Wednesday, June 27, 2012

UPDATE - 6/27/2012

Well, my hand isn't puffy and rigid anymore. :D

Suffice it to say, my new work schedule is just fuckin' killer.  The place I'm workin' at is fuckin' killer.  My legs are cramped, my hands are aching, my back is tense but unbowed.  I have cuts and bruises all over me, and I had to throw away a pair of black khakis because the knee area got tore the fuck up.

Altogether, I feel fuckin' AWESOME!

No, seriously, it's been awhile since I did regular factory work, especially at a factory as strenuous as this one.  What's worse is the timing: three twelve hour shifts, followed by four twelve hour shifts the next week.  This isn't a bad thing, not at all, except that it kills three to four days a week where I can't blog or type or anythin' except work...but it leaves three whole days to four whole days (alternating weeks you see) to do everything I'd want to while gaining a full weeks' (and then some) checks.

Altogether, it's what I need if I'm gonna be able to move into a place of my own, y'know?  And get the car fixed.

I've also got to bail on the "I Love The 80's" photo shoot I was going to be in this Saturday since that just popped outta nowhere (my normal sched is Sunday, Monday, Tuesday from 7 p.m. to 7:30 a.m. with every other Wednesday to boot), which is kinda weird 'cuz it looked like it would be two three-day weeks in a row.

On the other hand, this also means I'm gonna have somethin' like 20+ hours of pure overtime on next week's check.

Yeah.  I'm gonna go for that.

On the other hand, the other two photo shoots in August I'm still gonna go for it, and that's not counting the Grunge -INTIMIDATION- and The Bone Kings' Daughter II: Adversaries of the Grave shoots. In the meantime I'm still going to be whipping up Taboo 2 and Project: Boyfriend and postin' 'em up soon, and don't forget you old-skool readers of mine.

I haven't forgotten Battleworld, not by a long shot.  On the other hand, my muse is being a whirling bitch and all I can really think of nowadays (writing-wise) is The Generalist.


THAT REMINDS ME, so I've received my first rejection letter.  Now one would think this would be a soul-crushing kinda thing (and I do remember feeling that soul-crushing numbness back when I was 15 and trying this same damn thing) would...well, crush my soul.

On the contrary, I feel a strange lightness within my heart, as if now that I've failed THIS once all other failures will be meaningless, like being wounded after you've already taken a wound.  After the shock of the first slash, so long as you keep your cool and control the shock you'll be fine even though you're still gettin' pounded on.

I'm just sayin', suddenly I don't feel anywhere near as nervous as I was when I first sent out query letters, and will be sending more out even as I write and post up The Generalist - Taboo 2: Magic, Misfits and Mayhem.

On a further note, Ace ( has gotten a far superior capture card than what I got and we'll be going with that for the upcoming opening of Season 1 of The Hooligans over at KAOS: Chaos Party Radio.  Jaded Shots officially opened up, y'know?, go show some love and view more of the pics and bonus material from The Bone Kings' Daughter.  Vee's "Modeling in the Rain," found at, also has some other bonus material and some new photos to go look at, not to mention her past photo shoots.  Last but not least, we still need subscribers over at in order to unlock the ability to post up our long-assed podcasts. :D

ANNNNNNNND as always don't forget to hit ME up at my usual spots:

The Pen Is My Sword

KAOS: Chaos Party Radio

Nerf All The Things

No, seriously, eventually I'll know what the fuck I'm doing. :/


~That Bastard

P.S. - If you're the person who rejected me and you're reading this post, don't feel bad whatsoever.  In fact, I invite you to keep reading my blog and my updated stories and poems and such.

Hey, who knows, you might change yer mind. :D


  1. Sorry to hear the temporary setbacks here and there. This will pass soon, don't worry.
    Rejection letter? What to mean by rejection letter? Already subscribed to your YouTube channel, quite tiedmup now, will give a listen and let you know.

    1. Before one gets published, one has to send a query letter to an agency and see if they're willing to represent you and your work to the publishers.

      At least, that's what the current scene is about - fifteen years ago you just sent the manuscripts in to the publisher and hoped for the best.

      One particular agency just hit me back saying that The Generalist doesn't fit with the kinds of material they represent...which I expected, since The Generalist is Young Adult, Urban Fantasy, and if I do say so myself rather gender-blind, sexual orientation-blind, and race-blind. It's just really, REALLY not family-friendly and is quite action-oriented...

      The company in question doesn't do, like, any of that. >XD BUT I really liked the name of their company and thought "Man, wouldn't it be cool if The Generalist was published by The -redacted- Agency, simply 'cuz the name of their company sounds cool?"

      Yeah, I'm kinda like that. :D

      Awwww, thank you very much MaMTC~! We're only four subscribers off of 15, and then we can start uploading those 1-hour podcasts we're so good at. As is, Ace got that hardware...and it's freakin' awesome! Now we're just learning how to compress the files so they're under a freakin' gig for an hour's worth of content...we'll see, we'll see. :D

  2. Sorry about the rejection letter. Your atitude is the right one, though! I can't imagine you doing anything but rolling with the punches. You a tough guy like dat!

    God, your job sounds hectic! Who needs the gym, hey?! I'm loving Jade's blog! She's super clever! ERMAHGERD, I cant wait to see you in that mask! HAWT!!! Love ya! :) ♥♥♥

    1. Naw, 's coo darlin'! This particular rejection letter I was actually semi-lookin' forward to, and so long as I at least get ONE query letter answered with a "hey, this looks awesome, sure!" it'd be nice.

      As is, I'm set and ready for rejection even as I write Taboo 2 and plan Taboo 3. :D The big one, against Karsiel. ::chuckles:: Gonna be goooood.

      Yeah, with a job like this I REALLY don't need the gym! I might go anyway, I just heard a local one had two chicks screwing in the locker room. :D :D :D

      Hell, I don't care who's doing what to whom - people screwing in the locker room? I am SO going to go get a membership now...

      LOL Jade. XD Yeah, she's good peoples, and she honestly didn't realize I had already established The Bellingham Jerk, like, a year before The Yummy Bits. Still, she does the one thing I don't - provide pics! We've both got our own views on food and aesthetics, and her writing is good by my I don't lambast and shishkabob her blog. >XD

      ERMAHGERD, I am so stoleneding that word. :3

  3. keep at it! It all pays off in the end.
    Man I miss factory work - don't get me wrong I love sitting in an air conditioned office but there is something rewarding about a good physical job to make you feel like a man.

    1. Admittedly, the day after is painful as hell...nothin' but recovery. But yeah, during?

      I HAVE SURVIVED THINGS THAT WOULD DESTROY LESSER MEN. This job feels like it's one of 'em, but it's really not as bad as some I've had in the body just has to get used to working those particular muscles again for 12 hours at at a time. >XD

      Me personally, I'd rather the office with a daily regimen of workin' out. :3 Workin' out, dirty sex, and bloody red meat will help me continue to feel like a man even as I wear tacky ties and my all-blacks. :D

      Hey, I already dress like I should be in an office...'cept, y'know, the sleeves are rolled up, the shirt's unbuttoned and untucked, and everything is oh-so-blaaaaaack.

      No designer labels too. :3 No designs to screw up the perfect uniform of daaaaahk-nessssss!

  4. Whoa. 12 hour shifts? That's insane! O_O

    -Barb the French Bean

  5. Sounds like this job is gonna turn you into a beast. I love that sore, broken feeling you get after a hard day's work.

    Also, welcome to the land of the rejected. It's not nearly as bad as advertised, and when you do make it big, it's something to laugh about with your friends. Or at least I like to tell myself that.

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