Saturday, December 14, 2013

Overhaulin' and a few other tidbits!

YOOOOOOO, so I've GOT the template I wanna use, just gotta implement it. :3

Thankfully I have a system that can keep up with me, I'm just currently incredibly busy and involved with a particular event.

Y'see, I just learned recently that Kickstarter is an all-or-nothing kinda affair.  If I had known, I would've gone with Indiegogo from the get-go....BUT!

We live and learn!  And besides, we're in at $251 outta the goal of $1000, so I'm at the point where it's just "Y'know what?  Let's just get it all the way filled, I'm already in beyond the 1/4 point."

So yeah, I'm basically asking a dollar from each person who's involved, wants to be involved, or even have volunteered to pass my daily Faecbawks messages around.

It's kinda cool knowing I have so many people who have my back, and I'm giving away some absolutely wonderful rewards for all kinds of pledges, even the $1 ones.  Hell, (where I've been submitting articles in Anime, Movies, and Music) is donating ad space to $10 pledges and more, with longer times (up to 2 weeks!) for bigger donations.

Here, check out the message yourself:

So we just got word that as of now, will give AD SPACE ON THEIR WEBSITE to match your donation!

$10 - 1 day
$25 - 3 days
$50 - 5 days
$75 - 7 days (counting a Saturday and Sunday)
$100 - 14 days

Keep in mind it has to be per their advertisement policies. Once it's time to deliver pledge rewards, please make yourself available to speak to a representative from SFN.

Make sure to state that you're donating for the bonus ad space - this is ON TOP of the pledge rewards already listed!

What are ya waitin' for? GO FOR IT!



The Fundraiser and Internuggetathon:

~Thomas Duder, Author of the Things

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