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Featured Link

Uhhhh....shit, who was I giving this one to again?

I mean, I joined up with SO FUCKING joke.

Still, I guess I'm gonna give the shoutout TOOOOOOOO Ella's Blah Blah Blog.

Ella Dominguez is a young author I met through Goodreads, and who has been absolutely instrumental in gettin' me goin' on the marketin' side of things.  Interveiws, reviews - she's made more than a coupla suggestions to me, and is currently the only person (outside of one or two others) who actually others with reading my blog over at Goodreads, Messed Up and Violent, where I moan, whine, and bitch about being an indie publisher.

Her blog is kinda the same thing, chronicling her moves as she herself goes about the indie publishing world, pimpin' her BDSM erotica "The Art of Submission."  She's actually done more than a coupla books, and in my estimation is a better writer than I am...especially when it comes to erotica.

It's not that I CAN'T write a sex scene, I can just write more about people punching each other than fucking each other.  I dunno, perhaps that'll change sometime...we'll see.  As a writer, I should always be improving.

Well, if I ever go the route of erotica, Ella is DEFINITELY one of the ones out there I'll be hittin' up for pointers. :D

Messed Up and Violent

As stated before, I'm actually over on Goodreads and I have a crappy little blurb-laden blog there.  Seriously, I write WAY less over there than on any of my "official blogs" if you're actually THAT curious about my processes as I go about being an indie publisher and such, hit me up here -

Funny story in that if you REALLY wanna stalk me, I go by my pen name there, "Thomas Duder."  You oughta know me on sight by now, what with my writing style. :3

So, really...I'm now the blogger of 10 different blogs, three of which are current inactive. :3  Ugh.

Bacehlor Chow - The Links

Just ignore this, or check it out if you wish.  Just glommin' over some stuff, seein' what I've already done and what I'm gonna do next for the Bachelor Chow segment.

Fried Peanut Butter and Jelly Sammich -
Breakfast Sammich Theory (Smoked Sausage Breakfast Sammich) -
The Outlaw Dog -
The Make Fats Breakfast Sammich (a.k.a. - The Fuckhueg) -
Costco Mixup (Ravioli + Sun dried tomatoes in olive oil and herbs) -
Plate of Heart Attack -
Barbecue Pulled Pork Breakfast Sammich -
Breakfast Potato -

The Generalist, Taboo 0 and 1

SO.  I'll be taking Taboo 1 down from The Pen today, and forcing you, my beloved Reader, to buy it at Smashwords and Amazong. :D  If it helps, it has a snazzy cover and is full of the action that you crave~!

Taboo 0, on the other hand, is free forever at Smashwords.

Here, lemme help you enjoy all this reading...

Taboo 0 - (as always, Amazong hasn't caught up yet to the fact that Smashwords is sellin' it free..gah)
Taboo 1 at Smashwords -
Taboo 1 at Amazon -

Buy it, read it, like it, gimme reviews and stars. :3  G'wan and surprise me, dazzle me with 'em!

Marketing Upswing...?

Yeah, I still need to prune my shit down, but DO expect to see quite a bit of reviews and interviews and the like from yours truly.  I haven't even BEGUN to start smashin' up on the interview scene, but I find that I like doin' 'em.

I like doin' 'em A LOT~! :D  I dunno why...perhaps it scratches my attention whore itch?

Yeah, pro'lly.  Plus it just seems like I get more views and activity whenever I do ' why not?  Go for it.

SO.  Do you have a blog, or are involved in a publication somewhere?  Is there a local 'zine you know of who just loves fuckin' around with indie authors and such?

Well, hit me up!  Here, at my little cbox chatter thing, or

Hit a bruddah up, let's do work. <3

The New Job

So yeah, I'm now a virtual office assistant, na independant contractor for a auto refurbishing/used car sales lot.

And y'know what?  It's everything I thought it'd be. D:

Seriously.  It's fuckin' AWESOME!  My phone skills are fucking godlevel, and I'm goddamned leet with this shit.

You can't come close to my filing skills, son.  Fo sheezy.

With ALL THAT STATED, are you a car flippin' type?  Or are you just into cars?  Then hit me up in the e-mail, would ya?  I need to go to school on a coupla things, and I need to pick a car persons' brain. D:

As is, I want this.  I want this BAD!

My New Author Page

The Official Author Page of Thomas Duder -

Go like it, tell yer friends 'bout it, go check out mah books. :3

Really, me and my friends have just been 'tardin' it up, but I'll honestly ask any question posed to me by a fan, a follower, or a Reader over there. :D  Hit a bruddah up, yah?

My Weird Health

So, last week I damn near died due to an allergic reaction to ABSOFUCKINGLUTELY NOTHING.

Seriously, that old thingamobobber is, as always, tryin' to keep a brotha down.  Whatever it is, it failed.

But I gotta admit, this time actually came kinda close to gettin' me. :/  Still, I'm not ALLERGIC to anything, and I'm absolutely fine and once again am working out on my usual schedule.

Still, it does worry me...but I can't let it worry me for too long.  There's simply too much stuff to get done, including getting these goddamned covers done for Taboo 0's debut physical copy.


In the meantime, for those who heard about it on Faecbawks or my twitter feed, I'm doin' fine and well.  My car's transmission is slowly dying, but I might be pickin' up a nice used Volkswagen soon enough.  Gotta dig them puppies, no joke.  Hell, one saved my boss's LIFE...and the story in and of itself really strikes a chord with me, especially considering my own knee and the pain of physical therapy.

Suffice it to say, the guy I work for is a man after my own heart when it comes to indomitable will and honor.

Did I mention I'm totally digging on my new job?  Even if it's part time, it's head and shoulders above workin' in the Light Industrial sector!

Contact Info

Get ready for teh SPAMWAVE of e-stuff to follow me at. :D

TWITTER: @ThatBastardFB
GOOGLES+: ThomasDuder
The Sound Byte Page (though really all you gotta do is just follow me at Youtube, y'know?)

Messed Up and Violent

The Pen Is My Sword

That Bastard On

KAOS: Chaos Party Radio

Sooth(e) Your Freaking Beast

Man-Flavored Milk

Netflix This!

The Bellingham Jerk

Legion HQ! (currently disbanded)

Well, back to updating ALL THE BLOGS...or at least most of 'em. :3  DO expect some new stuff on Nerf pretty soon, as well as KAOS: Chaos Party Radio.

Hell, we're about to give my DVR a nice little workout, y'dig?


~That Bastard

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