Sunday, June 17, 2012


Featured Link of the Day

The Blowoff is a wrestling blog about wrestling.  The various staff of the blog have pretty respectful and noteworthy track records as viewers of WWE and back when it was good, as WWF.

They're also the assholes who got me back into watching Smackdown.

Thus far they've been INCREDIBLY consistent in presenting articles damn near immediately after each show (at least by what I've seen, but I check up every other day for updates on my blogroll, or whenever my internuggets is good lol), and they're always insightful from their point of views as not only wrestling fans but wrestling commentary.

The fact that they KNOW the difference, let alone practice what they preach...shit, how can I NOT make them Featured Link, eh?

So yeah, go check out The Blowoff, let 'em know that That Bastard sent ya for an extra 37% Cobra Clutch.

Because fuck the current roster, Attitude Era 'til I fuckin' die or they bring it back godammit.

The Blowoff

OH, on another note, it stars Mark from The Rambling Person over there!  How cool is that?  The dude doesn't even know I exist, lol. >XD  Kinda makes me feel like a stalker, but meh...whatevs.

Funny story, according to the Wiki (glossary of professional wrestling terms), a blowoff is...well, check this:

Blow off

    the final match in a feud.[1] While the involved wrestlers often move onto new feuds, sometimes it is the final match in the promotion for one or more of the wrestlers.[1]

Hey, screw you, I think that's cool.  Plus they made the B look like the W from WWF. :D


Well, not inexactly done, but hey not a bad month so to speak.

The Generalist, Taboo 0: Cliché of Memories

The Generalist, Taboo 1: Where's the Beef?

Funny story, these clock in each at over 20k words, which makes them officially novellas, right?  Well, I sent a query letter to a publishing company recently...with no idea how to write a query letter, thinking it was just a "hey there, hi there, ho there" kinda thing.

I then looked up query letters.  Suffice it to say, I'll be doing better ones once I send out more. X_x

The Bone Kings' Daughter
Five pages plus credits and bonuses (extra sound bytes I didn't use in the actual presentation), not bad if'n you ask me.  Now we're gonna hafta work harder on The Bone Kings' Daughter II: Adversaries of the Grave.  More models, two fight sequences, and actual props not to mention multiple locations for the shoot.

THAT'S gonna be fun. :D

Return to Bachelor Chow: The Barbecued Pulled Pork Breakfast Sammich

So MaMTC (Me and My Thinking Cap) hit me up with a "you do recipes too?" kinda I figured to bring back one of my personal faves that I just did today. :D  'Cuz when ya got leftovers, make yerself a sammich.

No, seriously, I've suggested Kirkland Signatures' Barbecued Pulled Pork before not only as a standalone thing but also as part of an incredibly delicious/fattening breakfast sammich.  Suffice it to say, you better git yer damn cardio up before considering this...I'm just sayin'.

I'm not inexactly the most athletic guy, but I'll be damned if I'm not gettin' my daily on. :3  Are youuuu?

So, ingredients...

Barbecued Pulled Pork (Kirkland Signature ftw)
Cream Cheese (Neuschtafel or whatever is what I used)
Butter/Margarine (Country Crock with Extra Calcium is what I used)
Texas Toast (two loaves of thick-cut love for a buck over at Grocery Outlet)
2 eggs
Sweet Baby Ray's BBQ Sauce/Fennel's BBQ Sauce

Shyup.  Butter the bread, then fry them suckers in the fryin' pan.  Use some Pam cooking spray or whatever and while that's canoodling, slap the pork into the pan and go about spreading the cream cheese on yer fried bread.

Once the pork is at a satisfactory temperature (you WERE stirrin' 'em around and flippin' 'em over, right?), place 'em over the cream cheese and cook the eggs in the resultant deliciousness that's left in the pan.  Add more butter or Pam or whatever have you before you do this, and cook 'em to your heart's content.  Me, I prefer 'em with LIIIIIIFE all over my face.

I also usually do it as one egg per toast, but whatever dude.

There ya go.  Place the egg on top of the delicious pork, top with the other bread slice, mash together slightly so the egg yolk mixes with the pork, and enjoy.  You can add more BBQ sauce (Sweet Baby Ray's or Fennel's, or whatever have you) if you want, but I find that too much BBQ sauce can kill a sammich and I already use too much sauce upon making the pork to begin with.

I don't even know how many calories this is, it's just fuckin' good.


Abusing my Tweets for e-cards

So yeaaaaaah, what do I do to unwind from a long day of being busy, before I go into a long night of being busy?  I've been playin' Rage of Bahamut.

Okay, y'all oughta remember I'm a huuuuuuge faggot for Yu-Gi-Oh!, Legend of the Five Rings, and Magic the Gathering.  Hell, I even got Pokeymanz cards somewhere in storage, y'know?  If you challenge me at it, I'll pick it up and play it.  If I like it, I may even buy more cards and trick a deck or three out to my strategic liking.  I'm almost damn near always beat down, but hey I like being subtle from time to time.

So.  Rage of Bahamut is an e-version of these battle cards and like many others you can either buy cards or just play the game and "quest" (it's not THAT challenging, just annoying because of the Stamina system) for more cards and to improve your level, but you can also enhance your main cards by feeding them other cards or evolving cards by combining them with like cards (Fighter with Fighter, Unicorn with Unicorn, Lamia with Lamia, etcetera etcetera), up to 4 stars of evolution.  This improves their stats, and you can feed these final forms to your main cards in order to give them an even bigger boost.

There's also treasure to collect, so it lends even stronger credence to the Battle system (PVP), your best Offensive deck versus their best Defensive deck.  Of course there's minor bugs and cheats, but overall it's been fun as fuck.

One of the ways to gain a particularly rare card (which is apparently an Enhancement monster, one used to feed to others and boost their stats a shitton) is to tweet every day.  You get monies and "Friendship Points" which you can use to get more cards, but honestly you want to do this 'cuz after ten days in a row of tweeting you'll snag that card.

Suffice it to say, that's exactly what I'm doing.

So a little bit of apologies to my Tweeter fans (lol, I'm a twitard apparently) to whom I've been twitting these automatically generated ads to.  But hey, you understand, right?

My e-card deck MUST be embiggened! D:<  And you bastards are going to help me!!!

Crappy Internuggets

I'm not knockin' my friends, but goddamn my crappy computer hates their crappy Internuggets.  This has created a singularity of crap that kinda leaves me out on a limb from time to time, especially on the weekends.

So yeaaaaaah, if you don't catch me online or at my usual spots and chat rooms, that's why. :3

Posting and Commentary

Now.  My posting schedule has come under fire before in the past, and I've always gladly pointed out that I usually post anywhere from two to three times a week with several of my blogs, twice on others.

Since starting The Generalist though, I've dropped to just about once per week.

So I reckon I'm kinda-sorta apologizing to you guys, the people who follow these blogs.  BUT, once I start writin', y'know...I just get oblivious to everything else.  I'm not making excuses, I'm just explaining why my blogposting and commentary have really blown donkey balls as of late.

So yeaaaaaah...for what it's worth, I really do appreciate you guys readin' my stuff, whether it be via the blogs or The Generalist or whatever have you.  Just...thanks for puttin' up with me, guys.


~That Bastard


  1. Wow that title took up all my Google Reader screen, dude!

    Happy Monday


      No, seriously, I posted this whole thing up...then the next half hour I have to wrestle with Blogger's 404's, 503's, and other error messages. Finally it gets through and I kill the MULTIPLE drafts it created.

      I then notice after I post up on the other blogs that this damn thing has the WHOLE BLOG POST IN THE TITLE AS WELL AS IN THE BLOG POST ITSELF.

      I'm...kinda mad right now. Not frustrated, not aggravated, just mad. :/ I'm always angry, but right now? I could chew through the fucking wall right now, grah....

      Say, didja ever find them pictures you yelled at me for? :D The Bone King's Daughter shoot, over at

      Also, methinks I haven't subbed to you yet...lemme go change that. :3 I really liked your blog and if it wasn't for The Generalist writing, I'd probably be up on this kinda stuff. >XD

  2. Oh, aren't query letters great? So professional and uptight? It's like getting a job, really, and unfortunately you can't just say "Hey, how's it going? So, like, you got a job for me?"

    I wish it was more like that.

    1. I...ahem, y'know that Publishing company you guys posted about? Yeah. That horrible query letter I sent, where I basically wrote completely off the cuff and broke every single rule of query letters and such?

      Yeah, it was to them.

      You have no idea how bad I feel about it...but I've written up a more professional-sounding query letter and am prepared to send it to a few agents I've found through

      ...perhaps I'm overstepping my boundary as a reader, writer, and fan of yers...but think you guys can take a look over it, lemme know what you think? As always, nothin' but the harsh truth - at the time when I was actively sending in stuff to the sci-fi/fantasy magazines and gettin' denied by everyone, there was never a need for query letters. :/

  3. My first visit to your blog. Really enjoyed it. I'll definitely be a regular visitor from now on!

    1. HEY HEY, whattup. May I offer you a few suggestions outside of "FAVE AND SUBSCRIBE TO MY EVERYTHING!" Naw, seriously, in order to best keep up with my bullshit:

      Nerf All The Things

      KAOS: Chaos Party Radio

      The Pen Is My Sword (my utmost main blog, and my litblog)

      We also need subscribers over at our Youtube, at

      Still, even if all you do is follow TBO, welcome and have yerself a good time, eh? :D

  4. I know what you mean about the long-ass titles. Some bloggers just go nuts and post a wall of text as the title. WTF?! It drives me nuts! Yeah, the internet has been up to shit again! That sarmie sounds good enough to kill ya! Best of luck with the new letters. Hope you get picked up like a nasty hooker in a cheap bar! Quick-quick! Love ya! :) ♥♥♥

    1. UGH.






  5. Good call on that long title blogs. I had to remove couple of blogs from my blogroll because of that. Are we that desperate to post the entire post in title?
    Blogger, ipad OS upgrade, windows phone, and blogger's mobile version update - TOTAL DISASTER.
    Dont get me started on that.

    BTB, love your recipe. Will try that pork recipe and let you know, I have started to feed my kids pork and beef and some fatty foods to boost their weight and height, the multivitamins doesnt seem to do much. This will come in handy.

    1. LOL, yeah but this was a freakin' accident...or at least, I quite plainly copypasta'ed the blog title into it. It's why I write all blog posts on a wordpad document first, and I do it completely: title, blog post, tags.

      So when something like THIS happens, yeah...on top of everythin' else Googles has been screwin' up at.

      Just...ugh. Standards. There should be freakin' standards and people on top of their game to ensure shit doesn't go wonky, especially if you're a rich-assed megacorp. No excuses.

      And y'know what? I've been thinkin' about collectin' the bachelor chow segments from That Bastard On and doing a solo post for 'em. You might find some interestin' stuff in it, but it's mostly almost always easy shit that's probably bad for you. >XD

      Still, thank you for the compliment, darlin'!