Wednesday, May 16, 2012

...oh god, so much stuff to do.

This isn't a post, it's a detour. <3

So yeah, I know some of you will be all "SEE I TOLD YOU!" but no, really, I had to divert my attention and resources to figuring out this conundrum.

First there was the DNS Cache fuckups which only recently got straightened out, but now I realize that the template and design for Nerf just ain't what I thought it was.  I mean we BOTH love the upper half, but the actual posting body of the blog just...lacks.  It just lacks.  It ain't Hooligans enough, baby.

So yeah, suffice it to say the reason why you don't have a new That Bastard of late is 'cuz of that.  Just programming pisses me off sometime, and it's only after I'm done with everything and I take a step back and look at it that I realize that it's not what I wanted.

So, that and Taboo 1 and re-working this guest post.  That's why there's no TBO today.

Here, let me leave you with a funny image to last you until next time.



~That Bastard

P.S. - we have TWO podcasts we need to get up and running for The Hooligans, but we don't have enough subscribers yet.  Go to and subscribe if you haven't already.  Have your friends subscribe.  Freakin' subscribe already~!  If you haven't listened to our hilarious, entertaining video game review podcasts (yeah, inorite, ANOTHER video game review podcast shut up faggot we're fuckin' awesome), then head over to and enjoy.


  1. that facebook is funny. But the guy who made the video got rich right?
    Sorry about the guest post :) Take your time and Rome wasnt built in a day :)
    Will check out that link. Nerf? I dont know what it means. :)

    1. LOL nerf is a video game player's term meaning, or make something weaker.

      So "they nerfed my ranger's attack power in the recent patch" means they weakened or downgraded the ranger's attack power in the recent patch, or fix.

      It's all about dem video games. :D

      And AHAHAHAHAHAHA I finally got to read the roast-post and my god, so many think I was too nice!

      I thought I was being mean. D: It's hard to be mean when I'm not angry. I'm usually angry, but I, y'know, LIKE your how can I get angry and be mean if I like your blog?

      Gah. I'll try harder to be mean next time.

  2. Hey now, there's no need to make fun of the Invisible Children. They're doing a great job of that themselves, by running around the streets naked masturbating in public.

    How many children did THAT save?

    1. It technically killed millions of potential children, if he masturbated to climax. I forgot if he did or not, I just thought the naked cheering was funny as fuck.

      Holy shit, Kony 2012. Best bandwagon in the world. I'm not even mad at 'em for makin' all that money and fleecing suckers in what has to be the greatest scam ever.

      Seriously, I can't even get mad about it. Hell, politicians are doing worse while robbing people blind, at least the Kony 2012 people make other idiots feel like they're doing something worthwhile.

  3. I, too, am having a hard time telling arse from my elbow these days! It's all going tits-up, dear boy! Will do my best to stay ahead of the game. Hope you have a great weekend! :) ♥♥♥

    1. Oh wow, all I read was "tits" in all of that. :D Care for a snuggle? I need to snuggle right now. Gah.

      Indeed, Friday just passed and the two busiest days I've ever had, I swear by ever freakin' God ever invented and possibly real. So many errands, so little time~!

      I can't even chill, now that is set I've gotta start on Taboo 1 and Project: Boyfriend.

      Fun stuff, fun fun fun...::falls asleep::

  4. OK,

    FOR YOU!!!

    Laters, nerf hearder! :) ♥

  5. lol that is a great status.
    Given that imitation is the best form of flattery I might well steal :)