Friday, September 28, 2012

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Featured Link

So, it just dawned on me that one of those old-school (for me, lol) blogs I've been followin' for some time and interacted with, I've completely ignored showin' love for!

So hell, this one's for you, Zedd!

When it comes to the factions of the internet (Pirates versus Ninjas, Geeks versus Jocks, Everyone versus Ponyfags, Aspergers versus Assburgers, Autismals versus...well, you get the point), I'm staunchly Survivor.  Humans versus Zombies?  We will win, because in the apocalypse that comes the zombies will have created their own demise: the Survivor, barely hanging on and determined to outlive, outlast, and outshoot everyone else.

On the other hand, Zedd has also enabled me to consider things from the Zombies' point of view, the pathos that lays behind their pathetic plight.

And, let's just face it, they're freakin' awesome.

So yeah, this is where I go for my daily dose of global Zombie news~!  Plus I was buying advertising space from him for, like, three or six months lol...

Zombies Everywhere!

Tell 'im That Bastard sent ya for 55% more graaarrrrghgahghaaaaargh...


So, I've finally taken the first step towards gettin' publishin' m'damn self.  I'm still going to send out query letters, but this way appeals to the blogger in me which, let's face it, LOVES bloggin' and writin' in general.  So, suffice it to say this is just feakin' cool for me...especially when I finally brutishly bashed my way through the Meatgrinder, the formatting program over at Smashwords that ensures all submissions follow their guidelines.

Anyway, dig it y'all -

The Generalist - Taboo 0: Cliché of Memories,

Amazong ($2.99, should be $1.50 soon)
ASIN: B009F7K5U4

Smashwords ($1.50 right the hell now!)
ISBN: 9781301520411

So let's say you ain't got a buck-fiddy, right?  Well then you can always read the unedited, raw versions over at The Pen Is My Sword (, and STILL write up a review, fave it, like it, and rate it over at Amazon~!  And, even better than all that?  Hook a brotha up and retweet my twitter posts to yer twitter and faecbawks friends!  Spread the link and the prices around, hook me up a little bit here.

Just gotta get the message out to those who enjoy urban fantasy literature, y'knowwhatImean?

Marketing Blues

Yeah, y'know...I have a baaaad history with marketing.  I can't even advertise properly for my damn blogs, let alone for a book. =@3@= For some reason though, I just feel like this novella series is somehow gonna snag more attention than my "LOOK AT ME!" attention whore advertising.  I dunno.

Still, maaaaaaan...I am just freakin' exhausted from this week.  If I'm not lookin' for a job then I was smashing my skull against Meatgrinder.  If it wasn't that, I was taking care of bullshit with Amazong, which STILL hasn't caught up with my price change.  It STILL says I'm sellin' it at $2.99, and I won't raise the price until Taboo 1 drops next week.

Bah, I might keep it at 1.50 if they're gonna take their time like this.

Anyway, I'm racking my brains and lookin' around, seein' what I can do.  There's, but I don't quite see how I can sell a $1.50 novella over there for $5.  There's Craigslist, but they won't let me pop a direct link there...and I don't see how I can get around it.  Perhaps prepare a reading event of some sort?  Share the blog and Amazon link that way?

I'm also going to be contacting a coupla local celebrities, see if I can snag some free advertisement space and a nod to their followship.  We'll see.

Ultimately though, I'm gettin' caught up on blogosphere bidness then it's back to finishing Taboo 2~!  I'm actually almost done with it, and once I've edited it slightly I'll post it up at The Pen, of course. :D  You guys will lemme know what you think, won't you?

Bachelor Chow

Y'know, another thing we're gonna publish is the Bachelor Chow book.  Literally, a Hooligans guide to cookin'~!  Speakin' of which, have I done this yet?

Breakfast Potato~!

It's simple, really.  Here's the list:

A potato
Sour cream
Two eggs
Two strips of low sodium bacon
Shredded cheddar cheese/a dollop of neuschtafel cream cheese

Well there you go!  Bake the potato (let's face it, yer gonna microwave it) and cook the bacon.  Slather butter and bacon into the baked and cut potato (or if yer feelin' greasy, forgo the butter and just use some of the bacon grease), cook the eggs in the delicious grease left behind by the bacon.

Add the eggs, top with cheese, sour cream, chives, more cheese.  I prefer that lowfat cream cheese (neuschtafel, lol...what a freakin' word.  Neuschtafel.  Neuf cheese.  Newfies?), but hey go with whatevers.

This can be a pretty quick way of goin' about it, and is basically the breakfast sandwich...sans bread, add potato though.  For those on a SEVERE budget, it may help though since a five pound of potatoes can sometimes last ya longer than several loaves of bread.

Give it a try, you might like it~!

I Have So Many NAAAAAMES....

Jesus christ, I think I'm on the verge of schizophrenic multiple personality disorder. D:


That Bastard: my bloggin' and chattin' name, what everyone refers to me as eventually
Thomas Duder: my pen name and faecbawks name, what I sometimes go as
Malice: I'm officially changing my model name to this.  Let's see how many anger-related shots I can pull off!  As is this is my gaming name, and the games I play - they knooooow me as this, y'know?  Like they get all strangely offended to find out my other names/real name. D:
J: What I'm known by just about everyone elsewhere, in real life.  Hell, even my parents refer to me to my nieces and nephew as "Uncle J."

So yeah, there's also cross-permutations where I've been called other names for different purposes in real life.  Either way, I'm startin' to develop a freakin' issue about it!

Thankfully my parents and beloveds keep me grounded. =@3@=  No, seriously, it sometimes sounds so alien when someone calls me by my real name nowadays, lol.

The usual request. :D

Well.  You oughta be used to this.  Don't think I didn't notice no one spoke up and commented in the last post~! =@3@;;= It's okay, I forgive you.

So.  Instead of punishment, how about I ask for your help?  As always, retweet my tweets, reposts my facebook statuses concerning my blog posts and The Generalist~!

Do a brotha a favor, I seem to have an issue being seen. D:

TWITTER: @ThatBastardFB
FACEBOOK: : /ThatBastardFromBellingham (
GOOGLES+: ThomasDuder

Yes I have a tumblr.  Point them to here ( or The Pen itself ( and it's alll good.


~That Bastard

P.S. - didja realize there's someone else who calls their blog The Pen Is My Sword...but the URL is just The Pen Sword?  She ALSO published a book through Kindle Direct Publishing!

The last post is last year.  Too bad...probably would've been some interesting drama as we blogwarred against each other.  Thankfully I've been at this blog title since before hers, but stilllll...would've been fun. :D

Oh's to missed opportunities~!

P.P.S. - YOU wanna interview me?  Hit me up, we'll do a link exchange or somethin'. :D  Interview for an interview, eh?  Sure I'm already doing the Featured Link, but heeeey...sometimes other peoples' words are good too. :3

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