Wednesday, May 9, 2012

...featured link, photo shoots, The Generalist, my improved health, my limited internuggets.

Featured Link!

Marie Rossi over at Absqu...Absq....Ab...

Okay, I'm not even going to copypasta that name.  I refuse to type it.  Instead I'm going to point out that she's got humorous images and cartoons, and really funny posts.  In the very least, >I'M< entertained, but then again I'm easily entertained with a giant pot and a wooden spoon.

Dude, I make SO MUCH awesome noise!

SO, here ya go!  Marie Rossi over at...uh...shit, whatever you called your blog.  Yer my new featured link!  All the rest of you go visit her blog and let her know That Bastard sent ya for 50% more fleeing.

Marie Rossi at whatever the hell you call this blog...I just fuckin' dig it. :D

Also, in response to my call to arms for everyone who reads me to re-google, re-tweet, and re-post my stuff, she instead drew me a curiously cute ad image thing for That Bastard On nonetheless.

Because after I'm done with you, it really WILL feel like I just pumped your ear and left the condom in. <3

CREEPER NOTE: She's currently studying for the college entrance exams.  This implies three things, 1) we should all do our best to distract the unholy fuck out of her by leaving little messages of "do good!" and "do yer damn homework.  2) she's currently underage b&, at least a little bit.  Possibly acceptably so in certain places on the globe.  And 3) she soon WON'T be underage b&.


The Recent Photo Shoot

So I'm gonna be postin' up some of the photos up over at The Hooligans new website,, or you can just hit up my faecbawks and check out the photo album.  Dude, the shoot was freakin' AWESOME!  Games were played, the location was fuckin' CHOICE as well as noice, and hotties were molested.  Not only that but Jade (the photographer AND the shooper!) hooked us up with some seriously sweet photoshops, to the point where I'm using two of 'em for business cards and the third (the Kaos Party Radio one) for a bunch of posters.

But now I'm swamped with work: I gotta get Kaos Party linked properly, double check all my feed URL's (for some reason I'm not poppin' up on ANYONE'S blogrolls except when Googles wants me to, the bastards) and also start up on Nerf All The Things.

Altogether the photo shoot was a huge success, even though I still hate the way I look.  Except for a couple of photos, especially this one.

Now THAT'S mean muggin'!

Heh heh heh.  Speakin' 'bout gettin' yer Frank Todd on...

The Generalist

Did you know I posted a 39 page story?  Yeah, you probably know I posted a 39 page story.

It was supposed to be 9 pages long, and a short story.

I now feel as retarded as I ever have as a writer, but meh - at least I dig it, as does most of the people who've read it thus far.

Are you in the mood for some fiction?  Do you like cranky know-it-all, jack-of-all-trades types?  Do you like written action?  Witty, street-smart dialogue?  Well-written battle scenes?

Then go read The Generalist instead.

Based on true events, all names have been changed to ensure that I only marginally piss off certain groups.  Heh.

Taboo 0: Cliche of Memories is already up, and I'm fighting the urge to bury myself into Taboo 1: Where's the Beef?

Trust me, the ending sequence is EXACTLY why it's titled that~!

As is, I'm fighting the urge to do Taboo 1: Where's The Beef? just 'cuz I have so many other things to do.  Photos to upload, my stuff to get updated and done, all sorts of fun.

Someday I'll get a chance to rest.

Today is not that day.

Go Read The Generalist - Taboo 0: Cliché of Memories now!

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Part 5

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The Chopping Block - The Results

So yeah, I ain't choppin' shit.  In fact, I registered a domain name for KAOS: Chaos Party Radio ( and have created a new domain name and blog for The Hooligans themselves (  So yeah, time to go show love, eh?  I haven't even DONE Nerf All The Things Yet - gonna post up the photo shoot stuffs over there though to get things started while I look around for a template I can screw up.

Now I know this puts me at a further disadvantage as some of you have pointed out, but this is...well, this is pretty much me, y'know?  I put out a ton of content on a weekly basis, and handle things in a way that can be simply put as "shotgunnin' shit."

Perhaps this is a bad choice, but I think it's one that will at least suit me in the long run.  I don't need a million followers anyway, it was just my reaction to doing ALL that work with barely any results.  I mean, c'mon - I DID do a ton of work in order to get more followers and views.

On the other hand, what will be will be.  Hell, I seem to get more views when I just do work and put out content anyway. <3  So let's go with that.

Well, that and the whole re-tweet, re-post, re-googles scheme.  Yeah, that's the ticket. :D

Do you wanna partner up with ME?!

Well, I've got tons of stuff to do things with.  Poetry, music lyrics, short stories, written..uh...things.  Or I can guest-post for your blog.  Or I can write new material for ya.

All I'm sayin' is that if you DO wanna do somethin' with a writer like me, hit me up over at with your proposal, and let's go from there!

Which reminds me: gotta do that character thing with Karsa...Karsa, if yer readin' this hit me up on faecbawks, mermaider, so we can do that shit. :D

Also, if you yourself are an artist who simply wants to do stuff for me (fanarts, spriting for Battleworld, etcetera) or a musician who likes doin' stuff (yeah, yeah, I know - Newgrounds has free music I can jack, but why bother if someone wants to do somethin' tailor-made for my work?), hit me up as well.  If you're a programmer who simply wants to upgrade or improve or tinker around with the various blogs I got goin' on or would like to donate a design, I'm also sanguine with that - I know what my limits are, and how good I can go...and I know for a fact that I'm not as good as a real hardcore pro.  Hell, I'm a hobbyist at best.

So yeah, you wanna hook a brotha up?  Go for it. :D

My Health

Oh.  Oh god.

So, Jade over at The Yummy Bits just subscribed to us over at, right?  And I'm listening to those old post-parts, and Jesus Christ - you could literally hear Lynden rattling in my lungs with each cough.

I've gotten roughly 75% of my old flexibility back, I only cough every now and then, and god.

The smell of moss, sewage, and desperation are all completely out of my clothes, my hair, my skin, and my kiss.  I've still got a bit of it in my soul, but man...beautiful days and clean air, clean water, and the ocean nearby are really helping with that.

I may not be 100% yet, but ohhhhh baby am I gettin' there!

My Internuggets

So yeah.  Living with friends, my internuggets simply aren't ALL that (love ya, Comcast), plus my computer just hates Comcast (love ya, Comcast), so Internuggets have been, as of late, not as steady as when I'm the only user.

So does that mean you'll get less of me?  Hell naw man, it all depends on what projects I'm doin'.

I just so happen to be doin' a lot of 'em...

Current Projects I'm Working On

Project: Boyfriend
The Generalist
Extreme Existence: Battleworld
Chat the Fightan


Netflix This!

SO, I've recently gotten access to a current-gen system that will allow me to run Netflix.  This means, yeap, the triumphant return of Netflix This!

As is, I've also got two whole updates to do - a Hot and Current for The Avengers (and my answering take on it, versus Me and My Thinking Cap's slanderous diatribe) and a Focus On for Rock 'Em Sock 'Em Robots The Movie, a.k.a. Real Steel.

For the record, I JUST LAST NIGHT came to the understanding (thanks to a friend) that the new movie Battleship is based on the actual fucking tabletop game Battleship.  Like, "you sunk my battleship you asshole!"  Yeah, that Battleship.

Is Hollyweird so strapped for ideas that this is the result?  I really REALLY need to start on those two awesome/badassed/cheesy scripts.  Shinobi Versus Dragon Ninja practically writes itself, not to mention Hunting Grounds.

Ugh, so busy.  So busy. D:

So naturally I'm goin' to a club tonight, screw EVERYTHING!  Time to go get my swizzle on.


~That Bastard

P.S. - If I haven't hit you up yet in response to comments or mail or whateverhaveyou, it's not that I don't got love for you, I'm just busy as a motherfucker.  We also need more subscribers over at so we can post our one-hour podcasts.  Go subscribe, and if you need a reason to go check out our The Hooligans posts over at (that should be up by now, yeah).  Those awesome podomatic podcasts?  Well we're out of room over there, and need to move to Youtube.

Let's dooo thiiiiis~!


  1. Battleship? Is it anything like Battlefieldearth - Travolta movie? Surprisly everyone hated it and I didnt.
    The avengers, your comment beat my slanderous diatribe. :)
    And if I may instead of one lengthy post a week, you could split it for post a day, sometimes it is overwhelming.
    If followers means numbers you could always try bloghop, I did then I realised, it doesnt worth it, someone clicking on follow button and never visit you again. Never maynt even read your blogname.
    And let me read your generalist. Lot of reading to do.

    1. Thankfully, it doesn't seem to be like Battlefield Earth...which I too thought it was kinda good. I mean, I didn't hate on it like everyone else seems to. I'm fairly certain some of the haters haven't even seen it, y'know?

      And it's not like Travolta is a BAD actor, the dude's pretty good. :D

      I've heard that advice before, post multiples times instead of one long post...but I'm usually up for multiple long posts. The only problem is that as of late I haven't had a chance to do that, so it looks like I end up doing one long blog post a week.

      Yeah, I've come to the conclusion that both views and followship are good, that one does not necessarily mean the other. BUT, it'd still be nice to see 'em both go up after all my hard work in advertising and such.

      By all means read The Generalist, have a good time. :D Gotta warn you, looooots of slang. But at least I broke it up into five parts, yeah?

  2. Oh, you cranky bastard! Just look at that power-frown! I love the knuckle duster mug handle! Supa gangsta! Glad you're feeling better! Oy, how about another podcast? Laydahs! :)

    1. I actually have TWO podcasts for The Hooligans to post, but we ran out of space over at podomatic.

      SO, wanna help? :D Go subscribe over at, once we hit 15 we'll be able to post up videos that aren't limited to 15 minutes.

      Meaning we get to post up all those one-hour good podcasts and what-not~! Hell, we've got TWO whole ones done and are just trying to get subscribers so we can move over to Youtube and get shit done. <3

      By the by, I'm keeping that line. "Power frown." Also known as The Frank. :D

    2. Subscription complete!

      The Frank? As in the ill tempered pug in MIB?

      Pray do tell! I came up with the term 'power frown', I have one, too! It's a take on Pete Townsend's 'power slide'!


  3. Yes, Hollywood is very much strapped for ideas. Thus why they put Rihanna in a movie based on a board game and Spiderman is already getting remade AGAIN.

    Also, what are you drinking in that mug? The blood of a young child?

  4. I'm waiting for a Hungry Hungry Hippos movie. I envision it as a post-apocalyptic monster film.