Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Dear Slave Leia Cosplayer....

Dear frightened Slave Leia cosplayer,

Bitch you ain’t shit. Ya one floppy titty ain’t shit. Don’t come to my stall and get all frightened when I’m giving you the schtick – I ain’t tryna holla atcha, I’m tryna sell you some goddamn premium, awesome books.

Bitch you saw them from a mile away, ‘s why you came over to my stall. Don’t be actin’ like a goddamn frightened rabbit, lookin’ at me like I tried to tear ya cloak off or some shit, especially when I did nothing of the sort.

Fuck yo emotions and fuck yo dreams.

AND that one floppy titty.

~Thomas Duder, Author of the Things

Saturday, February 8, 2014

Dear Cutie Bytes

Dear Cutie Bytes,

No, you guys were cool as fuck. I totes loved hangin’ with you guys.

Y’all some chill motherfuckers, and great vendors besides! Your knowledgeable approach to vending was truly eye-opening, and I will never forget the lessons learned at Comic-Con. I not only hope we get to vend together again, but hell even if you DO vend with someone else I'm probably going to try and snag a table close to you guys just so I can yell at you.

Also, I am now addicted to the show Bob’s Burgers.


Thomas Duder, Author of the Things