, who's own singing voice makes mine so humble it ain't even funny...but she's still deigned to sing with me. Maybe now I can auto-correct myself? We'll see.

If you wanna get on the list of people to view these (and the a capella's I've already done), lemme know - once I'm happy with my own and she gives me the go-ahead, they'll be released for public scrutiny.

In the meantime, if you want on that list (Yes, Shocky, I see your hand, sit down and stop fidgeting dammit I already have you on the list) hit me up at

On second thought, ignore that - I have two a capellas up in the New Shiznits playlist set to public. Go find 'em, lemme know what you think.

Sound Bytes

Dude, how much content have I been putting out? Jesus.

You DO realize I have a handy-dandy tab up there on the top bar, right? You just click on it and you can check out the playlists I've assembled of my bullshit.

I'm currently in the process of uploading EVEN MORE stuff and screwing around with that "new shiznits" playlist, but hey you can also check out all my other playlists and hear my glorious golden voice screaming raucously into your ear.

What do you mean that doesn't sound very cool? Hey, fuck you buddy - plenty of people LIKE having me aurally rape them.

Oh Google Ads, you know me so well!

Oh. Oh baby. Is it bad that I can still be juvenile enough to see that on Google Ads and just suddenly burst out laughing?

Follower Woes...Yet Again!

So, here's what I"ve done:

>Advertised through Google AdWords
>Advertised through a blog that's more popular than I am (I'm still gonna do it again though - why not, right?)
>One interview, a pre-interview and two guest posts, once again blogs that are more popular than I am.

New followers gained?


Hmmmm. If I start recruiting directly from chat rooms, will Googles haet me? I'm at the point where it doesn't matter (did it ever? I don't suck up to anyone or anything godammit) so long as I get the numbers up. Don't get it twisted - I know it's at this point that some get discouraged from blogging and just fade away...but I've already put too much goddamned work into these things for me to simply settle down and bare throat.

Besides, a Writer must have an Audience. They're our beloved, our enemy, our love, our hated foe.

Our muse.

The songs and poems and stuff I write, how can I simply settle with a few dedicated followers (whom I'll never forget, regret, or NOT respond to, y'know?) when there ARE blogs out there who update only once a month with one or two blogs...yet I have eight that I update weekly.

I think that's what keeps me going, outside of you guys - my sheer hatred of blogs like that.

So anyway, the new angle is this: I'm gonna request EVERYONE who reads me to re-tweet my tweets, make a faecbawks share update thing whenever I do concerning my blog updates, and just generally whore for me.

Do YOUUUUUUU want to whore for me? Well, here's my info up to date:

TWITTER: @ThatBastardFB
FACEBOOK: : /ThatBastardFromBellingham (
GOOGLES+: ThomasDuder

Follow all eight blogs. Hit me up at these media places. Spread me around into the mouths of all your friends like a fucked up ecstasy rave.

In the very least, this seems like a more honorable way of advertising than, say, adding a "LOL HIT ME BACK ON MY WEBSITE PLEASE I NEED VIEWS AND STUFF AND FOLLOW ME OH GOD PLEASE" and my url link under it. Instead, I'm puttin' out the lines to see who wants to join my Ho Harem I MEAN PIMP TRAIN, PIMP TRAIN!


Sincerely and slightly sweatily,

~That Bastard

P.S. - To my followers who DO do such things as a "follow and comment back" and add their URL's to the bottom of the commentary, hey - I ain't got no hate for you. Trust me, if I did I would've deleted yer ass fast, quick and hard. I'm decisive like that.

On the other hand, hey if it works for you cool. I have no hate in my heart for anyone who employs such techniques, I'm just sayin' it ain't for me, y'know? Just doesn't feel right, and I never remember to do it anyway., care to be appreciated? :D

Also, you can still catch my text ad and I even plan on an upcoming image ad campaign alongside the text ad over at Zombies Everywhere (, so yeah, there ya go.

Doin' big thangs, makin' big moves yo.


  1. Darn. That penis Google ad's gone.

    I admire your dedication to your blogs. I'll put up your link in the side panel thingy of mine when I figure out how to (no idea how to fix that stuff so it might take a while). I don't have that much followers but still. YOU NEVER KNOW.

    1. LOLOLOOL! Hey, it won't let me comment in your blog...or look at it. Did I do something to aaaaanger youuuuu? :3

      And thanks~~! Hey, any support is great! Put me in the sidebar, share the tweets and faecbawks shares, I'm even now havin' an ad image made up if you'd like to trade with me. :D Hell, I didn't even realize you were readin' me. #_#


      Let me comment on your blog again. ._.

    2. Really? o.o Darn. I'll try to look for someone to go fix it later. I can't view it either :))) I already put your link in the sidebar! Although the drawing I made kinda sucks. (It's the thought that counts, right?) I read your blog whenever I can! I just don't comment that much 'cause I'm usually really lazy :D


      I don't know how to fix it :))) I don't remember changing the settings though ;_;

    3. LOLOLOL wanna see how to draw me?


      Right there~! Meanest unhappy face you can do. :D

      I honestly didn't realize you WERE readin' me, just not commenting...lololol.


      Huh, for the life of me...I'll look at it later on m'self from my side of things, see if I can read yer blog again. x_X

    4. But that's not very detailed! :)) And I'm too lazy to change the picture. But the guy in the drawing has a green condom stuck in his ear so that will have to do for now. (This is proof that I'm not exactly sane.)

      Weeell, now you know I read your blog! :D

      No I just like saying toilet. It's a funny word.

      Is it still not working? D:

    5. ahahahahahhahaHAHAHHAHAHAHhohjesusyeahthat'sawesome. :D

      Yes, it works again!

      Just...oh god, can I keep that?

      That image. Can I keep that? I'll totally give you credit for it!

    6. Sure, do anything you want with it! You don't have to credit me, really. Just glad you like mint-flavoured condoms :))

    7. I just think it's funny as hell. Not to mention it comes from such an unexpected angle...:D

  2. Google is like answering machine. Dont try to get response with emotions or reasoning. My motto. :)
    Link, it is cool. I may follow many blogs, but I dont comment in all of them, I like serious sincere bloggers and open mind blogs.

    1. LOL answering machine...that's an interesting take MaMTC!

      Wait, do I count as serious and sincere or open-minded? Methinks the latter, 'cuz I certainly as hell can't muster the ability to be the former...>XD

    2. You are definitely serious and sincere and open-minded. :)

    3. OH! Why...oh my, I don't have a witty response to give.

      Thank you. ::nods:: That's the best I can come up with.

      ...I lied: Shhhh, don't tell anyone 'bout all that. Let 'em go on thinking I'm a stubborn brute. :D

  3. I'll add you to my blog list but I can't guarantee it'll send much traffic your way. It just takes time. Pictures of naked ladies helps too.

    1. I understand it takes time, it's just...despite my efforts it just doesn't feel like the advertising is getting anywhere.

      So I'm tryin' from a different angle~!

      And yeaaaaaah...I really should just say screw it, slap up the adult content warning, and go with the naked ladies. x_X 'Cept that has nothing to do with my poetry and lyrics and such...we'll see.

  4. What Banacek says...time and naked chicks

    The only advice I would maybe give would be to focus your efforts into a few key blogs...
    Imagine I'm a potential new follower...I see one of your kick-ass comments and think 'lets go check out his blog' I then check out your profile and see a whole host of blogs...where to start? What one gets regularly updated? etc?etc? ...just a thought

    1. Hmmmm. Y'know, that's the problem I faced early on once I expanded to more than one blog (I immediately sprang from one, The Bellingham Jerk, to like four or five immediately - Soothe, Man-Flavored Milk, and Netflix This!) in that new followers, hell even old followers, didn't know which ones had the newest posts, that kinda thing. Hell, some of them were just visiting ones at random in hopes that THAT one had the newest post.

      Which is why I did the huge redesign and the blogwatch sidebar that shows which ones ARE the newest posts by date...and....

      ...they ain't workin', are they? >XD

      And I see what you mean - the profile DOESN'T show which one to go to first (The Pen Is My Sword), and that can make things awkward for new followers going off of the profiles.

      ...did you say my comments are kick-ass? >XD

      Anyway, I'll see what I can do about this situation. The naked chicks, I still dunno where I can acquire such that are legal and good, y'know?

      We'll see, we'll see.

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