Friday, June 8, 2012

...oh, just stuff in general. :3

Featured Link

Oh, I don't know...who the hell gets to be the Featured Link now?

Um...I guess this guy.  Yeah.  You.

Naw, screw you, I'll make Berc the new Featured Link. :D

So there's this guy, right?  Bersercules, the Berserk Herc.  Alongside Mark, the Rambling Person, he's done some pretty awesome video reviews, ESPECIALLY the Bibleman series where he really does show off his chops, y'know?  Both as a reviewer and a watcher of questionable movies. :D

As a viewer of said questionable material myself, he has my extreme respect for having the balls and sheer intestinal fortitude for actually WATCHING that Bibleman crap, let alone actually post up coherent and humorous reviews about 'em.

SO!  Go check out Berc at and have a laugh or three!  Let him know that That Bastard sent ya for an additional 25% more youtubes, because let's be honest - you rarely go anywhere else nowadays, y'know?

I'll just say it now since I seem to forget quite a lot whenever I plan these Featured Links out a week or three beforehand - the next Featured Link is a wrestling blog I happen to go to, one that I happen to like a lot.  You can tell because I comment there quite a bit, almost always said comments are lengthy and girthy, plus the bastards got me back into watching WWE again.

I still say Brock Lesnar is a punk who wins because he gives the best blowjobs in the industry.  The dude has the body of a greek god, but the personality of a cardboard cutout.

Now David Otunga.  THAT nigga.  Christmas hams in each of his biceps, and they keep him on for the role of "Tool."

Yeaaaaaah, someone needs to get that brah a better script, godammit!

...where was I?  Oh yeah.  Bersercules.  Go say hello. :D

Writin', Pimpin', Dancin'

So as of late, that's pretty much all I've been doin'.  It seems like all I've had time for is tryin' to find a steady job, pimpin' out the blogs to anyone who wants a cool-looking card or wants to read 'em online, and dancing every Wednesday at the club Rumors (you'll find me there, I'm still wearin' all black and pretty much dancin' until my knee decides it's time to take a break).  At least, that's the pattern I was doing while writing Taboo 1.

Now that Taboo 1 is done, I'm going to take just a weeee bit of a break from The Generalist, do three short stories (honestly short this time) and package those up with the rest of Scream.  Then it's time to pimp 'em, pimp 'em HARD to whomever can buy and publish 'em. :3  It'll be my first time really doing this since I was 15 or so, and the industry HAS changed so much...but from what I've seen, it's also changed for the better in many ways.

We'll see, we'll see.

Still, I have things to write and blogs to update and what-not, not to mention the mixing and posting for Project: Boyfriend.  Just bein' busy and doin' what I can before I drop everything AGAIN for Taboo 2.

Which reminds me...

Er, My Apologies?

No, I really wanna apologize to you guys.  As stated before, I drop EVERYTHING when I write, and that last one (Taboo 1) was a pretty hard drop for a week and a half to two weeks.

So yeaaaaaah, I'm sorry. D:  I certainly can't say I won't do it again, but I'll at least warn ya when I do~!

Hooligan Stuffs

Hmmmm, have you been to yet?  How about the newest KAOS: Chaos Party Radio post?  You subscribed to then?

Well what are you waiting for?  Go do it. :D  Go and be a happy cabbages.

A;ldfjaldjfalkgargle More Photo Shoot Stuffs

So after a minor miscommunication we're back on to postin' those photos from my birthday shoot, The Bone King's Daughter.

When they finally drop, and oh they WILL, I'll have 'em posted up over at, but you can always check out the other two blogs that'll have 'em up too. :D

YOU'LL NEVER GUESS WHAT PART I GOT TO MODEL AS the Creature of Darkness, lollooloolol.

Bachelor Chow - The Drizzle Episode

So there's this place called Drizzle, right?  Awesome balsamic vinegars and extra virgin olive oils, each one infused with different organic ingredients and packaged in the loveliest bottles you've ever seen.

Well, here's somethin' for ya!  Y'all know how I'm about them hot links, right?  Gotta love me some hot links.

Well, I'm frying it up in a combination of wild mushroom and sage extra virgin olive oil and "italian herb seasoning," a spice blend from there.

Hooooleeeeee shiiiiit!

Fry up an egg into it and eat it like THAT, all breakfast sammich style, for a truly tongue-blowing experience.  I'm just sayin'...

Well, sorry for the short post (pffft), but hey I'm just gettin' back into the swing of things. :3


~That Bastard


  1. Sorry for the short post, cracked me up. With names like this and "Bone King's daughter" how do you keep away the maniacs and trolls, one of my Dora pictures invites all "dora sex" "dora weed" "threesome with dora" and all such which makes me grind my teeth loud. :)

    You are giving some cooking tips and recipes too?

    1. I've been doing it for awhile. :D I call it "Bachelor Chow," and thus far the only thing that you can say bad about 'em is that they're unhealthy.

      Like, seriously, I always suggest eatin' these only if you're regularly working out. :3

      Y'know, I actually DON'T get any troll activity...perhaps because I cause such a ruckus normally m'self? threesome with dora. :D

  2. Not sure if I want to see pictures of you as The Bone King. I guess that depends on context.

    Also, I'm stoked to see Taboo 1 is up. I'm off to read it!

    1. That's in the sequel. :D I'm the "Creature of Darkness."

      Apparently you dug it, yah? Now to see what I can do with these two episodes while preparing to write Taboo 2...

  3. Don't you realize how short the attention span of the average internet user is bro? I couldn't read all that but still, good post man.

    1. Thanks. All my posts are like this.

      I know I'm immediately at a disadvantage, being as prolific a writer as I am in comparison to people who post a "'s some stuff" and ten pictures of half-naked women in a club.

      But hey, I do what I do 'cuz I like what I do. :3

  4. I hear that pimpin' aint easy. So good luck with the short stories.

  5. I love Bersercules for introducing me to the joy of Bibleman...who'd of though stuff like that existed! We used to have a dude in work we called Bibleman but that was because he got arrested in Romania back in the 80's for smuggling in bibles.

    Anyway looking forward to the short stories...where are you posting them?

    1. Y'knoooow, I'll post the current works in the next TBO. :D But my stories and stuff are over at The Pen Is My Sword ( and the photo shoot, The Bone Kings' Daughter, and presentation is over at Nerf All The Things ( since it's an official Hooligans thing.

      Lemme know what ya think, yah? As is, OH GOD Bibleman...I don't know if I owe Berk a punch to the gut or a manly hug and a backslap. D: