Wednesday, May 30, 2012


I'm 32.  That's, like, 132 in internuggets years.  If you tell me I look good for my age I'll fuckin' kill you and defile your favorite family members.

So yeah, quick recap of how I spent MY birthday:

>I modeled for a photo shoot (CREATURE OF DARKNESSSSSS!), "The Bone King's Daughter."  Guess what part I was.
>Prepared narrations for a off-shoot, Pretty Tony the Wicked Wolf of the West Woods.
>Prepared narrations for this shoot and the sequel planned shoot (featuring Ace as the Black Knight nonetheless!)
>Had the most awesomest hash browns in the world
>Wrote a bunch of junk
>Updated a blog or two
>Played the vidyuh
>Got a new/used shirt and the omnibus of Azumanga Daioh (hey, don't look at me like that, it's fuckin' real kawaii uguu nigga)
>Hit back mah people over the internuggets
>As a final gift to myself, I'M RESETTING MY COMMENTARY TOMORROW so if I didn't catch ya in my recent wave of comments, BWAAAAHAHAHHAHAHA BETTER LUCK NEXT TIME!

So yeah, not that bad.  Not, like, the BESTEST EVER, but y'know what?  It's all fuckin' good.

See ya on the dark side of the coon, Pocahantas!


~That Bastard

P.S. - Sorry 'bout the downtime on the blogs.  It's either blogs or writing, y'dig?  Taboo 1 is taking a small bit o' time, but I don't wanna rush this.  Fo' reals.  Besides, it's comin' along beautifully though~!  In fact, anyone up for an early read?  Hit me up at thatbastardfb@gmail and ask politely.  Otherwise, wait 'til the end of the fuckin' thing like anyone else.  Also, editing - if anyone is an editor and wants to a hook a brotha up, lemme know.

ORRRRR  you can go to and subscribe.  Will it get you the early read any faster?

No.  It has nothing to do with it, why you askin'?


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      Well, the photographer is still workin' on the pics for the current shoot we just did (The Bone King's Daughter), but here's the other two I got to do.

      DOOOOO keep in mind, I've been postin' these up mostly over at Nerf All The Things, since it's Hooligan-related. Nerf:

      Pirates Versus Ninja II:

      Hooligans/KAOS Shoot, Beauty Versus The Beasts:

      Beauty Versus The Beasts Shoops:

  2. Happy Birthday BFB. Looks like you had funfilled bday. Enjoy.

    1. Oh, OH, so much fun!!!! :D Thanks MaMTC!

  3. Penblwydd Hapus buddy!

    For me 32 was an awesome age where lots started falling into place for me.

    1. WOAH, I...wait, is that Welsh? Awesome. :D

      Man, it'd be nice if things DID fall into place for me. ::Groans, facepalms:: Gotta figure out what I'm gonna do with these The Generalist episodes...haven't even gotten to the point where I can comfortably rebuild Anubis Unit yet. =T3T=

  4. Your HOW OLD!?!?!?!?

    Oh don't worry, I was counting in dog years.

    But seriously, happy birthday. And I am very interested in knowing how the actual hell you manage to write for so many blogs at once!

    1. "You're," and I actually mentioned that in one of my comments on your blog. >XD I'm old enough to sleep with yer father - uh, be with your father.

      Uh, dammit, you know what I mean. DEFINITELY old enough to be your stepdad. :3

      LOL dog years. Naw, I'm one of those types where the older I get the better I look and do. :3 I'M A FINE WINE, SWISH ME ABOUT YOUR TONGUE AND SWALLOW ME DOWN!!!

      ...I am now putting that on my Twitter. =>_>=

      Anyway, thanks for the happy birthday wishes! And I write for so many blogs because I type so goddamn fast. :D It's also how I can average around 30 pages a week for story writing purposes and other nonsuch.

      But that's all streaming from my head though...::nods:: I just write as I think it, y'know? Complete with first round editing while I write after having readers look it over and give me their opinions.

      There's probably still quite a bit of editing that needs to be done after that, but I usually feel good enough to put stuff out on the Internuggets at that point. :3 I don't even do that much for the blogs, I just write. >XD

      Plus it helps that one of them is out of commission until I can rebuild my band, another one is down until I get Netflix again, and the other is only updated whenever I go out to eat or somethin'. :3