Sunday, October 28, 2012


I was going to make a big-assed post for you guys today.

There was gonna be updates.  At least five blogs would've gotten new content.

I would've told you guys about how Taboo 1 is gonna be ready for sale soon, and how I AM going to go ahead with the Omnibus plan, and how I'm going to be setting up a T.V. Tropes and Wikipedia article for The Generalist and my august and inglorious self....

I was going to post up a sample from the short stories, available ONLY through the omnibus.

...but then I started learning how to screw with stuff so it's available for Createspace.

EVERYTHING was going so pleasant, everythin's practically already done...

BUT THEEEEEEN I ran across the FINAL bit of editing necessary before adding the Table of Contents and uploadin' the damn thing. :3  Page numbering, headers for left page and right page.


~That Bastard

P.S. - A quick prayer to whomever's out there, y'all in Hawaii batten down yer hatches and stay as safe as possible, y'heard?

Friday, October 12, 2012

...blogroll, DESTROYED! Featured Link, DESTROYED! The Pen, DESTROYED!


Hmmmm.  Should I even continue this?  We'll see.


So yaaaaar, I'm gonna be pruning my blogroll.  I KNOOOOOW I just added, like, fifty new blogs to it (mostly from Goodreads...actually, no, all from Goodreads.  WELL, two from KDP, but yeah...Goodreads. :D

ON THE OTHER HAND, I've finally learned how to actually, y'know, take inactive blogs outta my watchlist, AND SO since I've now got umpteen-kahundred new blogs to check out and comment, I do believe it's time to get rid of some of the ones that simply aren't active, or aren't inexactly aligned with my style anymore, y'know?

SO.  If I take ya off my blogroll and you happen to be one of the ones who are A) active and B) communicative with meh, or plain ol' miss me (truuuuust me, I won't mind that. :D ), hit a bruddah up, yah?  I'll add ya right back on.

The Pen Is My Sword DESTROYED!  I mean, embiggened.  Aw fuck this running gag.

OHHHHHHHH boy.  I KNOW you've noticed the HUGEFUECK AMOUNT OF POSTS I made over at The Pen Is My Sword, right?  9 parts, 97 pages...Taboos 2 and 3, The Mayhem Arc!  It's actually a wonderful showcase of how violent The Generalist can get, and the way I always envisioned it.

Now to just edit it so it's just a little more palatable, y'know?

BUT, it's there, ready to be read!  Go hit it up, lemme know. :D

...admittedly, am I bein' too excitable about this? =._.=  I mean, I'm pretty excited...but I haven't been inundating my usual media sources TOO much, have I?

I can't help it, honestly, though.  Sucks bein' a dude nowadays...especially since I have to work harder than the average to simply get views. Me and my crappy luck with marketing and advertising, lol.

Speaking of which...


So yeah, I think I'm just about exhausted on this front.  I shouldn't really feel that frustrated, but it honestly does (as always) feel as if all my marketing attempts simply aren't yielding fruit at all.

When one gets a bad hand, ya shrug it off and keep playin'.  When ya get a bad beat, pretend as if YOU were the one who won it big and act accordingly.

When you're completely shut down, you get up from the table and find a new one.  You don't stop PLAYING, but you do get the hell away from that table.

On the other hand, what's a brotha to do?  Just gotta keep writing, I reckon...but I can't help but to feel a bit, I dunno.


I mean, the product is fuckin' hot.  It SHOULD practically sell itself, and by all marketing theory and business acumen and other blah....well, you have to have a good product first, right?

I mean, that's supposed to be at least 4/10's of the sale.  The rest is effort and salesmanship.

...maybe I should just finagle a bunch of females to host my blog?


We'll see.  We'll see.

Busy...aren't I always?

Man.  I had a day recently (like, two days ago or so) where I was just...BUSY, man!  Finished up readin' The Missing Link (A Beer For The Shower wrote it~!) and wrote a review for 'em.  Then I beta read for a fellow indie author, reviewed it up for her. :D

THEN I finished editing and posted Taboo 3, which I was already ridin' high from postin' Taboo 2.  I formatted Taboo 1, set it aside and just....

Suffice it to say, I got a ton of stuff done that day.

I dunno...maybe I shouldn't feel this satisfied?  Especially considering that it's just...there, y'know?  Not really goin' anywhere.

Certainly haven't made a single sale or been seen, or...I dunno.

Gah.  When in doubt, either hit something, hurt someone, or write~!

Reckon I'll write.

Reviews, Beta Readers, Interviews, and Blog Tours

SO.  I'm available for all of the above, could use all of the above, and will happily involve myself with any of 'em.

...god, I'm freakin' shameless. =T3T=


Y'know, the subject of stress came up recently.  What sucks horrendous amounts of balls is that I honestly need at least a little bit of stress in my life to be good.

It's nice to know I can handle stress better than some, apparently better than most.  Hell, my marketing woes and publishing adventure is piggybacking on top of a failed campaign to get a new job.  It's like my entire life, when it comes to stress, is completely based on that song for Rybeck (In WWE, y'know?).


And that sucks, hard.

Why couldn't I roll up, I dunno...wealth starter?  More charisma?  Less violent tendencies?  Naturally a magnet for views/people?  Get a job that DOESN'T have to do with the light industrial sector?!

Ugh.  Instead I got the strange ability to get back up after being knocked down.

In b4 people trying to tell me that's "admirable," yer right up there with people telling me I have "so much potential."

I know you mean well.

I'm still going to shove my admirable potential right down your fuckin' throat.

UGH!  Y'know, this post started out pretty peppy, but as I went down it I suddenly got depressed. :/

I'd normally apologize for such a thing, but I just can't be moved enough to do that.  It doesn't help that I keep thinking of my lovelies, neither of which I can be with right now...and that suuuuuuucks.  So freakin' hard.

Anyway, enough listening to a grown man spout.  Let's focus on somethin' more positive, hmmm?

TABOO 1, 2, AND 3, CURRENTLY UP!  Go read it, go like it, go talk about it. :D  Besides, Taboo 1'll be taken down once the edited, perfected version is up for sale so now's the time to read it for free while ya still can~!

The Generalist - Taboo 1: Where's the Beef?!
Round 1 -
Round 2 -
Round 3 -
Round 4 -
Round 5 -
Final Round -


The Generalist – Taboo 2: Magic and Mayhem (Part 1 of The Mayhem Arc)
Round 1 -
Round 2 -
Round 3 -
Round 4 -
Final Round -


The Generalist – Taboo 3: Misfits and Mayhem (Part 2 of The Mayhem Arc)

Round 1 -
Round 2 -
Round 3 -
Round 4 -
Final Round -


~That Bastard

P.S. - I blame my moroseness (yes, that's a word if I just made it up) entirely on the fact that I'm watching Girls Bravo and have no one to snugglemolest whilst doing so.

Yes, it's a thing if I made it up.